Jun 142015

This is Mark Gardner, so you know what he looks like at the next CRP Convention.

Mark Gardner responded to this blog by sending the new CRA Board (15 of whom were appointed by Tom Hudson before George and I were lynched) an email re asserting his authoritah.

In the email – he asserts that the PCRA elected Ed Rowen Temporary President of the “Unit” in a board meeting of the remaining board members.

The PCRA has no right to be upset by the fact that two of their members were expelled for life from the CRA.

That the unit still has 103 members.

And – that the unit had no right to prepare checks in advance of the 5/30 board meeting where the money was spent.

There is a reason why I call Mark Gardner the CRA Rhodes Scholar – he has to be right and show everyone so, plus he has to make sure everyone sees his authoritah. (Like Cartman in South Park)

Ok – in the process of being so right, he says that Tracy Mendonsa is still on PCRA Board and says that Kirk Uhler is still on PCRA Board. This means then that Tracy and Kirk would have had to participate in electing Ed Rowen the temporary President of PCRA. Unless, of course they were not notified of said meeting and it was a jam-down by an embarrassed and freaked out Tom Hudson.

You see – if Kirk actually resigned as PCRA President, he’d be the immediate past president and still on the board! DOH! This means that Tom Hudson and Ed Rowen committed more fraud within CRA by holding a “board meeting” for the Placer RA without two of the remaining three board members being notified. With Mark Gardner certifying a PCRA board election in writing – he has effectively outed Tom Hudson and Ed Rowen.

It gets better – there is no provision within PCRA By-Laws to elect a new President other than a general meeting of the unit. Either Tracy Mendonsa or Kirk Uhler are the President of the Unit right now, the club board can not replace the President in the case of a resignation. The only outcome is the Vice President taking over.

Being right has it’s consequences. Perhaps this is why the CRA is down to 1,000 members statewide?

What kind of message does it send to the political world when the state board tells a unit that surrenders its’ charter – nope, you are all still members, like it or not. Let me take a stab at it – the 50 or so “members” of the SCVRA whose dues have been paid for them for 2-4 years depending on the case is the paradigm of the CRA’s new board. (fraud)

Update: It just occurred to me that in the course of telling us how wrong we were that Mark Gardner legitimized the 5/30 PCRA Board Meeting. There is no way the resignations that he cites could have occurred otherwise, Kirk did not resign as PCRA President, he signed the email in the context of the club resigning. Since Mark is citing Kirk’s email and challenging the results of the PCRA’s board meeting – he has recognized the board meeting. Thank you Mark for undermining Tom Hudson. This rocks. If the 900 club are stupid enough to file a court case, they were just royally screwed over by Mark Gardner. BTW – the 5/30 board meeting was legitimate and Tom Hudson knows it.

If I had not been expelled for life from the CRA – I would bet that my dues would be paid in 2016 for me. I will also bet that many of the 95-100 people that bailed out of the CRA will have their dues paid for them by the PCRA in future years. (with what money?) That’s just awesome.

But – the most laughable of all charges is HOW DARE GEORGE PREPARE CHECKS IN ADVANCE. Let me get this straight – with 3 of 5 board members on board with refunding dues and mailing checks to local charities (which actually got Ed Rowen’s support as well) – the Treasurer prepared them in advance so they could be mailed out on 5/30. (BTW – the first I heard of the advanced planning was in one of Tom Hudson’s near hysterical email rants)

The nerve of people to be prepared in advance.  The CRA’s State Board thinks it is a big deal – this is what being right does to people. I guess in their mind, every political group that ever spent money in advance of a board vote with a known outcome should be sued, investigated by the FBI, hauled to the Hague, and/or prosecuted.

There is a reason why Tom Hudson has gone berzerk. He knows that 3 of 5 make a majority and under PCRA By-Laws (which he is trying to ignore whilst installing Ed Rowen as the puppet PCRA President) give a majority of the club’s board the right to spend money. The only way he can get what he needs to exact revenge is by turning one of the three board members with threats and intimidation. Whoops.

Hey! Bet it makes you want to join CRA, huh? Isn’t how right they are impressive? Below is the text of Gardner’s brilliance.

Fellow Board Members, please see the attached letter sent to Mr. Kirk Uhler yesterday in my role as Parliamentarian of the CRA. In it you should find several notable points,

1) The actions and complaints filed regarding the behavior of George and Aaron Park as board members were strictly directed at them, no unit or other members were involved or implicated and to my knowledge no units or other members of CRA are or have been charged with any complaints at this time.

2) The Placer County RA is currently a functioning unit of CRA consisting of currently 103 members including current CRA board members President Tom Hudson, Corresponding Secretary Christy Park, and Deputy Senate District Director Ed Rowen who the remaining members of the PCRA board have appointed interim President of the unit until their reorganization/election meeting on July 14th. PCRA member Tracy Mendonsa has resigned as a CRA board member. The status and title of Kirk Uhler,  who also remains a member, is provided for in the PCRA by-laws.

3) In accordance with CRA by-laws it would now require 69 members to be in attendance and voting in the affirmative at a duly called meeting of the PCRA to resign their charter after which acceptance of same is required of our bod at our next called meeting which is currently scheduled for September 19th in conjunction with the CRP convention.

4) The withdrawal of funds from the several accounts of the PCRA was not done in accordance with the CRA by-laws and appears to have been done in advance of the so called resignation meeting of the PCRA board of directors by then treasurer George Park. These funds need to be returned to the new PCRA Treasurer for redeposit into the appropriate accounts immediately.

Should you have any questions regarding this please feel free to contact me or President Tom Hudson,


Mark Gardner

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