Mar 092011

It appears that the 667 Vote Lead Beth Gaines has over John Allard will stand up and Beth will faceoff against Dennis Campanelle in the Runoff.

Beth Gaines Announcement Regarding 4th Assembly District Election

Beth Gaines released the following statement regarding yesterday’s election:

“I am very pleased with the results from yesterday’s Special Election in our 4th Assembly District. I want to thank my campaign workers, volunteers and friends as well as the thousands of voters who have placed their faith in me. It was a hard fought election and I want to congratulate all of my opponents for running strong campaigns.

“Voters in our district sent a strong message of fiscal conservatism by giving the seven Republican candidates a combined 68% of the vote — 23 points more than Republican registration.

“I look forward to the May 3rd run-off election and to serving the people of our area in the Assembly, where I will work to bring fiscal discipline to state government, vigorously oppose tax increases and implement policies that help local businesses create jobs.”

Does Someone Want to Explain Why “Conservatives” Support Arnie Zeiderman?

 Arnie Zeiderman, Robinette Cook  Comments Off on Does Someone Want to Explain Why “Conservatives” Support Arnie Zeiderman?
Mar 092011

Barry Pruett from Nevada County just lit Arnie Zeiderman up bad. Zeiderman wants to represent the mostly Conservative North State as CRA Vice Chariman Northern Region.

Here’s my issue – “Conservatives” like Jim Nielsen and Doug LaMalfa have endorsed Zeiderman. I can understand Nielsen doing it as Nielsen has shown a proclivity throughout his long political career to cut deals to raise taxes, etc. But Doug LaMalfa!? He is a conservative and is pro life – Zeiderman is not Pro-Life.

It is also my understanding that local Tea Party Members (appointed by Nielsen) and a Candidate for CRA President are also supporting Zeiderman. Unless they come out and publicly contradict Nielsen and endorse Robinette Cook – one has to draw that conclusion.

Barry Pruett also talks about Robinette Cook:

In February, I was fortunate enough to meet both Robin Cook and her opponent in the election for Vice Chairman-North of the California Republican Party.  This election will be held at the CRP Convention in March.  Robin Cook is a solid conservative; she is the type of conservative that California Republicans need in the CRP.  Having worked for Congressman Herger in the past, she understands the politics of success.

When I met her in Chico, she espoused the principles with which I wholeheartedly agree – our rights come from God, and that the genius of our United States Constitution is the idea of a limited form of government.  Robin said, “Our Founding Fathers had it right when they started this country, but the advance of liberal progressives over the last century, especially here in California, has threatened the very liberty and individual freedom for which people gave their lives those many years ago.”

That being said, Robin’s opponent came to our Nevada County Republican Central Committee meeting and told us that we needed to get away from our “rigid positions” and compromise.  What he called “rigid positions,” I call integrity.  Lack of rigid positions and compromise have directly lead to California’s massive deficit and dysfunction.  We can no longer compromise on our conservative “rigid positions.”  These solid conservative principles are the foundation that brought about an American prosperity that this world had never previously seen.

If we fail at any level to elect solid conservatives, we risk losing the liberty and individual freedoms that we hold dear.

Vote for a true conservative Republcian – Vote for Robinette Cook for Vice Chairman-North of California Republican Party.

Mar 052011

From Wayne Nader – a businessman from Auburn and long-time political insider in Placer County:

What I have heard is that the CDP is hoping that Beth is the top vote getter.  Since there is only one democrat running and so many Republicans, there is a strong likelihood that the democrat will come in second.  The CDP sees Beth as a very weak candidate and if she wins they will pour in money and resources to try and put this seat in the D column.  Could Ahmanson be helping in this effort?

This doevtails very well with the info from Speaker John Perez’ office from three weeks ago that said the very same thing.

Meantime – Activists from Southern California are speaking out against the meddling in a Northern California race by a rich guy from Orange County:

The latest twist just came in the last 48 hours was a surprising $75,000 donation from Orange County Democrat Howard Ahmanson, Jr. to the “California Taxpayers Advocate”, which is an Independent  Expenditure Committee based in San Diego controlled by Catherine Anderson and Nancy Haley….

