May 222015

(Pictured, CRA Rhodes Scholar Mark Gardner) Whatever happened to we don’t like someone? Whatever happened to we want to get rid of you because we don’t like you?

Sigh, I digress – instead, we have 6 weeks of rationalizations and pseudo-religious fervor.

Witness, deposed former CRA President Celeste Greig:

Subject: The few; the evil, the corrupted, the liars, etc, etc. The Park brothers……… 
Hello everyone, 
How many of you can now say ‘I was wrong and now I know that the Park brothers are disgusting human beings, evil, corrupted, liars and frauds’.
I can; I stared apologizing to some friends in 2012 for not believing them, when they tried to warn me a couple years earlier about the Parks, but by
then it was late, and now the damage is almost irreparable, they have managed to destroy the CRA.
And have all of you noticed that first they always attack women, i.e. Karen England, Peggy Mew, Beth Gaines,  Elsie Gufler, Celeste Greig (viciously) and
now Alice Khosravy , and yet, by the grace of God, most of us have survived and have a wonderful happy life outside their circus war zone.
Prepare yourselves for more shocking news and see the money trail, click below and read ……
Celeste Greig Emoji

I am disappointed, Celeste forgot the word meanie in her rant. I also missed the evils Park Brothers line. I really like that line, a lot… as a humorous side note, Celeste Greig linked to the blog of someone that coined the nickname “Charro” for her. (If you have ever talked to Celeste you’d understand why.)

It is funny how she plays the battered woman card, considering that she was quoted in the national media talking about Legitimate Rape. In spite of this stupidity – it took Alice Khosravy’s Fraud to oust her from CRA as President! (a testament to what has beset the leadership of the organization)

But – now in 2015 – George and I have become agents of reconciliation! Apparently, Celeste and Karen England are buddies again! That is awesome because Karen England is going to need friends as she had a really bad legislative session in Nevada this year. And I guess Alice and Celeste like each other now! That is awesome, because Alice’s fraud likely cost Celeste her re-election in 2013… so it is good to see Celeste move on from that and join Alice as she continues to commit fraud.

As George and I were celebrating the healing we’ve been bringing to CRA – I got another Email forwarded from CRA Rhodes Scholar Mark Gardner:

From: Mark Gardner <[email protected]>
To: Charlie Schaupp <[email protected]>
Sent: Thursday, May 21, 2015 6:54 PM
Subject: Hightail

whats up, no rant about George shutting down the Cra hightail account and deleting all of our and your membership data and records? Or Aaron for shutting down our other Facebook page?

This break in discipline tells me a few things: My assertion that Alice wants control of everything is indeed true, truth is optional to the lynch mob and my blog no one reads is certainly getting read by someone.

I do like the fact that Mark stays in character with his stupidity. I guess the lynch mob thought that the hightail account was “owned” by the CRA (BTW, George’s new Dropbox account is his as well) – kind of like all the emails in the [email protected] account that Alice had a desperate need to “preserve”. As usual, if we did half the crap we were accused of, We’d be invincible and would be able to buy Donald Trump a thousand times over.

When we are expelled from CRA next weekend – I’d like to thank the Lynch Mob for making it clear despite their attempts to obfuscate the real reasons for it! (BTW – I will get in to those in depth later)

Now – ask yourself, is the CRA something YOU want to join?

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