CA-41 Update: Mark Takano’s School Board, What a Mess!

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Jul 172014

What if I told you that Mark Takano sat on the board of a district that was:

sued for sex discrimination, sexual assault, battery, age discrimination, civil rights violations, race discrimination and wrongful termination.

You’d wonder how the hell he got elected to congress, of if you were a partisan apologist, you’d say it wasn’t Mr. Takano’s fault. Right.

The U.S. Education Department Office For Civil Rights described the boards responses to claims of harassment in a letter to RCC:

“Evidence of a pattern of unreasonable, ineffective, and inequitable responses to claims of harassment is also reflected in the degree to which students were left to obtain their own resolutions after providing notice to the College of alleged discrimination. Students were left to fend for themselves in seeking cessation of the alleged unlawful conduct  and in removing themselves from the alleged hostile environment…”

Based on the examples and documents reviewed by OCR, in those instances when complaints of a hostile environment reached the individuals authorized to investigate the complaints, the investigation process was not timely, reasonably diligent or reliable as required by Titles VI an IX, nor were the processes prompt and equitable, as required by Title IX. The investigations were not sufficient to accord students the protections of Titles VI and IX…

Even where the College’s own internal investigation uncovered discrimination or retaliation, steps reasonably calculated to ensure that the violation would not reoccur were not taken.

The College traded away the disciplinary actions the College itself had deemed to be appropriate and necessary.

US Department of Education, Office for Civil Rights Letter to RCC on 2/28/05

Where was Mark Takano – the defender of Women’s rights? Mark Takano, the choice of Gloria Steinem?

Takano was the “Preferred Candidate” of the Feminist Majority – who were apparently blind to the sordid history of the College District that Takano was elected to oversee.

Worse, Takano did nothing to fix problems once the district was publicly admonished for numerous violations of anti-discrimination statutes. There is a lot to go through here – but we will get to the bottom of the sewer that has defined Mark Takano’s time in office.

What has Mark Takano done to all of us since getting elected to congress? We will introduce you to some of that record in the next installment of the tour de Takano.

CA-41 Update: Who is Mark Takano and Why Should We Care?

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Jul 132014

Mark Takano is the democrat incumbent in this district that is indeed winnable for a Republican. With resources spread thin, the GOP establishment are looking for easier targets like CA-07 (Ose), CA-36 (Nestande), CA-26 (Gorrell) and CA-52 DiMaio.

Districts like CA-03, CA-09, CA-41 and of course CA-31 are getting short shift.

This makes it odd that Mark Takano and the scum in his inner circle would call on their willing accomplices in the local media to smear Steve Adams.

Could it be the poll that Steve Adams did showing Takano’s favorability rating upside down badly is indeed legit?

I started looking in to Mr. Takano.

What I have found is an extreme left-wing ideologue who is way to the left of this marginal district. Takano is also infamous for parsing his words and appears to try to take both sides of several issues.

In addition, my research shows that Takano is guilty of numerous ethical lapses, dirty campaigning and of course when Takano infested the local college board there were a ton of issues.

CA-41 is an interesting district that I believe should get more attention.

As of the end of last year, the Dems only held a 6.4% registration edge. By means of comparison – two Republican Congressmen sit in districts with differentials of 10% of worse… Jeff Denham and David Valadao. This means, then that Takano is vulnerable.

More frustrating about Takano is his public grandstanding for the little guy while voting consistently to raise taxes, fees and his actions as a congressman to consistently increase everyone’s cost of living.

Maybe this is why Takano’s approval rating is abysmal within the district.

Now, we complete the circle. The local paper apparently has forgotten about who Mark Takano is in the course of doing their duty to support the democrat. The Takano people appear to have spent a lot of money digging up a 20 year old incident from another state, then running a repeated media drill to get the story printed in an attempt to damage Steve Adams.

Steve Adams is a Riverside City Council-member who is running for CA-41.

Dear Mr. Takano – in the words of Rambo, you drew first blood.

Dear Riverside County – prepare to learn more about your congressman and it is my hope that you will join me in firing him in November.