What does Mr. Ahmanson gain from this campaign contribution to an Independent Expenditure Committee?

Beth Gaines claims to be a “Conservative Republican”, but forgets that she is using her “political equity” by using the last name to have a seat in the State Assembly.

Yikes. Read the rest of Allen Wilson’s post here.

Mar 042011

Update: It is late and I will re-post on this tomorrow. Wanted to let you know that Blogs are lighting up about this Southern California Democrat trying to buy an Assembly seat:

Ahmandson used to give tons of money to the CRA. He stopped doing so abruptly several years ago. Ahmandson is now registered Democrat.

For some reason – he decided to open a bank vault against John Allard:

A conservative, Christian philanthropist has poured $75,000 into a new round of mail pieces and radio advertisements backing Republican Beth Gaines in the 4th Assembly District.

California Taxpayers Advocate, an independent expenditure committee with a history of supporting Republican candidates, has reported spending nearly $32,000 on campaign literature and $35,000 on radio advertisements in advance of next Tuesday’s special primary, according to campaign finance filings on the secretary of state’s website.

The expenditures were financed by a $75,000 contribution to the committee (listed on the second page of the report) from Fieldstead & Co., which manages the assets of the family of Howard F. Ahmanson Jr., an Orange County millionaire known for funding conservative political and religious causes.

Independent expenditure committees can raise and spend unlimited funds to support or oppose candidates as long as they are not coordinated with the campaign.

Gaines is one of eight candidates running for the seat vacated by her husband Ted Gaines’ election to the state Senate. If no candidate wins more than 50 percent of the vote on Tuesday, the top two vote-getters advance to a runoff May 3.

Mar 032011

One word – Ouch.

While rumors of last-second coordinated independent expenditures are flying (with one already on the air) on Beth Gaines’ behalf… and with the aforementioned Beth Gaines staging a media event this morning…

… in comes this bombshell. A paper, that leans conservative and was widely expected to endorse Beth Gaines, has not.

They endorsed John Allard. The article is linked here

John Allard endorsed

Only one of the eight candidates for the 4th Assembly District can hit the ground running. Our support goes to the person who fits that description — John Allard.

Allard served as chief of staff 12 years for Tim Leslie, both in the Assembly and Senate. He then did a stint as chief spokesman for the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection.

He knows the Capitol and he knows state government. Additionally, he knows local government. He won election twice to the Roseville City Council, having previously served a term on the city Planning Commission there.

But the No. 1 attribute in our minds is his pledge that he is a no-vote on putting the five-year tax hike extension on the ballot.

His campaign flier says, “I’ve pledge to oppose all higher taxes.”

The state doesn’t have a revenue problem, he told the Mountain Democrat, but rather, “The state has a spending problem.”

“l’ll focus on two things: the budget and how to turn the economy around,” Allard said.

We haven’t talked to all eight candidates. Many of them are elusive. But we believe we have talked to the more serious and engaged ones. John Allard is by far and away the best qualified candidate. He can articulate his goals clearly and has a track record of following his conservative principles and acting on them.

Roseville’s budget was cut 20 percent recently. And that included some concessions by the Police Department. These concessions enabled the city to maintain its police force. In his quest for the Assembly Allard lists public safety as No. 1 in importance to him, followed by education, which he believes is currently failing the next generation.

Allard is endorsed by his former boss, retired Sen. Tim Leslie, by retired Congressmen John Doolittle and Doug Ose, three different police associations, a raft of Roseville, Rocklin and Placer County officials and retired CDF fire chief and El Dorado Irrigation District Director George Osborne, along with fellow EID Director Bill George. That’s a double George endorsement. He is also backed by Lew Uhler, president of the National Tax Limitation Committee.

Add our name to the list. The Mountain Democrat endorses small business owner and Roseville City Councilman John Allard for the District 4 Assembly seat. The election is March 8.

OK – so they forgot to mention the CRA, I guess I can let them live…