Apr 182011

Saturday at the Convention was unreal.

We knew to expect disruptions, but what we saw on Saturday was beyond the pale.

There were multiple threats of lawsuits – Tim LaFever was lurking around and several times I observed him calling someone I believe to be the attorney that was used to sue CRA. He was also soliciting clients to sue CRA on other grounds. It may have been an act – but Mr LaFever deserves some notoriety for being in the middle of the absurdities on Saturday.

We adopted a convention rule against filming – but that didn’t stop a whole bunch of capitol staffers and consultants from using their phones to film parts of the convention.

Paul Dillon of the Stanton “Unit” of the CRA was responsible for the Cops coming to the convention. He bum-rushed the door of the convention session multiple times. I found out later that Dillon himself admitted the whole stunt was pre-planned to another deputy Sgt. at Arms.

I was inside the room and did not see who called the cops.

Several of the “delegates” that ultimately were disqualified in the credentials committee were outside chanting, yelling etc and did so for several hours.

The deputy Sgts did an incredible job keeping people out of the room that should not have been in the room all morning.

While I was railed on and our team were railed on with bogus arguments over “transparency” (a buzz word of the left when they don’t get their way) – there were 300 people in the morning session.

It was punctuated by now former membership secretary Peggy Mew attempting to take out Bakersfield, Brea La-Habra and Kern River Valley basically to settle scores against Ken Mettler and Richard Rios. Once those challenges were shot down, it gave former CRA President Mike Spence a hammer to attempt to use against the challenges that occurred in the afternoon.

A very interesting subtext was that former CRA President Mike Spence (the other side’s biggest advocate) appeared to be familiar with the By-Laws of all the units of CRA. One of the main issues was the lack of information and the patent refusal to provide information – but somehow, Mike Spence had that information.

The afternoon session was in a different part of the hotel that was much easier to control.

The Afternoon session was where several units were challenged for multiple violations of CRA By-Laws. (Due to the threat of legal action – I will omit details)

In one case, a woman defending her unit could not pronounce the name of the unit.

In other cases, people speaking could not answer basic questions about how they got appointed. (again, I am omitting key details due to threatened legal action)

The entire CRA delegation got to see for themselves what the Credentials Committee saw.

When the 9-hour Credentials Committee Report was concluded – there were several units disqualified entirely.

For my part – I got blisters on my feet from having to run around the room counting standing vote after standing vote all day.

There were some other subtexts – and I will address the Sac RA vs Placer RA subtext in a later post 100% about that fight.

The only thing the CRA did on Saturday was the Credentials Report.

By the evening of Saturday 4/16 – the convention was quiet again.

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  2 Responses to “CRA Convention Recap – The Surreal Journey Saturday 4/16”

  1. I just wanted to add there were others in addition to Paul Dillon that bum rushed the door. Perhaps all of them should stop eating so many twinkies. They almost bounced themselves off the doors.

  2. This sounds almost like the last CRA I atternded when the credentials committee with Mr. George Park was themoderator: a non-CRA member joined those who were attempting to gain entrance to the meeting WITHOUT proper papers and this woman yelled, banged on the door, urged others to do so,lkd in the attempt to force the doors open and eventaully the police had to be called because of the rioters. Mystery: who was the woman? Who were the :delegates: without proper identification? If you were there, you know. I was so asamed of these rowdy adults who later set out to sue the CRA for doing their designated job.

    I have never had the pleasure of seeing a gentleman use such an enormous amount of composure and patiende under such trying circumstances as Mr. George Parks displayed that day. If the rioters made me ashamed, Mr. Parks revived my thankfulness that not all folks active in politics are lacking the good qualities of true statesmen.

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