NorCal Tea Party Misses Mark Badly in a Drive-By Email Attack

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Feb 102015

SOUND THE ALARM said the NorCal Tea Party in an email. MAKE  A NOISE!

Ok, over what? Kirk Uhler wants to raise your taxes. So, we are to believe that Placer County’s most conservative supervisor wants to raise our taxes?

Why? Someone did a poll testing a 1/2 cent sales tax for I-80 / Hwy 65 Improvements. So, it must be Kirk Uhler that is behind it!

The email delivers a stirring call to action: MAKE A NOISE!

They advocate calling the board of supervisors. Problem – it is not the board of supervisors that is reviewing the issue. It is the Placer County Transportation Planning Agency. PCTPA

But, for those of you familiar with local government – why is Placer County having to fix a federal roadway and a state roadway itself? Why hasn’t Tom McClintock, Jim Nielsen, Ted Gaines or Beth Gaines been involved?

When John Doolittle was the congressman, he got evil graft and corruption (aka Earmarks) to help fund the widening of I-80 Through Roseville and to re-do the Sierra College Overpass. He even managed to get some money toward the cost of the Lincoln Bypass and the Sunset Blvd. interchange. What a waste of taxpayer money that was.

But, why is a local government agency having to look at a damn tax increase to pay for these much-needed improvements? There is no money coming from the state or the feds at all. Maybe Jim Nielsen can help – he is far more effective than both Gaines put together. Perhaps the NorCal Tea Party could make a noise to Gaines, Gaines and Nielsen’s office to help with Hwy 65? If they helped, maybe we would not need to consider a tax increase?

Maybe the NorCal Tea Party could make a noise to Tom McClintock and ask the Congressman for help avoiding a tax increase.

Accidents are mounting on that aging intersection of 65 and I-80. The 2 lane highway is a complete  joke compared to the traffic it gets. People are being forced to use surface streets to commute.

… which brings me back to Kirk Uhler. What does he have to do with any of this? He sits (unpaid, mind you) on the PCTPA which is the body that is being forced to look at such a tax measure because there is no money coming from anywhere else.

Somehow the Make A Noise email indicates that Measure B which changed the Supervisor’s Compensation is somehow tied to the actions of the PCTPA.

The PCTPA has Nine Members on its’ board.

Take a look – in the drive-by email from the NorCal Tea Party, they single out Kirk Uhler who is one vote of 9 on the agency. There is a non-Republican Jim Holmes, and several other Republican local electeds on the board including Tea Party Favorites Brian Baker and Stan Nader. Also included are Diana Ruslin and Susan Rohan – will the NorCal Tea Party make a noise to them, too?

If the answer is no and this was simply an attack on Kirk Uhler, is this the opening salvo in a revenge mission from Team McClintock? Or, was this email written by a member of the NorCal Tea Party’s board whose burning resentment list against him is longer than I am tall?

Time will tell what the real motivation for the email was – but if it was simply to sound the alarm, they pointed their members to the wrong place. For Four years the PCTPA has been having public meetings about this issue, Celia McAdam made a presentation to a Chamber of Commerce Luncheon I went to in Rocklin a couple years back… I’d encourage the members of the NorCal Tea Party to attend. In so doing, they may be able to make our local partisan electeds understand that their inaction could lead to yet another tax increase.

#AD06 Update, (Fill in the Race Here) Update – Beth Gaines Office Shopping Edition

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Feb 102015

There is a time-honored tradition in the era of term limits. Office Shopping near the end of your tenure.

This is one reason I am extremely grateful for the Proposition that passed making it 12 years in the same place. No more sitting in State Senate looking at Assembly and vice-versa. I hate term limits with a passion, (and I voted yes on Prop 34 years ago) especially now that the cancer is fully metastasized.

Usually the first evidence of Job Shopping are the phantom statewide campaign accounts on the GOP side. (Like the Gaines for BOE Account)

By accounts, the Gaines can not wait 4 years for Beth to get another job. Apparently, there are some other issues forcing them to move faster. (One may be the recent departure of the daughter that was running the family insurance business to another state, and the rumor that the remainder of the business is for sale/being sold or is simply just producing a dwindling income)

Add in that the Gaines’ are still reputed to be in debt to their political consultant and are also alleged to be in debt to sssssteve Davey as well.

I have gotten more intelligence on the Gaines in the last two weeks than I have in the last two years. It is shocking enough to see them doing anything until you consider that the nexus is their own benefit…

… which leads me to the “intelligence”.

