May 142015

When you control a group and can manipulate a group, bad things can happen.

CRA Vice President Alice Khosravy was a huge supporter and booster of Paul Tanaka – the Mayor of Gardenia and a candidate for LA County Sheriff. In a field with multiple Republicans, Tanaka was the choice of Alice and her crew.

Apparently, Paul Tanaka was under investigation at the time he was running for Sheriff of LA County. This was not disclosed to the CRA’s Board of Directors, this was not part of any vetting.

I had been personally warned that Tanaka had issues related to the LA County Jail Scandal by several (but, only after CRA endorsed him). Today, Paul Tanaka was indicted on two felonies by the feds.

When I was raising money for the CRA during the 2014 convention cycle, $1250 of the over $19,000 raised came in the form of a $1250 sponsorship from Mr. Tanaka’s campaign. Alice Khosravy was the intermediary that sold the sponsorship.

The CRA also endorsed Paul Tanaka with little opposition – based largely on the support of the SCVRA and the lobbying by CRA VP Alice Khosravy.

Paul Tanaka and his wife renewed their dues in to CRA in 2015 – according to the roster of the SCVRA. (Unless Alice or someone else paid their renewal for them – similar to the 34 other documented cases of Fraud)

So – A CRA Unit beset with fraud now has a member indicted for Corruption on its’ roster.

The CRA has another black eye

CRA VP Alice Khosravy adds yet another #epicfail to her roster of trying to exert control over political organizations

… and $1,250 of dirty money is sitting in the CRA’s operating account while they are launching financial witch-hunts against various people.

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  1. We, the CRA, need to send that $1250 back to Mr Tanaka. I need say no more.

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