May 272015

Well adjusted people learn the futility of trying to control people, places and things early in life. Others learn it once they go through major life issues, like getting sober. Others who never learn get involved in politics. (I actually got sober several years after getting involved in politics… which is why studying the behavior of people in politics is so much fun)

Witness today’s shocking revelation from the Bathroom Boys – “we knew it” they tell you. “We knew the evils Park Brothers were up to something!”

Well, Duh.

We were up to something, we have known that Alice Khosravy had been reading John Briscoe’s emails in almost real time via her Admin Access to the CRA’s website.

How? Is this just another one of “my lies”? (like the 38 cases of fraud in SCVRA, the fraudulent Senate District Director Elections, etc etc etc) Or is this evidence of a data breech?

You see – there was an email sent to the [email protected] account that was posted on the bathroom boy’s blog, with a badly mangled timeline of events suggesting some sort of conspiracy.

There is a problem – Alice Khosravy via email asked a couple weeks ago for all the archives from the [email protected] account. This is because in her words, “We need them for historical purposes”. None of us were surprised by this request given what we all knew what she had been doing to take control of CRA and the manipulation. Alice needed the archives so that she could use the emails she had already seen but could not do anything with.

There is a second problem – Interim CRA President Tom Hudson told Immediate Past President John Briscoe that the [email protected] account was being deleted and would not be re-created. I guess Alice missed the memo.

There is a third problem – Reading someone’s emails without their consent is a crime, and I believe what I am writing to be true at the time I am writing this blog.

She did not get her way with the archives request. The [email protected] account was shut down and the archives were cleaned out completely a few weeks ago.

Well, as evidenced by the bathroom boy’s blog – it appears that Alice re-activated it using her admin access to the website, as the CRA’s outgoing webmaster did not re-activate the account. Control is an illusion. Alice obviously could not control herself anymore, and sent the offending email to the bathroom boys without realizing the significance of it outing her actions. She and the Bathroom Boys will likely attempt to throw interim President Tom Hudson under the bus somehow over this caper. But, what they can’t spin is this:

If you email [email protected] – expect it to end up on a blog

If you email [email protected] – you may as well CC Alice Khosravy, because she is reading them, too.

Let the purge of the CRA begin – because they are right don’t you know and they are hearing from God himself.

Meanwhile, the rest of us know that Control is an Illusion… and sane well adjusted people definitely need somewhere else to call home, don’t they?

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