Apr 302015

Now that the lynching of George and I off of the CRA’s Board of Directors is scheduled for May 30th 2015, let’s explain how we got to this point.

It started at the April 2013 CRA Convention in Burlingame.

A series of events set the process in motion to run a challenger, John W Briscoe against Celeste Greig. Celeste and others had crossed the line in several ways in a campaign against CRP Vice Chair Harmeet Dhillon. Steve Frank was basically pulling Celeste’s strings and the resources of CRA were being used to support Rodney Stanhope de facto. (BTW, Stanhope was recently arrested on a felony) Greig had also made a string of comments in the media that could only be described as bizarre.

Some of us objected and this gave birth to the campaign of Mr. Briscoe.

We pulled off a stunning upset, beating Celeste 84-78 and beating Steve Frank (humiliating him in to an 8th place finish in a vote for 7 race) by five votes as Frank finished with 83 and the 7th Place Finisher Alice Khosravy got 88. Ironically, it is Khosravy (who is also a PHD) who is the mastermind behind the current CRA coup.

Recently, in Late Feb of 2015, we stumbled across fraud in Ventura and Pasadena RA. It was the cover-up and neglect sort – both units were struggling and there was no indicating they had met for months before the convention. Yet, Alice turned in rosters for both units. This set a carefully laid plan by Alice Khosravy in to motion a bit sooner than she had planned on, that is outside the scope of this post, but will be addressed in detail later.

After thwarting an effort to use her post as Credentials Chair to influence the outcome of the CRA’s officer elections in 2015, we started to look at Alice’s home unit, SCVRA.

We found via emails from people in the area that one of the members of SCVRA was in fact, dead. Two others live in Texas now. 31 others have emailed stating that they had not renewed their dues in a long time, (some as many as four years ago) including one couple that says they never joined CRA at all.

This got me thinking.

One of the members of SCVRA at the time told me that when John Briscoe won in 2013, Alice Khosravy referred to him as a “placeholder”. This certainly means that she had hung a target on him back in 2013.

We have to go a little further back to when Alice Khosravy, David Gauny and Wendy Albright took over the Santa Clarita RA in late 2010. (SCVRA) I have had two people involved in the effort tell me that they were paying people in to the unit with cash in the parking lot. Two of the members from the local tea party that they used were reputed to be DTS and not Republicans. (Please note that Alice took over that Tea Party and destroyed it prior to the SCVRA coup)

Now we have a pattern. Alice sends in the roster for multiple CRA units. Some attempted to pay dues in cash. She refused to send in meeting minutes. Upon further investigation we find massive evidence of fraud in all three units…

… I can easily draw the conclusion that the fraud existed in the SCVRA in 2013. I have proof in the persons of Linda Paine and Cameron (and Mrs.) Smyth. All three have been on the rolls for many years all have said in writing they have not been members since 2011 at least.

We have 34 members and growing that claim fraud in 2015. (including a dead member that renewed her dues in 2015)

I think I can suggest that Steve Frank and Celeste Greig may well have been the victims of Alice Khosravy’s Fraud in 2013. With margins of defeat of 6 votes and 5 votes respectively – the 16 delegates that the SCVRA sent in 2013 loom huge.

I’ve been told that the SCVRA has no more than 30-40 real members. Even if SCVRA had 75 real members, they would get 9 delegates, not 16. This is a swing of 7-10 votes depending on the real number. The largest unquestioned units at the time were Placer at 85 and San Joaquin at around 70 members. So, SCVRA was a massive voting bloc as they got as many delegates as Placer and San Joaquin combined.

I think I owe Steve Frank and Celeste Greig an apology. We defended the SCVRA from an attack in 2012 when Bob Haueter had accused them of fraud. I think Haueter was right. It was Alice that provided us with the records to disprove the fraud allegations – the same Alice that we have now proven beyond reasonable doubt has perpetrated fraud in CRA.

The irony is that now, Alice Khosravy appears to have clandestinely contacted Bill Cardoza to get him to complain that his 82-54 defeat was somehow tainted in March of 2015. Bill Cardoza was Celeste Greig’s hand-picked credentials chair in 2013 who was asleep at the switch when the SCVRA pulled their fraud over on him and Steve Frank was also on that committee. Cardoza’s classless act a month after his defeat in 2015 (by complaining to the board) is a sick irony to 2013.

Yes – the evils Park Brothers need to be lynched, because once lynched Alice will be able to close the book on the fraud forever once in control of CRA. That is until the string of men with paper-thin egos she has manipulated in to retardation start to exhibit signs of their brainwashing wearing off.

Yeah – I screwed Steve Frank and Celeste Greig over, I thought ethically at the ballot box as I ran John Briscoe’s campaign against her. I had no clue that fraud played a role in that election until recently. I’d have preferred to have sent Celeste and Steve Frank packing with a legitimate election… I am just not sure that it was legitimate now. For that, I apologize to Steve Frank and Celeste Greig.

What’s worse is that the leadership in charge of CRA now – CRA VP Tim Thiesen and CRA VP Alice Khosravy were elected via this fraud. Thiesen finished 6th, only a couple votes better than Alice.

P.S. I won 92-69 and George 87-72 in that 2013 election, well outside the margin of the likely fraud.

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