Charles Munger would be proud of Ron Paul Part 3

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Dec 092011

Ron Paul would keep the pork and the gravy train coming – like any other “Moderate” Republican Charles Munger would support. However, Ron Paul is way past even the most Moderate Congress-members we’ve seen in California:

EARMARKS: He is the only GOP candidate who continues to support earmarks and pork barrel spending. When Neil Cavuto asked him about this Paul replied: “I think you’re missing the whole point. I have never voted for an earmark. I voted against all appropriation bills. So, this whole thing about earmarks is totally misunderstood.”

Earmarks are placed in appropriations bills while they are in committee. This is what Paul has always done, and then he claims to have never voted or an earmark. He votes against every appropriations bill but knows they will pass by a wide margin.

The end result is that he receives his usual $400 million in earmarks every year. In Texas he brags about these pork barrel projects, but in the presidential campaign he claims to be against earmarks. Paul is one of only four Republicans on Capitol Hill who requested earmarks in the 2011 budget.

Paul defends earmarks by saying “I don’t think they should take our money in the first place. But if they take it, I think we should ask for it back.” The earmarks he requests are a complete contradiction of his self-proclaimed “opposition to appropriations not authorized within the enumerated powers of the Constitution.”[22]

Now even “Moderate Republicans” support welfare reform – but not Ron Paul.

He has criticized welfare for decades but was one of of just four GOP Congressmen who voted against extending welfare reform in 2002. Most Americans are not fond of welfare but the “Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Act of 1996″ was a GOP proposal signed by a reluctant Bill Clinton.

When Clinton added his signature the sign on his desk said “Welfare to Work,” and the promise came true. The act resulted in a large reduction in the number of people collecting welfare and that is why Republicans have supported its continuation.[13]

And this guy wants to be President? Oh, but wait, there’s more…

Charles Munger would be Proud of Ron Paul Part 2

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Dec 072011

Remember Christine Todd Whitman? She is one of Munger’s all-stars and recently was advocating a third-party run by far-left “Republican” Jon Huntsman. When Pro-Life Brett Schundler won the New Jersey Governor’s Primary – Whitman refused to endorse or help him, paving the way for Jim McGreevey to be elected Governor. It is McGreevey’s mess that Chris Christie is cleaning up – and don’t forget that McGreevey had to resign after having a homosexual affair on his (Female) wife.

Hunstman is a Right-Wing Nutbag compared to Ron Paul. Hopefully, Whitman, Munger and their paid lackeys will come to their senses and get their fraud correct. Ron Paul is just that man.

The Congressman says he supports a strong national defense and emphasizes his military service, but he was an Air Force gynecologist. Today he wants to cut $1 trillion out of the Pentagon budget which would end all modernization and readiness programs. He would abandon NATO and abolish the CIA, the Department of Homeland Security and the Patriot Act.

He would give up America’s veto power in the UN Security Council as well as all military assistance to Israel. He would also ignore the major lesson from WW I and WW II, collective security. He would abandon our allies who paid 100% of the costs of Operation Desert Storm and have suffered 35% of all combat casualties in Afghanistan.[4]

The Texan says he is an advocate of free trade, but opposes practically every free trade agreement. As the Club for Growth notes, Paul “lives in a dream world if he thinks free trade will be realized absent agreements like NAFTA and CAFTA. Paul himself argues that ‘tariffs are simply taxes on consumers,’ but by opposing these trade agreements, he is actively opposing a decrease in those taxes. While Paul’s rhetoric is soundly pro-free trade, his voting record mirrors those of Congress’s worst protectionists.”[5]

Now this is a big deal, the “fat-cat” aka Country-Clubber Donors love protectionism, it is good for profits when the Government slaps tariffs on foreign goods. This is a clear case of Ron Paul getting caught.

And this is a bread-and-butter issue for the Munger/Whitman type Republican, their candidate HAS to be Pro-Choice. Ron Paul is just such a candidate:

He claims to be a right to life champion, but his plan allows abortion on the state level. He is against taxpayer funded abortions but not self paid abortions in the states’ rights category.[6]

Ron Paul also opposed the unborn victims of violence act for some bizarre “constitutional” reason.

ABORTION: He claims to be pro-life, and says Right to Life is the foundation for all rights in the Constitution. He even says “life does begin at conception.” The truth is that he is really pro-choice on the state level. That is the purpose of his Sanctity of Life Bill.

He is essentially saying it is fine to kill a baby if a state agrees. During the 2008 campaign every GOP candidate had a zero rating from NARAL Pro-Choice America, except Ron Paul. He received a 65% score in 2006, 75% in 2005 and 65% in 2004. [24]

And remember – Munger wants to raise your taxes, $7 Billion if you make more than $70K a year in California.

Charles Munger would be Proud of Ron Paul (part 1)

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Dec 052011

Ron Paul is a fraud. He has led many Republicans down the garden path. I am taking it on myself to bash Ron Paul gratuitously.

I found an exhaustive expose’ on just how wrong Ron Paul is – and like Charles Munger, Ron Paul is dedicated to fracturing the Republican Party with some far-left views.

