Apr 192011

I had sp0ken with State Senator Joel Anderson in the afternoon of Sat 4/16 in a lull in the action.

He had asked for a chance to speak at the dinner – I got George and company to wedge him into the program.

I was very disappointed that he used it as a forum to complain about not being credentialed. I’d suggest to the Senator two things for next time: Please don’t meddle in CRA affairs and make sure that 4 units are not written out in the same handwriting and faxed from John Bovee’s office. I had several delegates that voted for Karen tell me that those were the four most obvious frauds. (as well as the 8 Coronas)

Sunday was quite a different day – threatened disruptions were anecdotal. However, it did not stop a bunch of hair-splitting delaying tactics about adopting the convention rules.

Karen’s crew, playing the martyrs, made a “stand” over the refund policy for the convention. That took 30 minutes. In all, the standard delaying tactics that you see at a convention lasted 1:45. This meant we started candidate speeches at 12:00 noon.

One of the candidate speeches featured a cheap-shot at George and I. Not a bad way to end the weekend.

After a gut-wrenching weekend I nearly lost my composure in my candidate speech – fortunately, I only had 20 seconds left.

There was no screaming and yelling – just more threats from David Reade and Mark Spannagel and others over refunds. Of course, Tim LaFever was lurking around with his phone as well.

Their behavior was much more subdued on Sunday.

We balloted – and that took 15 minutes.

I had made 400 ballots. We had one spoiled, 123 unused and 276 cast.

I had three of Karen’s supporters in the room – including my opponent, Ron Givens and former CRA President Ken Mettler along with 4 of my deputies.

It still took 1.5 hours to do the count.

There were about half the people left in the room when I came back – apparently the scintillating debate over resolutions and by-laws whittled away a lot of the crowd.

It was a bizarre experience announcing the results. I was asked to speak really slow so people could tweet the results. And, I was also asked to announce the vote totals.

Midway through the announcement, someone from Long Beach heckled me asking for a recount – that’s when I informed the convention that 8 people split amongst both camps counted the ballots.

Again – I nearly lost my composure when I announced my own victory.

After getting attacked repeatedly in a variety of ways – victory was the best answer.

I don’t know if the slander itself is worse or the fact that some people actually believe that crap.

It was a political earthquake. Contract with the CRA won – and ran the table against a group of consultants, lawyers, some members of the legislature who waded in to CRA affairs for some reason and union style tactics.

Maybe in the ensuing months both the true extent of the attempted fraud and the powers that attempted the takeover of CRA will be revealed.

The CRA will survive – because the CRA is an idea, it is not the Park Brothers, it is not a group of people – the CRA is an idea.


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  3 Responses to “CRA Convention Recap – The Surreal Journey Sunday 4/17”

  1. The Park brothers were blamed because of the lack of transparency. If , in fact there was fraud like you represent, then why was it that the Restore side was not allowed to witness the proceedings of the credentials committee? What were you hiding?

    Why were dues paying, convention paying “un-credentialed” members not allowed in the general meeting on Sunday?

    Why is it that it appeared that the RESTORE side had more delegates disqualified than did the Park brothers’ side? When proxies that were disqualified because of a lack of 2 signatures for RESTORE delegates (even though the proxy form only had room for a single signature) and a single signature was OK for PARK Brothers voters?

    The reason people are so upset is that George “Al Gore” Park and yourself changed the rules after the convention started, and then unevenly applied the rules based on who was supported by who.

    We saw no proof of “widespread voter fraud”. We only saw what appeared to be Union Thug Tactics, winning an election by cheating.

    Time to come clean, and stop playing the victim.

  2. Ahhh – the buzzword transparency. Used by several alike who want open meetings they can disrupt.

    Transparency is a word none of the “restore” side ever used to refer to Peggy Mew who refused to forward records in accordance with section 10.07 of the bylaws.

    Transparency is never associated with the Restore team telling unit presidents not to send records over.

    Had you sent over the records and those units been legit – there would have been more delegates seated.

    However, a thinking reasoning human being would have to ask why were the records so secret? Could the little bit we saw be the smoke where there’s fire? (People in two clubs, illegal transfers, non-republicans, people whose dues expired years ago – on the rosters?)

    How dare we try to enforce the existing by-laws!

  3. Aaron, this was written through your rose colored glasses I see. I think it is your fantasy/illusion of what happened last weekend. I cannot believe you can hold your head up and look people in the eye after what you and your cohorts pulled off. This was more of a dictatorship than a convention of the people. You didn’t allow cameras or video of the scam because you didn’t want the truth shown so you could put your own spin on it and tell it through your rose colored glasses. You should be ashamed of yourself, all of you. Your slate won by cheating. This was my first CRA convention and probably my last as I will resign my membership. I feel like I paid $68 just for a vote. I wasn’t allowed into any meetings, which I am told has never happened before. Corruption always happens behind closed doors. That’s my opinion and take on the whole matter. Let’s see if this is left on the post. I came in with an open mind and what I saw was apalling.

    Blogger’s Note – I don’t know what’s worse, the spin, the lawsuits, the whining or the fact that some people like the above commenter believe it.

    And again – had Peggy Mew simply sent over the records and people not interefered with reasonable requests under 10.07 of the bylaws, those delegates may have been seated. The fact that the records were stonewalled suggests that there was something to hide speaking of cheating.

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