May 302015

The Placer CRA – the most effective grassroots group in Placer County for the last 20 years has ceased to affiliate with the CRA. The following is the letter/email sent to interim CRA President Tom Hudson this morning:

(I deleted the procedural notes at the beginning of the letter in favor of the “meat”)

The decision to surrender our charter did not come easily, nor was it made lightly.  It was, however, made with all due consideration given to the fact that various officers of the CRA Board (yourself included) were made aware of the following and chose to take no action:

  1. The CRA has selectively enforced its by-laws, including tolerating the Pasadena RA’s failure to meet in 2014.
  2. The CRA has selectively enforced its by-laws, including allowing units with less than 15 members be credentialed for convention.
  3. The CRA has selectively enforced its by-laws, including allowing units to return rosters done for them by Board officers who are not members of said unit. Such rosters include people who did not pay dues to the CRA.
  4. The CRA has selectively enforced its rules by allowing several units to not provide meeting minutes as proof they were complying with the CRA By-Laws.
  5. The CRA has selectively enforced its rules by allowing units to operate with no duly elected officers and then tolerating an effort by CRA officers to help them cover up their violations of their own unit by-laws.
  6. The CRA has selectively enforced its by-laws by allowing a unit to exist with 42 proven cases of fraud on its roster, including a member who died and renewed her dues post-mortem.
  7. The CRA has responded to the people who have fought for the integrity of the organization by writing complaints against them that do not reference a single by-law violation. Then they voted to throw them out of CRA so that no one else will stand up to the fraud that has beset the organization.
  8. Five of the 7 remaining CRA Vice Presidents have never chartered a new unit for the CRA. One of the three former CRA Vice Presidents who did charter a new unit was just expelled from the CRA nine months after chartering the new unit. The other two that created legitimate new CRA units both resigned from CRA due to its culture.
  9. The current leadership within CRA bullied former CRA President John Briscoe in to resigning with withering personal attacks and pressure.
  10. The same people who ousted two of our Placer members from the CRA and helped force Mr. Briscoe to resign are now attacking entire units within the CRA and have been repeating falsehoods about criminal FBI and DA investigations publicly.

Worse than simply being complicit in the above issues, you suggested that the whistle-blowers resign, suggesting that somehow they were the problem and not the laundry-list of documented issues within the CRA.

You also voted to affirm the May 30 Board meeting and its agenda, which includes an attempt to expel from the CRA two members in good standing of the PCRA.

It was the opinion of the Board of the now-former Placer County Republican Assembly that the CRA has been overtaken by situational ethics and a group of people who want control at the expense of the CRA. The real workers who have tried in vain to build the organization have either been expelled or have resigned.

Your actions up to, and after, assuming the Presidency of CRA have only reinforced our opinion that you, as President, will accommodate a culture that completely runs afoul of the once-great organization that Ronald Reagan called, “the Conscience of the Republican Party.”



Kirk Uhler

Immediate Past President

Placer County Republican Assembly


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