In addition – like Munger, Ron Paul takes his ball and goes home after his sort of bizarre version of Republicanism is rejected:

Ron Paul refused to endorse the 2008 Republican presidential nominee because “I couldn’t find anything we agreed on.” The Texan claimed there was no difference between Senators John McCain (R-AZ) and Barack Obama (D-IL), and accused both of them of being “corporatists.” McCain’s 2010 rating from the American Conservative Union is 100%, and in 2009 it was 96%. Obama’s lifetime ACU rating as a Senator is 10%. Dr. Paul is shown at his “blanket endorsement” of four third party candidates. Few observers expect the Congressman to support the 2012 GOP nominee.

… and it continues.

Paul is a registered Republican but expresses considerable disdain for the GOP. He says there is no difference between Republicans and Democrats. In 1987 the Congressman said “I want to completely disassociate myself from Ronald Reagan,” and described his administration as a “dramatic failure.”

He accused George H.W. Bush of war crimes, and wanted to impeach George W. Bush because of the non-existent North American Union. He says Gov. Rick Perry (R-TX) is part of the “international conspiracy” and endorsed his primary opponent.

Once again, Paul refused to endorse Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) in 2008, and was the only Republican to express approval when Democrats captured control of the House and Senate in 2006. If Paul is not nominated, he refuses to pledge support the 2012 GOP presidential candidate.[3]

I will post the source of all these quotes in the final installment of this series.

I am posting this for the benefit of those concerned about the latest attempt to re-brand the GOP by the insane fringe – this time, from a Billionaire with a lot of free time on his hands.

Charles Munger funded Prop 14, and the Prop11/20 that led to the corrupt citizens re-districting commission. Munger has also donated $26 million to Arnold over his lifetime in office. Munger is currently advocating a $7billion tax increase on all Californians whose household income is over $70,000 a year.

Ron Paul is insane, a fraud and is wrong on almost everything.

To Be Continued.

Apology to Bruce Kranz / Update on Placer Board of Supes Revenue Sharing

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Dec 042011

Sometimes when you’re in the heat of a campaign – you step in it.

In particular was the case of attacks against then Assemblymember Ted Gaines over the revenue sharing. I had a report that showed Bruce Kranz had participated in it too in an effort to mitigate the attacks against Ted.

I mis-characeterized Bruce’ participation in the Revenue Sharing as he had delegated the distribution to others after it was apparent there was no will on the board of Supervisors to end it.

I have considered Bruce a friend for a number of years and it would be silly for a blunder made in the middle of a campaign to end that.

Bruce had always railed against the Revenue Sharing Plan.

In fact, Jennifer Montgomery and Jack Duran are the true hypocrites – as they took their $20k and re-directed it to Health and Human Services to be spent on public welfare – at least that “wrong” money should have been used to benefit local charities, not enrich Government.

That’s what Bruce’s appointed group did – they directed several donations to local charity after it was apparent that there was no will to end the revenue sharing program by the other supervisors.

Look for those aligned with Pam Tobin, the fraudulent Republican running against Kirk Uhler to attempt to use the revenue sharing against Kirk.

I do indeed apologize to Bruce Kranz for any comments that were untrue in the past campaign.

Charles Munger Update – $10Billion Tax Increase Measure on people earning $70K a year or more.

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Dec 012011

You and your spouse have a job that pays $35K a year? – Billionaire Charles Munger wants to rip you off.

Here is the article from Cal Political News:

The Munger kids have a multi-billionaire father, Charles Munger, Sr.  He works with Warren Buffett, who considers Munger his “partner” in the financial world.  Buffett is the man who believes we pay too little in property taxes and income taxes–yet OWES a billion dollars to the IRS.

Charles Munger, Jr., son of Sr., was the largest donor to the amateur Arnold and his political action committees – giving somewhere between $24-27 million -and that does not count the money his wife gave.

Charles Munger, Jr. believes the California Republican Party is too conservative.  He may have spent  as much as $100,000 to make the GOP Platform a moderate document.  At each Republican convention, he spends big money to collect proxies so as to control the votes  at the meetings.  Want to know why the June primary will not have GOP nominees?  Munger spent $14 million to assure Republicans will not get a nominee in many districts and some statewide races. To top that he bankrolled the ”Citizens” Commission Initiative to undertake the recent redistricting.  That commission was hijacked by the Democrat Party and its radical partners.  When over 700,000 signatures were gathered for a referendum on the skewed Senate lines, Munger cared more about his initiative than Republicans and asked that the signatures not be turned in.

Now, his sister, a former ACLU award winner, NAACP attorney, wants to spend some of her money to get you to transfer $10 billion to the government for its failed schools.  That is on top of Arnold, Gray, Willie and a couple of billionaires who want you to pay ANOTHER $10 billion to give to schools and bail the State out of its fiscal mess.  In total, the special interests and billionaires want an extra $25 billion from you – so far.

Molly Munger wants to get the money this way:  “The state’s 5 percent personal income tax raises about $50 billion; Munger’s plan would bring in an additional 20 percent by raising the rate an average of 1 percentage point. But it would keep the current system’s progressivity, so 92 percent of the extra money would be paid by families earning more than $70,000, with 50 percent, or $5 billion, coming from those earning more than $300,000, Munger said. For those couples with taxable income above $5 million, the marginal tax rate would rise 2.2 percentage points to 12.5 percent; they’d pay the most.”

To a billionaire earning $70,000 is rich–can she believe that?  This will assure productive people will flee the State–is that what she wants?

Of course, it will never result in that much revenue being collected because it will drag the California economy down even further as even more people leave this state to avoid our high taxes and high regulations.