People have seen the unbelievably sparse fundraiser invite for Beth Gaines for Board of Equalization 2018. The prevailing wisdom is that this is to cover past debt, however that state money COULD get rolled over to:

1. Placer County Sup District 4 to run against Kirk Uhler.

2. El Dorado County Sup District 1 to run against the extremely unpopular and vulnerable incumbent Ron Mikulaco who has managed to enrage the NIMBY’s, the BANANA’s, the IGMFU’s and the Republicans all at the same time.

Given that Beth Gaines has been meeting with several people in an attempt to select her successor to AD06, let’s step forward and distill what we know versus what makes sense…

She ain’t running for BOE, another more intelligent, better respected Republican candidate will show up and overshadow her in the 30 county district. That large of a district will require an actual campaign, not a fabricated resume and relying on your last name.

However, running against Kirk Uhler is a suicide mission… just ask Pam Tobin who got slaughtered in 2012 by well over 20 points despite being funded.

Running for El Dorado County Sup D1 makes a lot of sense on several fronts…

1. The Gaines still have positive name ID in El Dorado County. Based on info I have, it is the only area where their name is a net positive.

2. El Dorado Hills / County is IN Ted Gaines’ SD01. Ted is going to have to move a certain amount of time before running for re-election in 2016.

3. El Dorado pays their supervisors MORE than the evil Measure B salary for Placer.

Since the pay is the primary nexus, and ease of election runs a close second… this seems to make the most sense.

Bonus – Dave Titus lives in El Dorado County and ssssssteve Davey is rumored to be looking for new digs, in essence such a move could keep the family together.

I don’t know why this stuff surprises me anymore or gives me a hurl reflex, it keeps happening everywhere.

#SD37 Update – The Immigration Issue Cuts Both Ways

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Feb 092015

By now, you’ve read ad-nauseum about evil Don Wagner signing a letter asking Congress to reform immigration.

The same man with a lifetime 92% CRA Score that is derided as anti-immigrant amongst other things supports (gasp) open borders and measles outbreaks? Set aside the hyperbole – reforming immigration policy and especially enforcement is something 80% of Americans agree with.

There is another problem. Moorlach agrees with Wagner

When Orange County’s overlord John Moloch was shopping for a new temple, he was quoted liberally in the Orange County Register. Moloch has run for Governor, Congress and now State Senate in the last two years.

Let’s focus on this quote:

Moorlach, who emigrated as a child with his parents from the Netherlands to Orange County, said it’s not time yet to discuss his views on issues such as immigration, as that would imply he’s made up his mind to run. However, he said, “I prefer some of the proposals that have been proffered by the Lincoln Club and Sen. Marco Rubio.”

Last year, the Lincoln Club adopted a policy statement on immigration reform that would allow undocumented immigrants to transition to guest-worker status and a pathway to legal residency, not citizenship.

Now that sounds pretty similar to Don Wagner’s stance, now doesn’t it?

In a 6/21/2013 Column written by Martin Wisckol, the Orange County Lincoln Club tore in to Dana Rohrbacher for taking a hard line on immigration. (I have a paper copy but the link is gone from the register website) The Lincoln Club expressed public support for Marco Rubio’s plan that legalizes 11 million illegal aliens. (Which I support) The Lincoln Club went neutral on the full-blown path to citizenship that Rubio’s plan was bastardized in to by the Reid-Controlled Senate.

This is what Mr. Moorlach said he preferred. Now what was the deal about that letter Wagner signed again? It looks like Moorlach went further than Wagner on this issue.

Now, we are back to all those “lackluster” Republican candidates Wagner has helped elect while Moorlach has been office shopping for himself. Nothing to see here, who cares about Young Kim, Andy Vidak, Janet Nguyen, Marc Steinorth, Tom Lackey, David Hadley and Catherine Baker. (Vidak, Hadley and Baker all hold lopsidedly Democrat districts)

P.S. The CRA endorsed John Moorlach, I write as an individual retaining my first amendment right to hammer him.

P.P.S. It is also my custom to give my victims a nickname. I’d encourage you to google Moloch.

#SD37 Race Update – Dear CRA, Don’t Endorse a Reputation, Look at the Record!

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Feb 052015

As of the writing of this post, the CRA has not endorsed a candidate yet. That is being hosted on Saturday 2/7/2015. While I am a CRA officer, I represent myself and not CRA.

