Apr 282015

CRA VP Alice Khosravy is now panicking.

First off, there is a CRA Fraud Investigation Committee forming that will be investigating everything she has done to defraud CRA.

Khosravy, who rarely does her own dirty work has actually been contacting people directly. Please note that Nancy Hinton, CRA Voter Registration Secretary also called this Senate District Director directly in an attempt to get him to vote against the fraud investigation.

Hinton works for a firm that does paid voter registration and is the CRA Voter Registration Secretary – yet is fighting against a membership fraud investigation. Let that sink in, it confuses me as well.

Nevertheless – 9 more people have stepped up saying that their presence on the SCVRA membership Rolls is fraudulent. This brings the total to 34 Unique Fake Members! Out of the 150 claimed members of SCVRA. Now nearly 20% of the units’ roster is verified fraud, the Conscience of the Republican Party.

Will the CRA’s Board of Directors do anything about the SCVRA?

Will the CRA’s Board of Directors do anything about the Pasadena RA whose own President had to ask for a copy of his own unit roster (because Alice sent it in)?

Will the CRA’s Board of Directors clean up the Ventura RA who claimed 25 members, yet only has ten paid members? (Again, their roster was done for them by Alice)

How did the Pasadena RA or Ventura RA elect officers? Elect Delegates for 2015?

CRA VP Alice Khosravy may have been able to manipulate some of the CRA’s board, but not all. This is why the evils Park Brothers need to be lynched.

Take a look at the quotes from today’s batch of fraud:

Hi….George and I did NOT pay dues for SCVRA in January 2015 as listed below.  We dropped out and haven’t been members since the vote fraud fiasco over a year ago.  I believe the last year we paid dues was 2013.  You have permission to use our names.

Kathy & George Aliano

And here is a family of three:

Hi Tammy:

Neither Maggie nor I paid dues for 2015 and Gabrielle does not live with us and has never lived here.  Our name is on the deed for her town house so someone could be using that address.  The town house is on Sand Wedge but our house is on Sombras Court and that is where we are registered and reside.

Thanks for all the hard work.

Ted & Maggie Aquaro

The SCVRA roster is full of incorrect addresses. I was told that at least 6 of their members have moved to Ventura County, yet are still listed with Santa Clarita addresses – 2 such members are CRA VP David Gauny and his wife who live in Ventura County. The out of area members are not a violation of the by-laws, but when added to the rest of this mess sure suggest that the SCVRA is a paper tiger and a colossal fraud.

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