Nov 112011

GOP Central Committee – the Committee voted Wednesday night to ask Jim McCauley to put 7 seats per Supervisor District on the ballot.

At January’s Central Committee meeting – the Placer GOP Cent Com will consider SD01, AD05, AD06 endorsements.

Left-Wing and recent “Republican” Pam Tobin has declared against Kirk Uhler. Tobin lost 70-29 against Ted Gaines several years ago for supervisor. Look for Tobin to be financed by Labor Unions.

No word on whether Jan Pinney, Garry Genzlinger or Paige Stauss are running for re-election on the Roseville Joint Union High School District.

Expect a union-funded challenge to two Republican Incumbents on the Eureka Joint Union School District.

Extreme Left-Wing Homosexual activist Gary Miller is up for re-election on the Roseville City School District.

Bonnie Gore has announced for the Roseville City Council seat John Allard is being forced to vacate by term limits. Bonnie currently works for Kaiser and used to work for Conservative State Senator Rico Oller.

No word on the status of Peter Hill or George Magnussen in Rocklin. There are three Rocklin City Council seats up for re-election – expect a free-for-all. Brett Storey is retiring for sure.

I am supporting Greg Janda in place of Brett Storey.

Rocklin Unified School District – Democrat Camille Maben looks like she is going to run for re-election after all. Look for a Republican challenger for sure. Republican Greg Dailey is also running for Re-Election.

Lincoln? I’d expect that the tea party up there is going to field some opponents for the people they just tried to recall.

Nov 072011

I have to be honest – I have taken a few shots at Mitt Romney myself in the past. But – we are in perilous times at the hands of an avowed socialist who has aimed at destroying our way of life.

Mitt Romney is not the product of a generation of radical socialists, he is a businessman who has also served as a State Governor. When people thought it was impossible to elect a Republican to US Senate in Massachusetts – Mitt Romney was the driving force behind Scott Brown.

I had supported Rick Perry. He imploded in a spectacular way. (Whether or not he was drunk in New Hampshire)
I had taken a long look at Herman Cain – until the skeletons in his closet came running out.
Newt Gingrich has  no money and skeletons that are already public.
Bachmann is insane
Ron Paul is wrong and insane

The rest of the candidates should go home – now.

Mitt Romney is the only candidate who has demonstrated that he has the organization, campaign and resources to deal with Barack Obama and his juggernaut.

I hope the rest of you reading this will agree with me as well.

Welcome to Prop 14: Hoffenblum says there will be “Massive Turnover”

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Nov 032011

You’ve been reading it here. New districts with no incumbents. Herger draws three opponents (which guarantees Herger will be ok), Ted Gaines has an opponent, Dan Logue has an Opponent… what a mess.

Alan Hoffenblum writes the publication called the California Target Book, and there are plenty of targets these days… His column is linked here for attribution.

Editors of the California Target Book, which I publish, has recently finished and placed online their analyses of the 80 Assembly districts and 53 Congressional district that will be up for reelection in 2012.

We are holding off on the state senate analyses until it is determined, whether or not the referendum to overturn state Senate lines – funded by the CA Republican Party and a $1 million donation by Mercury Insurance CEO George Joseph – qualifies or not.

Much has been written on the impact the new lines drawn by the new Citizens Redistricting Commission will have on Congressional races next year – particularly placing into the same district of Democratic Reps. Howard Berman and Brad Sherman, and GOP Reps. Gary Miller and Ed Royce, but that’s for another article.

The biggest story of Campaign 2012 will be the impact redistricting will have on Assembly races.

When the November 2012 election is behind us and the newly elected members of the state Assembly are sworn in the following month, the new Freshman class will be huge and could conceivably be as large as 42 members – more than half of the 80-member body.

First, twenty-two members – 17 Democrats, 5 Republicans – won’t be able to return due to term limits.

As of this writing, no fewer than 14 Assembly Members who are not termed outhave announced – or are seriously considering – that they will give up their Assembly seat to run for one of the newly drawn Congressional or state Senate districts, bringing the potential number of open Assembly seats to 36, each electing a new member.

Next, there are 5 Assembly Members – Democrats Michael Allen and Betsy Butler, and Republicans Tim Donnelly, Mike Morrell, and Allan Mansoor – who will be facing serious challenges in the June 2012 Open Primary from a well-funded candidate of the same party. If the five should lose, that brings the number of new members to 41.

Then there is GOP Asm. Nathan Fletcher. He is not termed out, but he is running for mayor of San Diego. Even if he should change his mind and wants to seek reelection, redistricting placed him in the same Assembly district as Democratic Asm. Toni Atkins, which has a 41% – 27% Democratic registration advantage.

That’s how I get to a 42-member freshman class.

So, to all those who have been decrying the gridlock we’ve seen for so long in the state Assembly and are calling for change, this is the time TO GET INVOLVED.

We may not get to 42 new members, but the turnover in the Assembly will still be massive.

And we have not started counting the number of incumbents that may be defeated by a member of the opposition party in the November 2012 General Election.

The bottom line is that Legislators may actually have to work their districts and actually campaign in order to retain their seats. This will be great news for volunteers and bad news for local media looking to cover internal political spats. It’s open season folks, enjoy.

Idiot Alert: Dem Assemblywoman Mary Hayashi Caught Shoplifting

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Nov 012011

… and have you seen any follow-up on this from the state media? Very little.

Is she considered vulnerable for re-election? William Jefferson had $90,000 in his freezer and the Dems did nothing there, either.

Note that her defense was covered in its’ entirety in a Capitol Alert blog that was buried late in a Friday news cycle.

How much have the Democrats in general stolen from all of us? I’d lay odds that it is more than the $2400 worth of stuff Hayashi is charged with Grand Theft for attempting to steal.

Take a look at your tax return and all the taxes and fees charged on things in your daily life just to live in this state for starters – then go to what that money is spent on… (hint High-Speed Rail, Illegal Aliens, Welfare – but not on state parks, law enforcement or fire protection)

Please note that Hayashi is from Castro Valley and that her husband is a judge – interesting sidebars to this story.

Let’s see what happens here…

P.S. Hayashi is a perfect CRA 0% score as well. No wonder why Speaker John Perez is sticking up for her.

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