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Enter CRA Rhodes Scholar Mark Gardner in to the fray. He is one of the 46 CRP delegates that the CRA has out of over 1600 CRP delegates.

Mark is the genius that “found” sections in the CRA By-Laws including the place where it says that the CRA gets copies of all of the President’s emails, the spot where the CRA’s membership records get sent via unsecured electronic format, wrote the complaint asking for us to be tossed over spamming one of his emails and of course Mr. Gardner threatened his friend of over 30 years John Briscoe over his use of the evil ATM card that drew off the CRA’s operations account.

As I have written before – Gardner is about three IQ points removed from the sidewalk – but since he has his talking points is able to sound articulate.

Problem – once again, he shows the unequal and selective enforcement of CRA By-Laws in his reply to Kirk Uhler. BTW – ask yourself – would you want to join an organization like this? Perhaps this is why the CRA is down to 1,000 members statewide??? The Nerds have to be right at all costs.

Mr. Uhler, while I have been copied on the numerous emails between yourself and other members of the CRA Board of Directors I have been reluctant to weigh in on the issues prior to now to hopefully allow the members of the Placer County Republican Assembly to sort this unfortunate matter out for themselves, however, since you repeatedly quote bylaws sections of the CRA I feel it is necessary as Parliamentarian of same to become involved.

Your letter to the board of directors dated May 30th, 2015 at 9:34 am was most disappointing in that I can attest that none of the actions or complaints regarding either of the Park’s was directed at the PCRA or other members.

It is easy to point out that when any unit is granted a charter by the CRA they must first ratify their acceptance of the CRA bylaws. George and Aaron Park were very much aware of this provision.

As such our by-laws are very clear regarding the procedure for resignation and surrender of a charter in that it must first be approved by two-thirds of its TOTAL membership, in this case, 70 of the 105 members at the time this particular board meeting took place. Once that process takes place it must then be accepted by the CRA board of directors at its next meeting which is not currently scheduled until September 19th in conjunction with the CRP convention. George Park is well versed in our bylaws and I’m surprised that he would therefore be a party to this type of action.

We have had a number of units surrender their charter over the years and George Park, as the then membership secretary, was very aggressive in the pursuit of any residual funds held by those units in the interest of CRA in compliance of our bylaws regarding same in section 5.07. That being said it is once again very surprising that George would vote to divide the funds held by the Placer County Republican Assembly to the three named charities in your letter dated on May 30th. What is even more troubling than that is the fact that it appears that these funds were actually withdrawn from the various accounts at Umpqua Bank well in advance of the date of this meeting on May 30th.

(Please note – in the 17 years I had been a CRA Member, no existing unit that was meeting and had officers has ever surrendered its’ charter under the 2/3 provision. Even the CRA units that bolted to form the CRC did not use the 5.06 procedure. They all used 5.07. Mark would have known this if he was a member longer than 2+ years. Yet, he is smarter than everyone. Secondly, note the comments about the money – which is what they really care about. They can’t enforce the demands and they know it. The 900 club hate us so bad, they would have filed a lawsuit in small claims court already if they had anything.)

In addition, while you may have voted to refund all of your 2015 member’s dues there is no provision within the CRA bylaws for such a refund so all members of PCRA before and after the action of May 30th remain paid members of CRA until their dues expire on December 31, 2015 regardless of whether or not the Placer County Republican Assembly remains a unit or takes proper actions to resign as a CRA unit.

(Kind of like joining the communist party, huh. This is a volunteer organization and they are literally trying to force people to stay members!)

All of that being said, the action I do find legitimate is your resignation as President of PCRA in that you signed your letter on May 30th as Immediate Past President which would appear to be a written resignation. What the remaining board members did in appointing Ed Rowan as interim President until the next elections is certainly within their rights and I’m confident that my fellow CRA board members will confirm that feeling.

(Please Note: Mr. Gardner has indicated that the same CRA Board that expelled us for life is going to impose its’ will on the Placer CRA after whitewashing the fraud in four other units. Cozy.)


Mark Gardner, Parliamentarian

California Republican Assembly


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  1. Hey…now don’t you be taken credit for my ‘Nurds are in Charge’ term… I ‘IDed’ this Gardener guy as a Nurd when he pull the rug out from form President John B. as a Nurd. He didn’t give a damn about anybodys views except his own nor did he care what damage it would do. We can all now see the result…..

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