Apr 252015

With the rampant fraud exposed and a second board vote coming out requesting an investigation, we get this GEM from CRA VP Jim Shoemaker from San Joaquin County:

No. To this committee.
This is a stall tactic.
1. The evidence of some of our members personal information is out in public right now on Aarons blog site.
2.There is no question that it is wrong and illegal to disclose this information.
3.We don’t need to appoint a committee to investigate what has been confirmed breaches of confidential information.
4. Mr President You must act Right Now to stop this. Not by kicking the Ball down the street, but by taking action. This is the reason I had problems with sending info to the state 2 years ago. George and Aaron had a track record of using info against those who don’t follow them. I was told that this type of activity would not happen and it was safe to send it in. I could go on but this is not the time. As a unit President I have first hand knowledge of what they have done.
5. Mr President, I am asking for the immediate resignation of both George and Aaron Park from the State CRA and immediate removal from there positions. For the betterment of the CRA. 

Jim Shoemaker
President, San Joaquin Republican Assembly, V,P. State CRA

Here is the key point – it is not the fraud that matters, it is getting George and Aaron. This is where the CRA has gotten to.

We will get lynched on 5/30 – for personal disagreements. No by-law violations mind you, while those doing the lynching have been exposed committing fraud.

Grab your popcorn and watch the CRA implode in front of your eyes. It is all about Control (which is an illusion).

BTW – Mr. Shoemaker was in favor of forwarding an entire copy of the CRA’s Membership records in unsecured format to the Credentials Committee in March 2015… what consistency.

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