May 142015

Pictured is the CRA’s self-appointed leader of the Coup, Carl Brickey. I affectionately refer to him as one of the CRA’s Bathroom Boys on this blog.

Carl Brickey wrote his complaint as a manifesto for the lynch mob. It is surprisingly clear. Again, as with the previous complaints, it is all about covering up the fraud and malfeasance in the organization.

Unlike the other complaints, Carl actually made things clear enough that even the most thick of observers can understand the nexus. Maybe even the CRA’s Rhodes Scholar, Mark Gardner can comprehend the simplicity of this complaint.

Let me sum up the complaint:

1. We are meanies. (we challenged people publicly on their stupidity)

2. We caused a data breach. (exposed fraud)

3. We attacked Alice Khosravy.

Allow me to quote the CRA’s head bathroom boy directly from his letter. I have been concerned that the crayon I have been using to spell out the meltdown of the CRA has been in some sort of dull color.

On April 17, 2015 in emails by George Park to an unknown distribution list and posts by Aaron Park on his blog Right on Daily, the Parks published false and malicious statements to damage the reputation of several board members who called a board meeting pursuant to the CRA Bylaws. The Parks fabricated charges of fraud to defame the character of these board members and divert attention from their own misconduct. This slander has continued up to the present with additional posts on Right on Daily. The personal attacks by Aaron Park against Vice President Alice Khosravy have been especially vicious and repugnant.

I added emphasis to the key parts of Carl’s complaint.

Here is the bottom line – once upon a time, Carl Brickey pursued fraud within CRA. Now he tolerates and defends 8:30AM unit meetings on a Monday. Once upon a time, Carl used to quote chapter and verse of CRA By-Laws. But today, Carl wants us tossed for life from CRA and can not come up with a single CRA By-Law that we have violated in order to justify it.

Mr. Brickey, along with CRA Rhodes Scholar Mark Gardner and the CRA’s Weed-Eater Tim Thiesen are three of the men I referred to that have paper-thin egos making them all easy targets for Alice Khosravy to manipulate. Apparently, in Carl’s mind, I should be thrown out of CRA for life for pointing that out.

Anyone else reading this blog should use extreme caution if you ever deal with any of them.

Mr. Brickey, in his hubris attempts to play lawyer in his complaint alleging a data breach. Brickey has not held a regular job in the last six years and would be best served deferring to people who actually work, and in the financial services industry at that, for advice on what a data breach is.

Brickey makes it clear that the nexus of the complaints against us is to cover up fraud – including the statement, “The Parks fabricated charges of fraud to defame the character of these board members and divert attention from their own misconduct.” This statement will haunt Brickey for years.

A woman who died on 1/25/2014 paid her dues in 2014 post mortem and renewed her dues in 2015 in to SCVRA. Maybe the couple that divorced and went back to Texas are lying? The chairman of the Ventura GOP that did not pay dues in 2015, yet appears on the Ventura RA roster – is he lying? Is Linda Paine from the election integrity project a liar? What about Former Assemblymember Cameron Smyth?

There is a reason why I posted the very same documentation that the CRA’s Bathroom Boys now call a data breach – it is proof of the fraud. It will be memorialized forever.

Carl Brickey can’t take a punch. In his self-righteous rage, he took a bath in gasoline, lit himself on fire then wrote his “complaint”. He claims that people are vulnerable to identity theft as a result of the embarrassing proof of Alice Khosravy’s fraud being posted. He claims that proven fraud is a lie. This is the CRA today. The conscience is dead.

Perhaps he should sue the county registrar of voters? You can get the same information there – unless of course Alice got the addresses wrong when fabricating the rosters of three units. (Alice submitted the rosters for Pasadena, Ventura and the Santa Clarita RA)

Maybe Carl should write a complaint against Pasadena RA President Mike Grant who had to ask George for a copy of his own unit’s roster on the heels of admitting his unit didn’t meet at all in 2014?

The most important favor that Carl Brickey has done is that he has highlighted that Alice Khosravy is indeed the driving force behind the coup in the CRA as he mentions her by name in his screed. Alice almost never does her own dirty work and uses proxies. I do know that Alice Khosravy is extremely concerned over the exposure of her bad behavior.

Carl Brickey has put the entire continuum of complaints in surprisingly clear perspective – this is about covering up fraud, protecting the black widow and attempting to create a narrative that nothing is wrong with CRA.

10 Complaints – all related to people violating the by-laws of CRA, then blaming George and I for it in order to cover up their ethical lapses. None have alleged a single violation of CRA By-Laws by us, just jealous rage and an attempt to cure their embarrassment and inadequacy at our expense.

P.S. In case you want some brain damage, read Carl’s brilliance here.

P.P.S. Here are links to all the information that Carl believes is false:

SCVRA files – The first batchThe second batchThe Third Batch.

And here is the “Roster” of the Santa Clarita RA.

Here are the letters from Pasadena RA President Mike Grant

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