Jun 122015

Prologue: George and I were expelled from the CRA for life by a 30-13 vote. I have learned that 15 people were appointed to the CRA’s board by Tom Hudson before that vote occurred. All of those from that group that voted, voted to expel us. The expulsion vote would have failed on a 25-13 vote. Think that through when you read anything else about the CRA.

What is happening with CRA??? Did you hear about…???

There is a phenomena called the “Political Nerd”. A Political Nerd is someone who is generally viewed as strange, maladjusted or a freak whose primary interest is politics. Political Nerds by their very nature do not play well with others or fit in well in society. But, the worst trait of a political nerd is that when you get in an argument with them, they will destroy themselves to be right and their conscience ceases to function at that point.

Being right is the only thing that seems to give most political nerds meaning in life.

Why else would the CRA’s Board of Directors be acting so bombastically stupid?

Tom Hudson, the interim President of the CRA, has gone berzerk. Mr. Hudson makes over $130k a year as a government lawyer for the Board of Equalization – so you’d think he’d be better at making arguments than he has been.

But – it appears that Mr. Hudson has forgotten recent history. In an attempt to gain political advantage, he appears to have been making allegations of (drumroll) THEY STOLE MONEY! This has followed after the standard selective enforcement of the state by-laws, legal threat letters and allegations of FBI investigations that have fallen flat.

#facepalm. Tom Hudson is truly on tilt. It appears that Mr. Hudson has a really short memory – He may have forgotten what it was like to be smeared on the front page of the Sacramento Bee in 2011. This was the crescendo of the infamous Headquarters Partnership Debacle on the Placer GOP Cent Com. (note, the link is to a Modesto Bee article as the Sacramento Bee broke the link to the story a couple years ago)

4 FPPC Complaints later – including allegations of an FBI Investigation in 2010 – all that resulted was a $200 fine because Mr. Hudson, a government employee did not put the Headquarters Partnership on his form 700. George Park provided the FPPC with everything they asked for and that was the end of it for him he got fined nothing, charged with nothing and has heard nothing since.

You’d think that Hudson would not want to remind the world about the Headquarter’s Partnership. Perhaps I should start posting the documents from it on this blog? Hudson’s rampage is truly what political nerds do when they become obsessed with being right, nothing else matters, not even their own similar issues.

The current batch of garbage being alleged by Mr. Hudson and/or his friends on the CRA is not unique – but here is a handy list:

1. The Placer CRA was shut down to cover up the Park Brother’s embezzlement. This is why Tom Hudson is going psycho at the expense of his own credibility to win an argument.

2. Congressman Steve Knight bought a CRA endorsement.

3. The Anaheim RA was illicitly paid off by the State CRA after getting reorganized.

4. George and Aaron stole money from the State CRA.

5. Former CRA President John Briscoe stole money from the CRA with the ATM card he had.

6. The FBI is investigating the Park Brothers.

There is a reason why it is nearly impossible to recruit a Treasurer for an organization. At the first sign of trouble, or in this case as a last resort to win at all costs – guess who gets accused of committing a felony? the treasurer or anyone with access to the accounts.

This is what happens when political nerds take over the asylum.

Allow me to lay out some handy facts that show how half-baked the latest batch of BS is:

1. Aaron has not been a signer on any PCRA account since 2012. Aaron has never been a signer on any CRA account, ever. Yet, he is alleged to have embezzled money – showing the half-baked nature of the charges (aka get the Park Brothers).

2. Steve Knight donated $4,000 to CRA to pre-pay dues for the Antelope Valley Unit! Now he is getting messed over for it!!!

3. The Anaheim RA had money held in trust by the State CRA while being reorganized and now they are getting attacked by the new CRA board for it!

4. I have been called by people telling me things they have heard, but no one has had the guts to step up with anything specific or real.

5. Yup. John Briscoe has been attacked as well showing you that the psychosis that has beset the nerd colony is not just about us.

6. Why not? Why not roll out the FBI? It just sounds really bad. Too bad for the nerds that Karen England ruined the shock value of that bs over four years ago.

I bet all of you want to run out and Join the CRA now, don’t you? Just remember, if you disagree with them… you, too can be smeared by a bunch of nerds on a rampage.

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