The SD37 Race in my opinion is cut and dried. Don Wagner – Lifetime CRA Score of 92%

A Rated from Howard Jarvis, Gun Owners of CA, California Pro-Life, etc etc etc

From a Conservative Republican Perspective, what’s not to like?

Dana Rohrbacher, an icon of the right endorsed Don Wagner. The NFIB, a hard-right business group endorsed Wagner.

Every single senator and assembly-member the represents part of my home county of Placer has endorsed Wagner.

Am I missing something?

When we take a look at Moorlach – there is a man who has a reputation for being a fiscal rock star, but on the other hand has a record of actions and votes that suggest otherwise.

The CRA should have a severe problem with a “fiscal conservative” who spikes his own pension, no matter how small the spike is. The ‘it’s part of the pay package’ is no defense. When you couple this with votes to raise his own pay and benefits, this suggests a man who is vested in his office and fiscal conservatism applies elsewhere. I will develop this logic and defend it going forward.

Mr. Moorlach voted several times, literally dozens of times to raise fees. Once – he even was at odds with Conservative Icon Tom McClintock on the Car Tax! (I will back these claims up with evidence later) I even have an article where John Moorlach indicated that a fee was not a tax… a classic talking point of the left.

John Moorlach has made several conflicting statements over the years on immigration that should leave anyone confused. However, his recent statements in favor of Amnesty for 11 Million Illegal Aliens should alarm CRA Members.

Moorlach has been railed on several times by Steven Greenhut, who is also revered by the anti-establishment crowd for going native.

He opposed registering lobbyists in Orange County.

He voted in favor of Pot Cards – something regularly abused for recreational use.

There are a lot of things in Mr. Moorlach’s record, documented with articles and his own words that suggest that Mr. Moorlach is not the conservative gold standard he says he is.

The CRA should take notice.

With Don Wagner, you have a list of scorecards from Right-leaning organizations with straight-A results. With Wagner, you know what you are getting.

As a bonus – for CRA members who care about expanding the party, consider:

Wagner donated to every target race in the last two cycles, often times maxing out. Think of names like Andy Vidak, whose win made national news. Think Young Kim and Janet Nguyen whose victories were pivotal for the taxpayers of California.  Think Catherine Baker, David Hadley, Marc Steinorth and Tom Lackey – four successful GOP candidates, three of whom won dem seats and one of whom defended a severely vulnerable GOP seat in the Assembly.

We have suffered through a generation of term-limit babies who have refused to engage in party building. Don Wagner has helped the GOP expand its’ reach.

John Moorlach’s name does not appear on any of those campaign finance reports.

CRA, Please Weigh your decision carefully.

Team Gaines Update: Positioning for the Next Job?

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Feb 042015

When I was 26, I wanted to run for office. When I was 31, I quit drinking and decided I never, ever wanted to run for office, ever. I rank both of those as amongst of the five best decisions I have ever made in my life.

There is another 26 year old I hope arrives at the same conclusion before he gets harpooned by the voters next year. That said…

… when you have the same last name as a State Senator, it makes running despite a complete and utter lack of qualifications (other than a lot of photographs) much more plausible and viable. Donors will give to you because of the State Senator.

In 2016, Ted Gaines will enter his political spiral. He will be termed out – which is why it is bizarre that his chief of staff (sssssteve Davey) completely purged his entire staff.

In 2020, Placer County could finally be free of the chains of a Gaines in office. That is nearly six years from now, why am I writing about this?

… Because you’d have to be a complete idiot to think that the Gaines will take that sitting down.

We outed Dave Titus as a possible replacement, but the Emerson Drive express came for him quickly and the rumored escrow in to Rocklin has not materialized yet. The other possibility was the photogenic 26 year old, but that did not seem to ignite either.

Now, what we’ve heard is that team Gaines is trolling the countryside attempting to co-opt someone from the long and increasing list of would-be candidates for assembly. When your world is shrinking, this is what happens when you’re trying to control an outcome of an election.

In the era of term limits, the incumbent politicians are always thinking about their next move. Since I know that the Gaines are having issues outside of legislative life, your intrepid blogger decided to poke around: I give you Beth Gaines for Board of Equalization.

Now, the next question your intrepid blogger needs to ask… will there be a connection between a Gaines endorsement for AD06 (which is useless for anything other than photos and being on a list) and the impending BOE “campaign”?

Dear voters, you’ve been warned…

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