May 052015

Allow me to Introduce you to CRA VP Mark Gardner. He is a 30+ year “Friend” of recently resigned CRA President John W Briscoe. This is his “Complaint” against us.

Briscoe brought Mark Gardner in to the CRA, a decision he regrets. Briscoe has told several that Mark Gardner was a mistake.

Mark Gardner has barely been a CRA member 2 years, but he thinks he knows how to run the organization.

Mark Gardner is a socially maladjusted little boy in a 60+ year old’s body. He fancies himself as an arbitrator of the CRA’s By-Laws, including inventing By-Laws that don’t exist. The reality is that Mr. Gardner would have a challenge scoring higher than a brick or a sugar pill on an IQ test. This means Alice Khosravy can use him however she needs to get the “rulings” she wants and Mr. Gardner thinks those brilliant rulings were his idea!

Case in Point – Mark Gardner believed that George needed to send an unsecured, complete copy of the entire CRA membership roster to CRA Credentials Chair Alice Khosravy. Khosravy intended to use that list in an attempt to de-credential units at the March CRA Convention. A particular case in point was the Placer RA. She also used her position to run interference for CRA units with severe by-law issues that she was attempting to use to influence the outcome of the CRA’s officer elections with.

This would include the Nevada RA – who we are also being threatened with expulsion from the CRA for challenging the legitimacy of. Mark Gardner cited the Nevada RA specifically in his complaint, because as a bully he needs to prove that he is smarter than the other boys and since at 60+ years of age, he can’t challenge me physically.

Yes, it is that sad – right down to his coke-bottle glasses.

Then, like a good bully, Mark Gardner sent out the complaint asking for us to be expelled from the board. Then, others piled on upping the request to an expulsion from the entire CRA for life.

I guess Mr. Gardner believes that if you get the same complaint parroted by three or four people that it must be a violation of the CRA’s By-Laws. Let’s sum up Gardner’s complaint:

1. We spammed one of his emails

2. I was “rude” from the deus when running a meeting.

3. George was rude to someone at the last CRA Board meeting.

4. We don’t like the Nevada RA

This is it – this is Mark Gardner’s Complaint. It suffers from the same intellectual impairment as he does. It also lacks a single violation of CRA By-Laws.

Nevertheless – Mark Gardner’s paper-thin ego has been offended and he is on a personal quest for revenge to the detriment of the CRA. If any elected takes Gardner or the CRA seriously after this, they may be as insane as he is.

Gardner’s rampage has apparently not stopped with us. Just today, we have been made aware that he is angling to now get his friend of 30+ years thrown out of the CRA as well! You read it here first – Gardner, Alice Khosravy and Crew are preparing to bring a complaint against John Briscoe. I guess resigning isn’t enough for them – they need to wipe him off the board so he is no longer past president. Hopefully, my exposing this witch-hunt will cause these people to back off and leave John Briscoe alone – yet I have little hope of that happening because they are so right, don’t you know.

What kind of “Friend” of 30+ years does this? Mark Gardner does because he is too stupid to see the correlation between how right he thinks he is (when he is capable of thinking) and the consequences.

Hey – but Mark Gardner has his black widow and God on his side! Who cares about the consequences!

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