May 262015

If you’ve been reading about the meltdown of the CRA for the last couple of months, you’d know that a group of malignant narcissists and a larger group of lemmings are part of the impending coup.

Remember the Data Breech BS?

Remember the Pasadena RA that did not meet at all in 2014 (by its’ own “President’s” admission), yet somehow turned in a roster for 2015 (done by Alice Khosravy)?

Remember the Ventura RA with the inflated membership numbers on its’ roster (turned in by Alice Khosravy)?

Remember The SCVRA unit that is riddled with verified fraud, including a dead person renewing dues, a Texas couple, a Utah couple and 32 others?

All three have filed complaints to get us tossed from CRA. How original.

The “President” of the Santa Clarita RA, Dana Schlumpberger is regarded in the Santa Clarita Area as a nothing burger. Mr. Nothingburger was “elected” President of SCVRA in 2014 under questionable circumstances. (Much More on that soon!)

Once that “election” was over – Mr. NothingBurger sent the previous President of SCVRA a letter threatening all kinds of horrible things that would happen to him because of a… (drumroll) DATA BREECH! Please see Mr. NothingBurger’s letter from Feb 2014.

Wait, wasn’t that one of NothingBurger’s complaints in his letter written by Alice on his behalf against us? Why, yes it was!

Kind of like liberals screaming transparency, the coup leaders scream “data breech” to cover up their bad behavior. Well, Mr. NothingBurger had that playbook back in early 2014.

Both letters feature the same sorts of hyperbolae – you will get yellow fever unless you stop, the FBI will investigate you and confiscate your dog. We have gone and told all the non-existent members of SCVRA that they were violated, blah, blah, blah…

Maybe the next letter from NothingBurger will tell them that space aliens flying a rented spaceship paid for with embezzled funds from CRA has taken Steve Frank’s toupee to the planet Zort. It all depends on Alice’s state of mind at the time she writes the letter for him.

Add to all this the hysterical and sad narrative of Mr. Schlumpberger’s “election” to the CRA’s board of directors. Yes, Mr. NothingBurger was a part of a fraudulent Senate District Director Caucus in SD27. So even NothingBurger’s position on the State Board is as dubious as his election as President of the local unit!

RUH-ROH NothingBurger and the crazed assistant treasurer Wendy Albright live in SD27… never fear, Dallas Thiesen is here! The aspiring lawyer wrote an analysis only CRA Rhodes Scholar Mark Gardner would love explaining how we should be banned from CRA for exposing the fraud!

When you commit fraud and get caught – shoot the messenger and claim “Data Breech” this is the CRA way.

When that fails, go on a financial witch hunt, and invoke the FBI! It is the CRA way!

Or, for a more pleasurable experience than participating in CRA, you could always go have dental work done with no anesthesia…

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