May 312015

There is a term called self-righteous suicide. Sometimes you are so right (in your own mind) that you commit suicide in the name of rightness. The CRA did just that yesterday.

I had seen it coming for a while. Others did not and that pretty much sealed the fate of George and I. The Bathroom Boys referred to John Briscoe as the “Obstructionist President” – so let’s go through what he was obstructing as we write the benediction of our series on the CRA.

There were a lot of things John Briscoe did not do because of what I will explain vis-a-vis the events of yesterday – because as opposed to interim CRA President Tom Hudson, John Briscoe cared about the integrity of the CRA versus compromising with fraud for a title.

The Placer CRA surrendered its’ charter before the board meeting started. The state board, led by a humiliated Tom Hudson and Rhodes Scholar Mark Gardner decided to invoke a section of the by-laws dating back to 1935 to refuse to accept it. The irony when juxtaposed with 15 dead units being kept on the books and the undertones of fraudulent units versus a unit that followed the letter of the by-laws is to delicious to ignore.

The CRA’s board of directors did everything I predicted – with a two key bonuses.

(Bonus 1) Tom Hudson threw in with the fraudsters – I had told people he’d sell his left nut to be CRA President. He did. They own him and will toss him aside once done with him, unless he continues to behave as required. (which he is capable of doing)

They stole the LaCanada Flintridge territory from the GBRA, claiming that GBRA had ceeded it. The people I know in GBRA were not aware of this arrangement.

The stolen territory was part of the papering over of the fake Pasadena RA that we documented did not meet at all in 2014 yet somehow had 15 members for the 2015 convention.

The fraudulent Nevada RA was papered over, and apparently Tom McClintock was made a factor in my lifetime ban from CRA. That is just plain stupid politically.

The fraudulent Ventura RA was papered over, while it still lists non-members on its’ roster.

Two key things to mention – they made sure that officer terms of office never expire and Tom Hudson went in to a long diatribe about how people don’t have to pay their own dues. Then David Reade and Mark Spannagel should be reinstated right away as that is what they were banned for. This of course is the same Tom Hudson that said units don’t have to keep minutes – and guess what, the new board rules eliminated that requirement, too!

This also matches what Coup leader Alice Khosravy had told people locally. Her problem is that she can’t get people’s addresses right or confirm they are breathing when she pays their dues! Of course, what Tom talked about was paying his unit’s dues and then collecting the money from people. What Alice did was renewed dozens against their will – or added people who did not know they were members.

The object with the enshrinement of the fraud of these three units is that the reasons used by the state board to deliver the Anaheim RA out of the death grip of its’ former President was that its’ officers terms had expired. The goal here is to make sure that the 9-10 delegates that these units can manufacture to control board positions or endorsements are secure.

The unit by-law amendments were one of the few times that Tim Thiesen actually spoke up in the 9 hour long meeting. Mr. Thiesen, true to form spoke rarely.

Mr. Hudson also made sure everyone got their own agendas satisfied – including allowing 1 1/2 hours related to the treasurer’s report and related board rules. The part was replete with the blame the Park Brothers for everything wrong mantra (pretty much every report was)

The new board rules eliminated standards that were established to ensure that units were complying with CRA By-Laws (such as keeping meeting minutes to prove 4 meetings a year, etc. – this was part of Briscoe’s alleged obstructionism)

They loaded the board with yes people. They also enshrined in board rules VP territories which will allow large sections of the state to have fraud screened off from scrutiny.

Craig Alexander was made Exec VP – based on his relationship with Hudson and his hatred of us. Bill Cardoza was appointed as a VP – a slap in the face of Johnnie Morgan who unseated him two months prior for National Committeeman. Two of Alice’s robots were appointed in the Pasadena Senate District slots (SD30)

D. Rick Marshall was appointed SD26 Director and director of race relations for the CRA.

Baron Night was appointed SD32 Director – a slap in the face of Anaheim Mayor Tom Tait and the Anaheim RA.

Alexander and Hudson give the CRA two Old, White, Fat, Male Lawyers at the #1 and #2 slot of CRA.

They waited until the end of the meeting to take revenge on George and I. We were banned for life.

(bonus 2) The most interesting part of the meeting (as the rest of the occurrences were expected) was the attempt to disband the fraud investigation committee. What Alice and Tim did not count on was by loading the board with more people – they lost control of the vote on the Fraud Committee.

Alice had Nancy Hinton, she who does paid voter registration for the CRP of all things, attempt the run at the fraud investigation committee! The attempt to disband the committee failed with Baron Night and Craig Alexander of all people speaking out in favor of it!

The bottom line – the mantra of the scripted and pre-determined meeting was simple… the Park Brothers were the cause of all the problems within the CRA and they needed to go so we could move forward. Kind of like Lord of the Flies – CRA edition.

Just what did the coup leaders get? Come back tomorrow…

P.S. Why would any legitimate CRA units want to continue in the organization? This is a serious question – when rule breakers are protected and the people holding them accountable are banned for life… what kind of organization is that.

With George and I banned, when the problems continue? Then who gets blamed? Well… that will be the next purge.

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