Jun 052015

We warned you. The CRA has been overrun with malignant narcissists, a bunch of weak men with paper-thin egos and a much larger group of people that are unable to understand that the issues matter more than those raising them. This is why CRA is ungovernable.

And this is why no sane person would ever join CRA. I personally still believe that the 17 1/2 years I spent in CRA were not a waste, but everything accomplished for the organization has basically been destroyed. The people that threw us out believed that by expelling us that all the problems of CRA would be cured…

… so why the lawyer eruption? So why the blogger eruption? Do you mean that the claim that we were the cause of everything wrong with CRA was just a smokescreen for a power grab?

The CRA’s 900-club, consisting of their new emperor, legal counsel and soon-to-be-fraud-cover-up-agent (aka “membership” secretary) are freaked out angry. There is also the CRA’s lone remaining bathroom boy blogger.

Apparently, they did not expect me to post the legal threat letters. It is called dealing with bullies.

When that did not work, the Emperor started threatening the (I guess) President and Vice President of the Placer CRA with all sorts of heinous crimes. The Emperor also appears to have recruited a henchman in his effort. According to the emperor, the Placer CRA still exists and of course Kirk had to have resigned, right. Ummm… nope. When asked to provide proof of said resignation. Nada. Either the Placer RA exists or it does not, but the emperor is trying to have it both ways.

Read the email chains here – they are sad and hysterical at the same time. (chain one and chain two)

When you read the email chains, the logical contradictions should give you a headache. They were also BCC’ed to dozens of people by Mr. Hudson (the emperor), similar to when he melted down over the CRA non-endorsement in CA-04 in 2014.

Then the Emperor and the legal counsel attempted the good cop, bad cop phone calls replete with threats of all sorts of heinous action. The emperor admitted he has no clothes – letting it slip that he is President of a Statewide organization without a home unit. Now, this is indeed an admission against interest and certainly suggests that Hudson’s latest rampage is all about him ( similar to his psychotic behavior over the CA-04 saga).

This should make everyone want to join CRA, huh?

Bathroom Boy Blogger Update:

The Bathroom Boy Blogger has apparently flipped his lid, too.

It is called “get the Park Brothers” (drooling omitted)

It is common knowledge that I like to kick butts in campaigns. Somehow, the Bathroom Boy Blogger decided it would accomplish some sort of deep inner need to post a bunch of archived posts from this blog on his site.

I can only assume that he was trying to hurt Ling-Ling Chang – whose State Senate race is extremely critical for the State and the State GOP. He dredged up an old legal threat letter likely sent to him by Alice Khosravy (whose pattern is to save copious amounts of information) and re-posted it in an attempt to renew hostilities. I endorsed Ling-Ling after she won the AD55 primary in 2014.

The Bathroom Boy Blogger also suggested that Steve Knight bought a CRA endorsement in 2014. Mr. Knight is one of the top GOP Congressman being targeted for destruction by the DCCC now.

Is the CRA so on tilt that they are now trying to hurt GOP candidates in target races – just to try to “get” the Park Brothers? This is a serious question.

Perhaps the CRA are preparing to defy the CRP rule about how to act post-primary as another apparent goal of the Bathroom Boy Blogger was to re-display posts attacking people who won their primaries that I subsequently helped (and/or endorsed) afterwards in an attempt to hurt them. (These include Doug Ose, Paul Chabot, and Ling-Ling Chang) The posts were unpublished and the Bathroom Boy needed to go to an archive service to dredge them up.

These developments prove what I have written, accurately that the CRA has become a home for small men with paper-thin egos who can’t handle the truth. It appears that the psychotic rampage that is continuing after George and I have been lynched is proving that out in spades. We have told several people that the CRA’s leadership will cut their own wrists to spray blood on us.

Alice Khosravy Update

Alice proved that she had done exactly what we said she did. She had indeed taken a copy of everything within the CRA’s email accounts, including the email list. There was an email sent out today from the CRA’s “new” MailChimp account using the exact old template. What was written in the email does not matter in the grand scheme, it is the how that is key.

The other fun thing – there are two new email accounts for Alice to spy on. I am sure she convinced the two members of the 900 club that they needed “official” CRA email accounts… however the [email protected] account is indeed dead after Alice’s breech of it was revealed on this blog.

Wendy Albright Update

Wendy Albright was at an AD38 Central Committee meeting bragging about how they cleaned up the CRA and about how the issues raised about the Santa Clarita RA were garbage. She was celebrating the fact that George and I had been expelled from CRA, while the rest of the room was looking at her like she was a fool.

I am wondering if Wendy thought that would help recruit new members to CRA?

Then the AD38 Cent Com Chairman spoke and eviscerated her.

I have received information that Alice has already altered the roster of the SCVRA in an attempt to cover up for the evidence that has been exposed. This would be consistent with her meddling in fraudulent units in an attempt to help them cover up their by-law violations as well.

Don’t worry folks, they were called a lynch mob for a reason. They wanted to kill us politically and it finally dawned on them that it is impossible, but it won’t stop them from trying – this is all about being right. Once that is a the paradigm, the conscience is shut off.

Those of us that have dealt with serious life issues understand that our own frail human stupidity is something we have to fight against daily. People that live their lives in the paradigm of being right at the expense of everything else reap their rewards in life. Nothing I write on this blog will ever change that. Only God can.

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