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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

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Allard to Gaines: Show You’re Serious About Per Diem –

Pay Back $120,000 Your Family Has Already Collected

Roseville – In response to Assembly candidate Beth Gaines and her husband Senator Ted Gaines’ pledge to turn down per diem payments, Assembly candidate John Allard is challenging the Gaineses to take their “generosity” a step further and return the $120,000 that the Gaines family collected during the four years that Ted Gaines was in the State Assembly.

“While it may seem altruistic for Senator and Beth Gaines to pledge to forgo per diem, the reality is that they have already collected $120,000 in unnecessary taxpayer money over the course of Ted Gaines’ Assembly career despite the down economy,” said Allard.

“I challenge them to prove they are serious about their concern for taxpayers and return the pay that is usually reserved for Legislators who live more than 25 miles from the Capitol, which the Gaineses do not. When you already plan to collect over $200,000 in taxpayer income per year, I would hope you would not take further advantage of taxpayers by adding per diem to that.”

John Allard vowed he would not accept per diem payments at the outset of the race, which means voters are saving the $60,000 per diem pay no matter if Gaines or Allard is elected.  However, while Allard will turn down per diem regardless of the state’s economic situation, there is evidence that Gaines may choose to accept per diem in the future.

“This is an especially important issue since a recent Sacramento Bee article quoted Senator Gaines as declining to say whether he would accept per diem ‘if the state’s budget outlook brightens.’ Whereas it seems the Gaineses want to portray their act as valiant, they have refused to say whether they will continue to decline per diem if the economy picks up. On the other hand, I have vowed to forgo per diem – regardless of our state’s economic situation.”

In her January 12 article “Roseville senator decides he doesn’t need per diem after all,” Sacramento Bee Capitol reporter Torey Van Oot writes, “Gaines’ decision to reject per diem comes at a time when his wife, Beth Gaines, is considering whether to run for the Assembly seat he vacated….He declined to say whether he would accept per diem if the state’s budget outlook brightens.”

California Legislative Per Diem pay is to subsidize living expenses for Legislators who keep their primary residences a great distance from the Capitol and need alternate living arrangements while in Sacramento. The Gaines home is less than 25 miles away from the Capitol in downtown Sacramento.

  11 Responses to “Allard to Gaines: Show You’re Serious About Per Diem – Pay Back $120,000 Your Family Has Already Collected”

  1. Aaron, maybe I am wrong…but I seem to remember there being a limit on the number of miles you had to live outside of the capitol to even be able to collect per diem. Surely Allard lives within that sphere – thus unable to collect per diem even if he wanted to.

    Am I wrong?

  2. IF you live within a certain distance – I think it is 30 miles, it may be 50, then you have to claim it as income (aka, pay income tax on it).

    But – you can still take Per-Diem.

  3. I’m suprised Allard even wants to go with the per diem challenge seeing as he was the only Roseville councilmember to take per diem during his tenure. At that level of government, per diem is only taken by public employees on city business, not elected leaders.They usually are reimbursed for their expenses or use the city credit card. Not Allard. He wanted the money upfront! LOL!!!

  4. I think Per-Diem is a lame attack – but since they decided to lead with their chin, here it comes.

    I am sure the amount of dirty, slimy per-diem John Allard took is nimiscule compared to the $120k.

    Niello tried to compare Ted’s $120K and the supervisor revenue sharing to his vote to raise taxes by $12.6 billion.

    It didn’t work – Ted won a four-way race by 9 points.

    If Beth/Ted follow your commentary, AVM, you’ll enter in to the same logical hammerlock that Niello did…

  5. Perhaps compared to Gaines’ total per diem amount, Allard’s indiscretion seems paltry. But don’t forget, Allard also double-dipped, solicitng “going out money” from area businesses, and then took per diem as well. That’s a no-no. Gaines should have refused the per diem on principle, as a fiscal conservative. But there was nothing wrong with him taking it otherwise. Allard showed a lack of character in what he did, which if not illegal was certainly unethical.

  6. @AVM – sounds similar to the Auburn Journal attacks against the Central Committee

  7. The Central Committee took per diem??? Wow!!! 😉

  8. So wait, AVM, you’re pretty keyed in on this, how do I find info about this stuff?

  9. placerGOP-er, Allard’s actions are a matter of public record, and have been publicized as such. Some people find what he did repugnant, and some do not. Their mindset being that all politicians do this kind of stuff. Which may be true, but my point is that people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. He shouldn’t play the per diem card when he has his own issues regarding the subject..

  10. AVM – here’s where I’m confused. Beth Gaines’ campaign and I asked why at the time – sent out a pre-emptive press release about their desire to turn down per-diem…

    The confusion is that Beth fired the first shot – Allard only responded… what am I missing here?

  11. AVM – I bought a house in Rocklin last year. Before that – I was in Roseville pretty much the entire time. My family lives in Roseville.

    My recollection of Ted Gaines is that the above attack could be made against him or damn near everyone in local government.

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