Apr 172015

Why the push for a May 30th Board Meeting to Oust George and Aaron? Massive Fraud in Santa Clarita RA!

It is simple. Alice Khosravy, Wendy Albright, David Gauny, Dana Schlumpberger and John Rogers from the Santa Clarita Valley RA are hiding something huge. They along with Mark Gardner, Tim Thiesen and Carl Brickey want George and Aaron Park out of CRA badly:

One of the SCVRA Unit Members died on January 25th 2014, yet miraculously renewed her dues in 2015!

Two of their Unit Members moved to Texas after divorcing, yet are still listed as California residents on their roster with renewed dues in 2015!

Two of their Unit Members (and a third who is a spouse) were the subjects of a club-funded negative mailer attempting to defeat their re-election to Santa Clarita City Council in Early 2014, but are listed as renewing in 2015! (Laurene Weste and Marsha McLean) Given that one of their opponents was a delegate to the CRA Convention, it is unlikely they renewed their own dues (or wanted to).

Still 15 More have signed emails stating that they never renewed in 2014 or 2015 and have never gone to nor been notified of club meetings?  Read the notices – they are clear these people no longer wanted to be affiliated with CRA.

How could this be? 21 fraudulent members – over 10% of the SCVRA’s Membership is fraudulent. (that we know of) It’s all here: click the link below, people signed their names attesting to the fraud. (Including former Assembly-Member Cameron Smyth)

View the link to the documentation here

George Park has to go. He has been fighting malfeasance all over the state and Alice Khosravy and Wendy Albright have been perpetrating it. Since they are after George, we might as well throw Aaron in, too.

This is why Alice, Wendy, David and others recruited board members to override John Briscoe to call a board meeting for 9am in Santa BarbaraThey knew that this would force people (including their targets) to have to get up at 2am in order to be able to make it on time!

But wait, there’s more – on the “Agenda” for the board meeting is “Filling Vacancies” which will occur before the hearings! This means that the above will be adding enough board members before the hearings to ensure they have the 2/3 necessary to accomplish their coup!

With “The Parks” removed, the fake members will never be exposed and the takeover of CRA will be complete.

Want to stop the Fraud and the Lynching? Vote Yes and support John Briscoe and give the Parks a fighting chance to defend themselves versus the Alice Khosravy / Wendy Albright / Tim Thiesen / Mark Gardner / Carl Brickey Kangaroo Court – move the board meeting to July 25th in Fresno.


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