May 192015

We’ve blogged repeatedly over Alice Khosravy’s repeated attempts to get her hands on a copy of the CRA’s Membership Records in an unsecured electronic format and the related complaint to throw us out of CRA over it that she got her assistant CRA Weed-Eater Tim Thiesen to write.

We’ve blogged about her taking over the social media and her efforts to move the CRA’s Website. (she did the same with the AD38 Cent Com and still to this day has never handed over the domain back to the AD38 Cent Com according to their leaders)

We’ve blogged that Alice Khosravy is one of only two people with the CRA Twitter account Password.

We’ve blogged that she had passwords to a lot of other stuff – including the MailChimp accounts that were shut down as a result of CRA Treasurer Pat Garcia’s own rampage. (don’t you know that a debit card is a violation of the by-laws? Since MailChimp only takes electronic payments, there it goes)

However, Alice likely has a complete copy of the CRA’s email list saved elsewhere as this was her pattern with campaigns and other political organizations. (at least two different people have told me off the record they believe that Alice took copies of their campaign / organization email files)

So, while people like Jim Shoemaker want us tossed because he thinks we sent out a copy of his unit roster to some un-named people, apparently, he was OK with sending out the entire CRA Membership Roster to Alice in an unsecured format (which would include his own).

This is the situational ethics of the conscience of the Republican Party.

Even if you think our posting of fraud evidence is some sort of violation – check this out… Alice is not satisfied with just getting the CRA’s Membership Records, which she will get once George is lynched, she wants to get her hands on every email sent to the [email protected] account. In her hubris, she sent an email to Briscoe, Interim President Tom Hudson, her bodyguard (CRA Rhodes Scholar) Mark Gardner and the CRA soon-to-be-former Webmaster (because Alice is taking it over soon) Jeff Evans asking for all the archives of Briscoe’s emails.

Alice made some fallacious claim about the emails being the property of the CRA and because they were, they needed to be archived for “historical purposes”. Translation – Alice wants to read them to further the witch hunt.

So – while Alice and her crew whine about a Data Breach, she asked for an even larger data breach. When called on the absurdity of the request by more than one of the above listed, she tried to back away from it.

This is her consistent pattern, start with small requests and ratchet them up. This is what she did as credentials chair – she started small and got members of the committee comfortable and kept making larger and larger requests leading up to what she really wanted. So, it makes sense that she’d come up with an excuse to demand all of John Briscoe’s emails from his term as President of CRA.

It won’t stop there. I’ve blogged about threats of DA investigations, the FBI, units being threatened and the lynch mob going after other CRA officers… The train has left the station and because many of these members of the lynch mob think they are right – their conscience is shut off and they will stop at nothing to be right. This is the CRA now.

But, remember, I am more wrong for blogging about the meltdown of CRA than any of those causing it… just ask some of them, they will tell you.

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