May 012015

Before you think I am waxing Jerry Falwell on you, there is a practical application here. After talking to people within the leadership of the CAGOP and others in the legislative arena it has become clear. They have relayed that they have talked to leaders within the lynch mob who are approaching their all-consuming personal desire to get the evils Park Brothers with a Salem-like religious fervor.

They have God on their side, don’t you know. (When, in actuality, it is about pre-empting any investigation in to the rampant fraud within the CRA)

There are 10 total complaints now. None reference a single violation of CRA By-Laws. Let that sink in.

Here is the summary of the precedents being set by the complaints:

1. If you challenge the legitimacy of a CRA Unit with demonstrated by-law violations or issues, you can be thrown out of CRA.

2. If you don’t hand over all of the records of CRA in an unsecured electronic format to the credentials committee, you can be thrown out of CRA. Yet…

3. If you post redacted and limited proof on a blog or email the same sort of proof of fraud within CRA, you can be thrown out of CRA.

4. If you challenge a Senate District Caucus, you can be thrown out of CRA. (Even if the person attacking you for doing so admits the Caucus was invalid.)

5. If you act to protect your unit from an attack on their credentials, you can be thrown out of CRA.

6. If you disagree with other board members, you can be thrown out of CRA and accused of harrassment.

7. If you email someone 11 days before convention that you are running a candidate against them, then the opponent wins 82-54, you can be thrown out of CRA because the loser didn’t have their act together.

It is a brave new world in CRA – Fraud is the norm. Inventing By-Laws that don’t exist is the norm. Filing charges against board members based on non-existent by-laws is the norm.

This is what happens when a lynch mob is on the loose run by men with paper-thin egos that have been manipulated in to retardation by Alice Khosravy.

This is the brave, new CRA.

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