May 232015

Based on their responses. The Bathroom Boys have posted a few responses to the current issues within CRA…

1. The Fraud Investigation is killing them. The bathroom boys posted about the texas couple, but never addressed if they paid their own dues (hint, they didn’t). The Bathroom Boys have never addressed the 31 other cases of fraud, nor the dead person. What they do was assert that WE were holding up the investigation. (There is a theme here) Worse, I have 9 more names of people, bringing the total to 43 in the SCVRA. I also have others – and at a time of my choosing, I will post them.

2. The fraudulent Senate District Caucuses were OUR fault. This was the nexus of the complaint from Dallas Thiesen and was echoed by Carl Geletech and the Bathroom Boys…  More to follow below

3. The records of CRA and control of the resources of CRA matter to Alice more than anything else in the world. She has dispatched her bodyguard (CRA Rhodes Scholar Mark Gardner) and the Bathroom Boys to attack along those lines. I do take note of the following – which includes the request for Briscoe’s emails and the half-baked accusations over what did happen (based on information Alice provided the bathroom boys) and the defense of Alice Khosravy’s Credentials Committee asking for the CRA’s membership roster in unsecured electronic format.

4. They are obsessed with the election of Johnnie Morgan over Bill Cardoza. I do take note that Alice had the Bathroom Boys mention the 18 split ballots in that 82-54 outcome in an attempt to defend against the allegations made here. I also take note that they are having to cover for Bill Cardoza’s incompetence in not asking for the list until 5 days out before the convention. Rather, the drubbing of Cardoza is all George’s Fault.

5. They tripled down on the Nevada RA – but left out the Pasadena RA and Ventura RA in their responses. This proves that even they can’t defend the Ventura and Pasadena Units, but they have to die on the Nevada County hill as that triggered the eruption.

Let’s talk a little more  about the Senate District Caucuses. They seem to really be burning up young Mr. Thiesen. (Dallas is the son of CRA weed-eater Tim Thiesen who has been cowardly silent in most of this drama, sans his complaint over the lack of an unsecured electronic membership records file)

Dallas is pictured here.

Allow me to re-respond to the idiocy of the SDD election complaint.

1. I did challenge the SD19 and SD27 caucus at the convention, but backed away from the challenges when Alice told me that Wendy and Dana live in SD27, something that Wendy and Dana backed up when I asked them. They all lied, but it is my fault for not knowing according to the bathroom boys, Dallas Thiesen and Carl Geletech (he who does paid voter registration for a living). You must live in SD27 if you are a board member or be a part of a unit that caucuses in SD27 to vote there. Wendy and Dana met neither criteria and I knew it at the convention – but was told the info I looked up on the we draw the lines site was wrong. LA County and PDI also confirmed that Dana and Wendy live in SD21, not SD27.

2. SD19 – Because Ventura County had not met since July of 2014, they could neither have elected Eric Smith their President nor could they have notified the CRA of their intent to switch districts from 27 to 19 by 12/31. Mercado and Gauny were legit votes in that caucus, Smith was not. Again, the election in SD19 was invalid, but it is our fault according to the bathroom boys, Dallas Thiesen and Carl Geletech (who does paid voter registration for a living)

3. SD12 – after the plot became clear, I did indeed look at SD12. I was clear about that and Dallas Thiesen’s complaint says clearly that since I took a look at the invalid SD12 Caucus after the fact I should be tossed from CRA over it. Let that sink in, again. Joanna Bothelo is the only one that lives in the District. Mylinda Mason claims I attacked her in the previous post – where I merely mentioned she used to live in SD12 but now lives in SD05. I was told at the convention she still lived in SD12, so in young Mr. Thiesen’s mind that makes it my fault as well, follow the logic? (I never called Mason a liar – but she was convinced I did when Alice and Nancy called her to get her to write an email opposing the fraud investigation) CRA Rhodes Scholar Mark Gardner lives in SD08, but told George he lives in SD12, because George took him at his word and found out later that was wrong, George should be thrown out of CRA for making an issue of it. Mark Gardner either lied or you can add this to the long list of things that prove he is an idiot. Gardner’s assertion was not defended in Dallas Thiesen’s complaint. The SD12 Caucus was invalid.

This is the CRA – institutionalizing fraud and throwing people out for life for catching it. You’d think that leaders within CRA that do paid voter registration for a living would care about dead people renewing dues and people living outside of districts voting – but this is CRA we are talking about.

If you are reading this and are not a CRA member – why would you want to join this?

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