May 262015

Let’s see. Data Breach Conspiracy dropped, check.

Let’s See. Triple down on Mailchimp and Hightail issue because getting the records and information of CRA to Alice Khosravy is job one, check.

Let’s See. Ignoring the dead woman, and the 37 other verified cases of Fraud in SCVRA and the Four Cases of Fraud in the Ventura RA… Check.

For every lie, there is the truth. Don’t tell the bathroom boys, though… they are hearing from God himself. (and Alice)

In my 18 years in Politics, it goes something like… if at first calling someone a meanie does not work, pivot to an imaginary by-law violation, then make more serious charges, then accuse them of stealing money, allege FBI investigations, etc. It is the seriousness of the charges that matters… not what was actually done.

Not like we haven’t seen this before (see also Karen England, local Tea Party). The Bathroom Boys are getting info fed to them by the crazed assistant treasurer and the new treasurer who apparently has decided to take it upon himself to make several unilateral decisions on behalf of the board.

These include: shutting down several accounts and the ATM Card and preparing to move the CRA’s account to a local bank with no branches in Northern California because it suits the new treasurer.

In addition the New Treasurer and Wendy Albright, the crazed assistant treasurer have been going through everything and have been threatening CRA units. These include Anaheim, Placer and now Antelope Valley.

The Bathroom Boys attacked the Antelope Valley Republican Assembly by name on their blog due to an agreement worked out that Alice Khosravy negotiated along with CRA Weed-Eater Tim Thiesen – but now, since it suits them to raise an issue (because George was involved), they dragged Congressman Steve Knight and another CRA Unit in to the line of fire. In their obsession to create a new narrative, they just attacked two of their own coup leaders and accused then Senator Knight of buying a CRA Endorsement! (BTW – the AVRA has always had to provide proof of individual dues payments / membership apps for their members, a fact conveniently omitted from the attack against them)

The Bathroom Boys also attacked Rohit Joy and John Fugatt, (the two past Treasurers of CRA in the last 15 years) without having the balls to mention them by name because they needed to make it look like the lack of records was George’s fault. This, again is consistent with the obsession of their handlers to control anything and everything CRA. It is all George’s fault – this is the only way they can deal with the absurdity of their rampage.

Similar to revising history with the Antelope Valley RA arrangement – they are also obsessing over a board approved budget that included expense reimbursements for the CRA Membership Secretary (who is currently George, imagine that). George, ironically never had an evil ATM card!

The Bathroom Boys, acting on information from Wendy Albright and the current Treasurer of CRA made a hyperbolic claim of 12 outstanding ATM cards. I guess this means they want to go after Mike Spence, Celeste Greig, Joy, Fugatt, Ken Mettler and John Briscoe.

Stop a second and ask yourself why you’d want to join CRA or worse, be an officer of CRA… knowing that at anytime a new group could come in on a rampage jihad and threaten you with DA investigations, FBI investigations and the like?

The Bathroom Boys also ask a bunch of other questions to set up their series of half-baked posts this week leading up to the lynching. They of course fail to recognize what the CRA by-laws call for versus what they think God (Wendy or Alice) are telling them they need to fulfill themselves.

Here is the doozy from their latest rant: Why did the account for legal defense have $6,000 in it? All legal bills were paid before Celeste left office. Why was the account even open? Bonus question: why did John Briscoe promptly resign after this account was closed?

So – the current Treasurer closed the legal defense account and now there is a connection between its’ closure (done unilaterally by the current treasurer without telling anyone – I only learned it was closed via the Bathroom Boys) and John Briscoe resigning. So – they even need to try to create a cover story for Briscoe resigning because any other reason would make them somewhat responsible for it.

This is where the CRA has gone to.

Bonus – in their hysterics over the 2015 convention accounting, I want to address one specific issue raised by CRA Rhodes Scholar (and resident idiot) Mark Gardner. The nutbags are obsessing over hotel receipts, which apparently they have gone and gotten in advance of the Bathroom Boys attempting to re-write the narrative in advance of this weekend’s meltdown.

One such receipt shows a bill for Rooms for myself, George and Michael Reagan. The Bathroom Boys and their handlers dispatched the cowardly Rhodes Scholar to ask about this along with posting a line on the Bathroom Boys’ blog.

Here is today’s data breech. (This is what the bathroom boys call posting evidence they don’t like) In the link you will see that we paid for our own rooms. Once again, Mark Gardner and the Bathroom Boys are embarrassed by the truth. Don’t worry – we can defend ourselves if they actually have the guts to try to follow up on their garbage.

The narrative has to change. The complaints against us are absurd and they all know it. Therefore, in order to never be forced to admit fault, the attack line must be changed to one of financial malfeasance.

This is why they have to triple down on the mailchimp and hightail. This is why they had to go after the Texas couple, never dreaming we’d call them and then find a Utah couple to boot. This is why they had to obsessively talk about a data breach. This is why they have had to pivot to the latest – the fiscal malfeasance attack.

I wish them luck trying to recruit members while they are so right. I also wish them luck trying to get anyone to financially back the CRA given what they are doing to anyone who appears as a line item in the CRA Checkbook.

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