Apr 172015

Why the Push for a 5/30 Board Meeting to Oust The Park Brothers? More Fraud in Pasadena and Ventura RA!

Units struggle, it happens. When a CRA Vice President covers it up, that is a serious problem.

Alice Khosravy has done her level best to cover up the struggles of the Pasadena RA and the Ventura RA.

Under her watch, the North San Fernando Valley RA has collapsed, even she admits that. Alice Khosravy has failed as a CRA Vice President and she is a leader in the coup attempt against Aaron and George.

The Pasadena RA, by the admission of its’ President in writing did not meet in 2014 at all. Without asking the obvious question of, how did they elect their leaders, why was this fact hidden from the CRA Board? Alice Khosravy turned in a roster for the Pasadena RA with 15 members on it. Then the President of the Pasadena RA, Mike Grant asked for a list of his own members!!!Where did they come from? What meeting did they join CRA at? Did Alice pay their dues for them?

Click Here to Read Michael’s Emails

Why did the attacks on the Park Brothers coincide with George stumbling on to this fact when asking for meeting minutes in advance of the 2015 convention?

The Ventura RA only met twice in 2014. Their last meeting was in July. Alice Khosravy turned in a roster for the Ventura RA with 25 members on it. Where did the members come from? Did Alice Khosravy pay their dues as well?

They currently only had 10 paid members and at the time of convention we knew that at least 4 of the members on the roster were not paid.

How did their current President Eric Smith (who also supports the ouster of Aaron and George from the board) get elected?

The Santa Clarita RA (1), the Ventura RA (none) and the Pasadena RA (none) did not turn in the same four sets of meeting minutes other units turned in. All were in Alice Khosravy’s Vice President Territory.

David Gauny accused Aaron Park of mistreating the Ventura RA in a semi-secret conference call.  This is part of the basis for part of the “complaint” against the Park Brothers. Gauny alleges that Mr. Park lied about an envelope that arrived postage due on 3/14 some three weeks after it was mailed. Aaron had characterized the envelope as mangled – while the envelope was not mangled – the envelope and the contents are attached here. These are the ten members of the Ventura RA. David Gauny told the people on the conference call that Aaron lied in an attempt to disenfranchise good people from joining CRA.

Read the Documentation Here

There are 15 members missing from the Ventura RA as the roster submitted by Alice Khosravy alleges 25 members. The Pasadena RA did not meet in 2014. Yet both had delegates credentialed who voted against George Park, and now their handlers Alice Khosravy and David Gauny are leading the effort to oust George and Aaron from the CRA Board. Contrary to the lies in the complaints against George and Aaron Park – while we knew about this malfeasance, we did not attempt to challenge Nevada, Pasadena or Ventura’s delegates.

This is why Tim Thiesen, Mark Gardner, Carl Brickey, Alice Khosravy, Wendy Albright and others are calling people trying to convince them to leave the call to a board meeting in Santa Barbara at 9am in place. Unlike Steve Sarkis and Baron Night whose hearings were in Stanton near their home, they have set up a “hearing” for a location 7 hours away from Roseville, CA at a time that forces people from the North State to get up at 2am. This is also why they agenized “filling vacancies” before the hearings – to ensure that they can load the board with enough more “members” to make sure they have a bullet-proof 2/3 majority.

If you believe in Fairness, if you want to see the fraud dealt with – then vote Yes on the motion to move the board meeting from Santa Barbara to Fresno. If you support the fraud and you are interested in the lynching of the Park Brothers then join Alice Khosravy, Wendy Albright and their crew and vote no.


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  1. I’m not the least surprised that fraud and corruption continue within the CRA. Too many members, leadership and general membership, are too quick and willing to cast a blind eye towards such illicit and improper behavior whenever it meets their own needs. The lack of moral principles and values within the CRA is astounding and profoundly disappointing. Time for all folks to begin thinking on their own and doing the right thing for America. Relying on corrupt, self-serving political organizations must end.

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