May 202015

Today, I received an email chain that featured Wendy Albright, Alice Khosravy’s main hatchet person along with CRA Rhodes Scholar Mark Gardner questioning the accounting for the CRA Convention.

There are some choice nuggets in the email – including Wendy stating that “Usually George is a very detailed guy”. Was this Wendy admitting that the devastating evidence of fraud in her home unit (the SCVRA) is in fact valid?

Allow me to quote the CRA’s By-Laws verbatim on the Convention Accounting:

Within sixty days after the close of the Convention, the host chartered Republican Assembly or Assemblies shall submit a final report documenting profit or loss to the Convention and Sites Committee and shall satisfy any resulting indebtedness to the CRA Treasurer. Any Republican Assembly that fails to file such a report may be disciplined. (excerpted from 11.11)

Wendy, Mark and others were threatening a DA investigation if they did not get the report. They got it and now – they are asking a ton of accusatory questions. The complaints they are supporting to expel us from CRA must obviously be BS even in their minds if they are having to gin up financial controversy.

Note that the 80 year old by laws of the CRA are pretty vague. They got a report. They don’t like the report. Tough, amend the CRA’s by-laws.

Wendy points out that George asked for a bunch of info from San Mateo after the 2013 CRA Convention (where the Fraud in Wendy’s home unit likely impacted the outcome of the officer elections)… this is because San Mateo stuck the CRA with a $6,600 loss. This convention was profitable. San Mateo never responded to any request for info and unlike Placer, were never threatened with DA and FBI investigations.

Please note that the cowards issuing their veiled threats included several unit presidents on the thread and SD04 Deputy Director Ed Rowen, but left me off the thread even though I am the regional VP in the area.

No other units took part in the financial transactions of the convention except for the Murrieta Temecula RA (note the spelling) who LENT the Placer RA money to help us front the expense of Michael Reagan that was repaid. Both Wendy and Mark – true to the mantra of the Lynch Mob made assumptions that they are running with as fact. Wendy Albright boycotted the Michael Reagan dinner along with Alice Khosravy, David Gauny and others – perhaps this is being driven somewhat by their disdain for Michael Reagan as well?

Mark at least attempts to be nice, almost like he is either brick stupid or suffering from multiple personality disorder. The same guy who was threatening John Briscoe and refusing to listen to reason because he wanted to lynch George and I over a spam complaint is now politely asking a ton of questions.

One – he asks for info to help the next convention committee

Two – he asks for lists and contact info of donors

Three – he asks for detailed lists of who paid what rate for what when.

Mark – I’d like to point out something obvious. You want us thrown out of CRA. Did you forget that when you asked for help? At least Wendy was consistently as nasty and accusatory of the Placer RA as she has been toward other units in her efforts to wield the hatchet for her master Alice.

This is your CRA folks, idiots and malignant narcissists running the asylum.

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