May 112015

I like to blog about politics.

I really like to blog about Placer County, everything from trustee races at Sierra College to congressional and state legislative races. Congressional races are my favorite. However, there is a lot going on beyond billions of gallons of water being wasted to save some fish. Even here in Placer County there are some very interesting and nuanced organizations that affect your life in profound ways.

Those of you that read regularly remember the dust up over a transportation issue that introduced many of you to the Placer County Transportation Agency. (PCTPA)

There is also little-known county organization that typically manages annexations and once in a while an incorporation. A recent example of an annexation would be Roseville extending its’ western border past Watt Avenue. Another proposed annexation would be Rocklin’s repeated attempts to incorporate some blips on the map east of I-80 in to the City Limits. In California, because of the obsessions of the socialists that dominate the state government, when they are not dreaming of bullet trains and wasting billions of gallons of water on their grab-bag of mother Gaia worship… they stopped and made incorporating a city almost impossible. However, should a group of people figure out how to navigate the mess of incorporating a city in today’s California, the LAFCO would be where they would end up. Most people think it is the Placer Board of Supes (as they did with the Transportation tax).

Placer County’s Local Agency Formation Commission, LAFCO for short, is also responsible for conducting Municipal Service Reviews (MSRs). Cortese-Knox-Hertzberg (CKH), the Local Government Reorganization Act of 2000 (Government Code § 56000), required counties to conduct these comprehensive studies that are designed to better inform LAFCO, local agencies, and the community about the provision of municipal services. Service reviews capture and analyze information about the governance structures and efficiencies of service providers and identify opportunities for greater coordination and cooperation between providers. The MSR is a prerequisite to a Sphere of Influence determination and may also lead a LAFCO to take other actions under its authority.

To make a long story short, Placer County’s LAFCO is way behind schedule on issuing service reviews. For Tahoe City and North Lake Tahoe, separated by about seven miles, these two small service districts have been the talk of possible consolidation. Placer has a ton of these tiny service districts and many have been hammered by the decisions of Sacramento. Maybe LAFCO will be proactive and recommend that the two combine when they meet on Wednesday.

By the way, a small group of residents are trying to incorporate the Squaw Valley area under the name of Olympic Valley. If successful, I think this would be the smallest town in California. There can’t be more than 500 people registered to vote in the proposed incorporation area if that many. LAFCO is expected to release an economic study this week on whether incorporating Squaw Valley makes sense financially. I am not sure how a ski-dependent town would survive year round even if there was snow!

(Blogger’s Note: The people seeking incorporation are doing so under Incorporation of Olympic Valley or IOV. I’m still asking myself why we need a town that small?)

LAFCO is made up of a seven-member commission– two county supervisors, two representatives from cities in the county and two representatives from special districts. The last commission member is from the public. The so-called public member seat is elected by the other LAFCO commissioners. There are five people in the running for the public member position; Frank Calton of Granite Bay, Steve Carpenter of Roseville, Gerald Herrick of Truckee, former Roseville Mayor/City Councilman Jim Gray, and E. Howard Rudd, also of Roseville. Rudd, a finance and investment expert, is the current public member seeking reappointment. Rudd and Carpenter have LAFCO experience.

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