Nov 292011

Les Baugh. Have you heard of him?

You will soon – he is a Supervisor from Anderson, CA in Shasta County.

He is running against Ted Gaines for State Senate.

Ted Gaines is taking Les Baugh seriously – as Ted Gaines and Sssssteve Davey are going to places Ted has never seen before for public appearances.

This is the same Ted Gaines that can’t drive 2 miles to a Placer County Republican Party event – who is now showing up in Redding and Yreka (hint – 4.5 Hours north on I-5) because he wants something.

Sssssteve Davey does too – for his paycheck to continue.

Maybe Ted Gaines will crawl out long enough to try and mend fences with all the people he’s irritated over the years in Placer County in order to get re-elected? (Somewhere, Bruce Kranz is saying “I told you so”.)

I am not holding my breath waiting for Ted Gaines to do the right thing – all I have to do is look at the liberal Republican he appointed to the local Central Committee to see where his heart really is. (but, that is a subject for another post later)

Look for Ted Gaines to go another $200-250k in the hole on this campaign, it seems to be his style. Perfect fiscal Conservative, eh?

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