Jan 102012

You read here first how Congressman Wally Herger is retiring and how Doug LaMalfa is going to become the heir apparent to the seat.

How does this affect Placer County’s Political Dynasty?

The problem is that Duke of East Roseville has a geographical malady created by the corrupted citizens re-districting commission. His royal majesty has a throne room some 500 yards to the west of a boundary on a map…

The Duchess, however is located properly within her new kingdom as political feudalism shone brightly on her.

This is where the Duke’s delimma comes in. The Duke is running against the Country Preacher from Anderson, CA for a new kingdom – but the Duke could remain in his current kingdom as Doug LaMalfa is expected to vacate his own throne to move up to Washington D.C. fairly easily.

The Duke however, has grown increasingly isolated and risk averse as his reign has continued over the years. He must have missed the memo from the armory about the new order in Northern California as the duke is immune to reason. He is dead set on moving out of his palace in to another palace – leaving the duchess and their children behind to pursue the new kingdom he craves.

Will they be visiting the archbishop for an annulment?

After all the duchess said in public that she didn’t want the Duke to move, but if he did, she’d really miss him…

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