May 282015

Lost in all the hoopla about the lynching of George and I are the following items that the observant folks need to track. I had posted about this a while ago and the post was so dead on that the Bathroom Boys had to reply to it almost line by line.

Knowing Alice Khosravy as I do and knowing the Bathroom Boys as I do, I can tell you with certainty that almost all the below will happen, if not on Saturday, it will happen eventually when they have run Tom Hudson over with a truck as well… (don’t let the staged photos fool you)

They will put Eric Chen and Hugh Hemmington on the Board – they are from the fraudulent Pasadena Unit and Give the Black Widow another two reliable votes on the board. They will do so with or without a compliant Tom Hudson… I do believe that Alice has manipulated Tom in to appointing them at this point. There will be other appointments made before the disciplinary hearing of people that are 100% approved by the CRA’s Weed-Eater Tim Thiesen and the Black Widow.

They will approve by-law amendments to the Nevada RA, the Pasadena RA, the Ventura RA and others with the express purpose of sealing off every avenue the state board has used to reorganize rogue units in the past. This will enable Alice to continue to be able to manufacture delegates for years to come and will allow CRA units to never have to meet again. Add to this, forcing the appointment of Vice President Territories will allow Alice once again to control access to her string of fake units. John Briscoe did not appoint Vice President territories after the March Convention as it had become clear there were issues in Central California and in Northern LA County. Worse, there were other CRA VP’s that were useless and doing nothing to grow the organization.

There is a sidebar – the Glendale Burbank RA has the city/town of LaCanada Flintridge within its’ boundary. The Pasadena RA was chartered over the top of it. The GBRA has been is existence for 40 years… Alice is working on fixing her error. It is likely that with or without the knowing consent of the GBRA, that this territory will be moved in to the fraudulent Pasadena RA. This is Alice Khosravy, all details must be controlled, even though she makes a ton of mistakes in the process.

They have likely talked Tom in to re-appointing a Charter Review Committee and a By-Laws modernization committee allowing Alice to have de-facto control of the CRA until Tom Hudson is moved aside for the CRA’s Weed-Eater or the Rhodes Scholar to become CRA President.  The Charter Review Committee was not re-appointed as it had been corrupted and had turned hard in favor of defending fraud. With fraud basically being normalized by the CRA, this committee will instead become a hammer on valid CRA units that do not do as they are told. (see also AVRA, Anaheim and Placer being threatened thus far)

True to the need to control everything – an agenda item is on the list to set all the dates for CRA board meetings in 2015-2016. The President usually calls these meetings, so once again unless Tom has gone along with this idea, he will be run over by the 2/3, or they will simply threaten to invoke 8.04 on him again.

George especially has to be lynched as in retrospect, he was holding back the agenda of Alice and to a lesser extent Tim to control the CRA. For much of the time we were not aware of it.

As a final note – there is a treasurer’s report. I’d expect this to be a litany of the current CRA Treasurer’s (and the Assistant Treasurer’s)  conspiracy theories about who did what with the CRA’s money and when. This will be the opening salvo in the lynching of George and I. As I have written ad naseum, they have changed the narrative as one humiliating expose’ after another has been written about what they are doing.

I leave you with this from the CRA’s head bathroom boy, ““The Parks fabricated charges of fraud to defame the character of these board members and divert attention from their own misconduct.”

This is the spiritual basis of the lynching. Remember it. This is the CRA now – the conscience of the sanitarium.

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