Apr 222011

Years ago – I made a fatal error I have never been able to recover from. I met Karen England and told a few people she was a fraud. Most notably, I told a few capitol staffers.

Those comments may well have been posted on the Sacramento Bee’s home page.

Don’t get me wrong – I am not begging for sympathy – I am not an innocent. I am as much of a combatant as anyone. I torched Eric Kerry-Egland especially after Peggy Mew attempted to aid Karen in a takeover attempt against the Placer CRA in 2007. There was the Logue Vs Horne race in 2008, Hudson for CRP Vice Chair in 2009 etc etc etc.

In late 2009, Karen started recruiting lieutenants out of the local Tea Party for her next war. The intended beneficiary of that war: $27,500 man – Doug LaMalfa, and the Placer County Republican Central Committee was a bonus takeover target.

Karen teamed up with the Moderates in an attempt to dethrone the Placer CRA. To this date – she is still voting in lock step with the moderates on the Placer GOP Central Committee.

But the CRA in 2011 was special.

Bill Tolson – a former Karen supporter who supported the Contract with the CRA noticed the situation on his blog on April 16th:

I am amazed at the extent Karen has gone to in repaying Aaron & George Park and Tom Hudson for the harm she feels they have done to her. Truly hell hath no fury…

If you’ve paid attention to Placer Politics – you’d know that the Central Committee is still “controlled” by the Placer CRA. You’d also know that people allied with Karen have filed FPPC Complaints and a complaint with the Placer DA’s office against the Cent Com.

You’d also know that the FBI visited Karen’s house in October and that “visit” has now become, “The FBI is investigating these guys and their entity, Headquarters Partnership, for what most people believe is money laundering.”

The only person the FBI has talked to (if Karen really is telling the truth) is Karen England as of the writing of this post.

Ken Campbell, who made the above post is a long-time ally of Karen England’s as he serves on the board of the CRI with her and political consultant David Reade. (The CRI got the $27,500 from LaMalfa)

Reade was in the middle of the CRA controversy. He controls four CRA units in the North State – at least three of which are fake. Three of these units were chartered by then CRA Vice President Karen England.

On Ken’s neurotic rant today – a commenter summarized the entire situation of the recent CRA elections. (The title of the comment is BIAS)

In my opinion after watching everything that happened from an outside perspective, it was very clear that Karen never intended to win!!! This was 100% about hating the parks and not about winning the election – There where some people there that didn’t know what club they belonged to and couldn’t tell you where, when, or who meetings, president, nothing!!!

The really sad deal is Karen’s Husband, John England. I actually like John – he is a straight-forward man. He is the strong-silent type who looks to be in really good shape for his age.

The last two times I have interacted with John, his voice was shaking as was his entire body. When I saw him outside the credentials committee meeting on last Friday night – he looked like it was all he could do not to swing at me.

Where did that sort of hatred come from?

It’s one thing for people to write the insane stuff that has been written about Tom Hudson, George and Myself…

On Saturday afternoon, I heard Karen telling Cyndy Taylor and Phyllis Wing that “It’s all about the money for the Parks”. This is the first time I heard Karen actually saying something like that myself – previously all accounts I had were second hand.

Now I know the source of the hatred for certain and the slander – and no amount of letters from lawyers can change that.

We warned the CRA what was going to happen and it did.

… but there are still people who have believed all the insane conspiracies conjured up by Karen and her team. Now that is really sad.

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