Apr 172015

Why the Push for a May 30th Board Meeting to Oust George and Aaron? Defend the Fraudulent Nevada RA!

We’ve reveled part of Alice Khosravy’s secret with the malfeasance in the Santa Clarita Republican Assembly.

She is reputed to have called Nevada RA President Barry Pruett at least twice that we are aware of. Alice Khosravy needed the Nevada RA’s support as she was planning on ousting George Park as CRA Membership Secretary at the CRA Convention.

Alice Khosravy, Tim Thiesen, Dallas Thiesen, someone who may have been David Gauny and others had a secret meeting the Friday Night before the CRA Convention to see if they could run Wendy Albright against George Park for Membership Secretary. They determined they did not have the votes, so they did not run someone from the floor against George.

Then someone did. According to accounts from SCVRA Members, Alice Khosravy and Wendy Albright were telling their delegates to vote against George at the convention.

George Park won 82-55. The NCRA’s 3 votes made no difference – this time.

In the most dramatic of ironies, those supporting the ouster of George and Aaron Park are attempting to use a “complaint” from the Nevada RA as part of their “evidence” for the Kangaroo Court they have set up. While the complaint itself is absurd, it does not matter as the outcome of the Santa Barbara board meeting is pre-determined due to the agenda set up by Alice Khosravy, Wendy Albright, Tim Thiesen, Mark Gardner and Carl Brickey.

The Nevada RA did not meet for at least three years up to 2014. According to their 2014 minutes, they held a “meeting” that lasted 15 minutes and another that lasted 30 minutes. One of their meetings was on a Sunday at 11:00AM. The total time of the Nevada RA’s alleged four meetings in 2014 was 2 ¾ Hours.

Click here to see the NVRA Minutes

In 2015, their two meetings were on 1/2/2015 in the president’s living room and on 3/11, a Monday at 8:30 AM in the law office of their “President”. The unit has two sets of by-laws and never elected officers in 2014.

Their Minutes from 2014 are attached here. Read them and ask yourself if your unit functions like this?

However, Carl Brickey, Tim Thiesen, Alice Khosravy and Mark Gardner believe that this behavior is OK by virtue of their vote to block any action against this unit in March.

Somehow, George and Aaron should be expelled from the CRA board for thinking that is fraudulent activity. Alice, Carl, Mark and Tim are asking the CRA Board to do what they could not do at the convention – oust George Park.

Tim Thiesen, Mark Gardner, Carl Brickey, Alice Khosravy, Wendy Albright and others are calling people trying to convince them to leave the call to a board meeting in Santa Barbara at 9am in place. Unlike Steve Sarkis and Baron Night whose hearings were in Stanton near their home, they have set up a “hearing” for a location 7 hours away from Roseville, CA at a time that forces people from the North State to get up at 2am. This is also why they agendized “filling vacancies” before the hearings – to ensure that they can load the board with enough more “members” to make sure they have a bullet-proof 2/3 majority.

If you believe in Fairness, if you want to see the fraud dealt with – then vote Yes on the motion to move the board meeting from Santa Barbara to Fresno. If you support the fraud and you are interested in the lynching of the Park Brothers then join Alice Khosravy, Wendy Albright and their crew and vote no.


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