Apr 272015

The Conscience of the Republican Party is dead. It is all about getting the evils Park Brothers.

When faced with real evidence of fraud – 28 CRA Board Members chose their jihad. (Heaven forbid, they might call posting this list a data breach)

CRA VP Tim Thiesen was calling board members telling them that there is no fraud ( and/or that the claims are exaggerated) and that the investigation was a stall tactic. This is a theme repeated from the Bathroom Boys all the way to the folks that run a paid voter registration company.

They have God on their side, don’t you know… and thus, the facts and morality don’t matter. They have also disregarded the needs of the CRA as a whole and have become overwhelmed with a burning personal desire to get the Evils Park Brothers.

This drill is all to cover up the fraud and malfeasance of CRA VP Alice Khosravy who has led the jihad from behind the scenes as she rarely does her own dirty work. However, I have seen email forwards that indicate that Alice has been contacting people herself directly. Manipulation requires maintenance. Alice Khosravy is a sociopath in my opinion and she has been playing several board members off against the middle – preying upon their personal feelings of inadequacy and paper thin egos to control them.

Alice has been planning a hostile  takeover of CRA for at least two years – this has been her pattern, the Santa Clarita Tea Party, A Local Women’s Fed, a Local Charity, and the Local CRA Unit have all been attacked by her and her minions and in most cases she took them over. Alice does not play well with others and this represents the first time she has been caught and exposed before her ‘plan’ comes to fruition.

CRA VP Tim Thiesen, CRA VP Jim Shoemaker, CRA VP Carl Geletech, CRA VP David Gauny, CRA VP Mark Gardner are all on the record as supporting fraud. This is the conscience of the Republican Party.

Please also note that the mantra of a “Data Breach” has also been proven to be a lie. As the above repeat the lie, they show their ignorance of California law. But, it does not matter as they have God on their side and Alice manipulating them in to retardation.

They are claiming that the exposure of the information proving fraud is a data breach because some of the redacted checks had partially visible account information. Several people’s analysis shows that none of the account numbers were completely visible – thus claiming a data breach is a lie. This is where the conscience of the Republican Party has gotten to, lying to cover up a lie (aka Fraud).

Please also note that CRA VP Alice Khosravy was chair of the credentials committee for the last convention and knowingly credentialed ineligible delegates. According to CRA VP Carl Geletech – because those delegates were not challenged at the convention, they should never be investigated, ever.

So no one gets credit for not picking another fight at the convention – which is why those delegates were not challenged. There were five from Santa Clarita (which has been proven to have 26 fake members and counting), that were ineligible and Alice is also their membership secretary. There were other units that had delegates credentialed even though there is ample evidence their delegate selection process was not done. This is the sort of stuff the committee they fought so hard to stop the formation of will be investigating.

Given the fact that people on the CRA’s Board are so angry over the exposure of fraud – I’d lay odds they’d be trying to lynch George and I if we have tried to de-credential the fraudulent delegates at the convention! It is the conflict that matters, it is the people raising the issue that matter more than the morality or the by-laws, don’t you know.

This is the sad state of the CRA – it is all about lynching the evils Park Brothers. The facts don’t matter, the CRA does not matter – if we just get those evils Park Brothers, everything will be OK within CRA.

Meantime, a dead woman renewed her dues in 2015 and a unit President had to ask for a copy of his own roster. #facepalm

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