Jul 312015

n_17034_1 (File photo of the majority of the CRA Board of Directors)

 In case you missed it – the CRA is currently taking an on-line board vote to appoint a lawsuit committee!

 It looks like Park derangement syndrome has affected the entire CRA board. They can’t help themselves, they feel violated. They have to win the war at all costs. It wasn’t enough to throw us out of the CRA for life. They were denied the satisfaction of even causing us to skip a beat politically.

So, let’s take a look at what has happened thus far.

One legal threat letter to me, at least four threats against George, one sent to Kirk Uhler, at least one each sent to Courage Worldwide, Acres of Hope and Lighthouse Family Counseling.

Apparently, the new CRA believes that sending out legal demands is the way to win elections. Apparently, the new CRA believes that bullying local charities is a way to register new voters and elect more Republicans.

I have learned that Tom Hudson has an extremely poor reputation in Republican circles. He is known as a bully and someone without a conscience. (a classic narcissist) Since Hudson hails from the same circles that brought us a lot of the conservative frauds that decimated the CA GOP itself in the late 90’s to the 2000’s, it makes sense.

Others on the CRA Board, including Tim Thiesen and Alice Khosravy have similarly poor reputations as unsolicited comments I am receiving about them (from the few that know them) have never been positive. It seems like the CRA has become an insane asylum and that is sad. The few sane people left are ridiculed and scorned.

My intel tells me that other CRA Board members have lost jobs over this saga. How much further will the CRA’s leadership go in their jihad?

I have learned of efforts to charter what I believe to be more dubious CRA units by various CRA officers. Is this an admission by Tom Hudson that he is going to have to cheat like his co-conspirators in order to win CRA officer elections? (where was this effort to try to charter new units last year?)

Is part of Tom Hudson’s rampage being fueled by the fact that he knows his re-election as CRA President is in Jeopardy?

The CRA has about $30k in the bank. George and I can legitimately claim that all of it exists because of the conventions we ran. I raised $24k of it myself from a list of donors that the CRA Board had the audacity to ask me for. (while threatening to sue me, after kicking me out for life)

It appears that Tom Hudson and friends need revenge so badly that they want to spend some of that money (because Tom will never spend his own money) filing frivolous lawsuits. They are right, don’t you know, this is all that matters.

The CRA could get de-chartered for violating the CRP’s by-laws. (Expect Tom Hudson and Craig Alexander to attempt some sort of legal BS to skirt the CRP’s rules… remember, it is all about the win here)

CRA Board Members that are CRP delegates could lose their badges over the pending lawsuits. These include people like Tim Thiesen and Alice Khosravy who have been hiding while Tom Hudson et. al. have been on their rampage. Don’t look now, but it is likely that those two along with the bathroom boys are planning to run Tom and Craig out of CRA leadership, because they are not just right, they are really right.

The CRA could lose all of its’ money in a court case. The CRA’s membership could revolt over this.

Having worked with drug addicts and low-bottom alcoholics, I understand the mentality of self-destructive behavior. Have any of them thought about the consequences to the CRA regarding what they are doing?

There is no way they could have. No one in politics is stupid enough to threaten local charities with legal demand letters. No lawyer worth their salt accuses people publicly of committing felonies while contemplating civil legal action. Meet Tom Hudson, he is a government lawyer and he is taking the CRA down the toilet with him.

Don’t count on the other members of the litigation committee to be rational (except for Greg Goehring) – and Tom Hudson is getting the entire CRA Board to jeopardize themselves personally and legally so he can continue to conduct his rampage.  George was right – Tom Hudson will not stop until he or us are completely destroyed. Mr. Hudson has demonstrated that he regards nothing or anyone other than himself – so anyone close to him will also get caught in the vortex.

Meantime, there is a pivotal election in America’s history coming up. I guess the CRA missed the memo.

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