Jun 012015

For the first time, the actual membership of the California Republican Assembly is being Published. With the surrender of the Placer RA’s charter (and 100 real members with it) –

and – when you take out the estimated 120 fake members in the orbit of Alice Khosravy (of which 50 are proven) – the CRA has about 1,000 real members.

(Since I have a copy of the CRA’s Membership Roster – I will post it all if I am challenged on this claim)

This is why a CRA endorsement no longer registers in polling data. Save for isolated areas, there is nothing behind it at all.

While the CRA still shows about 40 units, understand that the Shasta, San Francisco, Contra Costa, North San Fernando, RSM, Garden Grove, N San Diego, West Valley, Buena Park and Palos Verdes Units collapsed completely in 2015. None turned in any paperwork. If any of these pop back up under the new regime, their legitimacy should be questioned.

The Pasadena RA as documented on this blog did not meet at all in 2014 and somehow turned in 15 members on a roster submitted by their founding CRA officer Alice Khosravy. The Ventura RA is a 10 member shell with an artificially inflated roster. The Nevada RA is under 20 members and meets at odd times so as to exclude potential members its’ leadership do not want.

Several Other Units have seen massive declines in their membership: San Joaquin, Porterville, Murietta-Temecula, and the whole of Orange County.

The healthiest unit in Orange County is Anaheim which was forcibly reorganized by the CRA’s board of directors, allowing it to double in size from 25 to over 50. This sort of transformation will never happen again under the new regime.

Other units like the Sacramento RA, the Consumnes RA (the Bathroom Boys Home Unit), the Stanislaus RA, the Fresno RA (Tim Thiesen’s Home Unit), the Kern River Valley RA, and much of Orange County languish under 25 members each as they have insular leadership that does not change.

The CRA has only chartered 5 new units in the last 2 years: Pasadena, Big Bear, Sutter-Yuba, South LA and San Diego North.

San Diego North is dead.
Pasadena has become a tool of fraud
Big Bear, Sutter-Yuba and South LA were chartered by CRA VP’s that were all forced out of CRA by the Coup.

The lasting legacy of the CRA Coup is this – they wanted CRA to shrink so they could control it. They have taken and are taking steps so that CRA units will become individual franchises under the control of a small group of people so that endorsements are controlled and compliance with organizational by-laws is optional.

Meantime, the state officers that are part of the coup will be re-elected in perpetuity until the next purge and fight.

Why would any real activists continue to associate with CRA?

This is a serious question – George and I spent 17 years attempting to grow an organization only to have one group after another fight us for control of it. People out there should realize now that George and I never controlled CRA – if we did, we’d have beaten this coup.

As an epilogue to the conversation – the CRA was at 1400 members (including fake members) the day that Celeste Greig was defeated by John Briscoe. It peaked at 1900 members under John’s Tenure. Around that peak is where the current coup had its’ origins as Alice Khosravy and Tim Thiesen recognized that if the organization grew, they could not control it.

The semi-secret phone call that occurred in early April that Mark Gardner bullied John Briscoe in to having included, Briscoe, Gardner, David Gauny, Tim Thiesen, Alice Khosravy, Carl Geletech, Dale Tyler and Todd Blair. As usual, Jim Shoemaker did not make it and Tom Hudson was invited to the call so late that he was not on it.

CRA VP Jonathan Ingram (who resigned over a month ago) was deliberately excluded along with myself.

Note that neither Alice nor Tim said much if anything on the call. Until Alice started getting exposed, she used surrogates to do her dirty work… something impossible now that her bad behavior is public.

Gauny and Gardner carried the call with occasional input from Carl Geletech. The thrust of the call was “The Parks have too much influence within CRA”. This was reported back to us by now former CRA VP Todd Blair who has also been purged from CRA.

If you thought that the complaints against us were legitimate. Think again – the coup always was about removing us (and John Briscoe who people wrongly thought was our puppet) because they wanted to control CRA.

The problem for them is that they killed CRA in the process. (Similar to Alice Killing the SCV Tea Party, a Women’s Fed group, the SCVRA and her aborted coup of the 38th AD Cent Com)

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