The Left Uses the Arrest of Brian Jagger to Attack Kirk Uhler

 Kirk Uhler, Scott Owens  Comments Off on The Left Uses the Arrest of Brian Jagger to Attack Kirk Uhler
Dec 192010

In case you have not heard – a Placer County Supervisoral staffer, Brian Jagger got arrested for embezzlement. Jagger was the campaign manager / treasurer for Scott Owens for DA.

I first heard of the story on Placer County Online. (PCO is a good local website that is devoid of the neurosis of Gold County Media)

Naturally – I figured since Jagger happens to be Kirk Uhler’s Chief of Staff that the left would try to smear Uhler.

I was not disappointed. Two stories on the Auburn Journal basically started with Kirk Uhler’s name in the first 25 words. Ironic, since it is Deric Rothe that was convicted of a felony (dealing Cocaine), not Uhler and at this point, not Brian Jagger.

The second Auburn Journal story was more of a who is Brian Jagger story – but the first made it look like Kirk was somehow involved in stealing from Scott Owens.

What is interesting are the conspiracies that Canyon Rat (a DailyKos / MoveOn operative), Jack Sanchez, Zeke Tafoya and other Dem Central Committee types are promoting:

Since Kirk knew Jagger since he was a teenager – he must have known and excused Jagger’s behavior pattern.

They are all dutifuly promoting the erroneous and deliberately un-corrected Auburn Journal Story that said Uhler’s then company Solar Power Inc got the contract – when it was Solar Power Partners, Inc out of the Bay Area that got the contract. Since when did facts matter to the left or the convicted Cocaine Dealer Editor of the AJ?

Unlike the Solar contract which is a proven falsehood – Deric Rothe’s conviction for dealing drugs is a proven fact.

Kirk Uhler was notified by Tom Miller of the arrest – but the left alleges that Uhler tried to cover up Jagger’s actions and when Uhler and Owens could not cover it up anymore, only then did Owens go to the authorities.

These people run the Placer County Democrat Party.

Even dedicated Kirk Uhler hater Ken Campbell did not take the bait on this story – instead he nominated Jagger for a stupid criminal award. (of course, denying Jagger due process in the post)

This is another installment in why it sucks to be part of Placer County’s left – classless and dedicated to destroying people without merit.

P.S. On a personal note – I hope Jagger is not guilty of this, I really do. It would be a crushing fall for a man who is going through a really rough time in his life in other areas right now.

Kathy Lund Retirement Party – A Celebration of Service

 Diana Ruslin, Rocklin, Rocklin City Council Race  Comments Off on Kathy Lund Retirement Party – A Celebration of Service
Dec 172010

… class and integrity.

I met Kathy Lund in 2002, during the last heated race for Central Committee… she was part of a Pro John Doolittle slate running for Placer County Republican Central Committee against a slate of Moderates aimed at overthrowing then Chairman Ken Campbell.

We maintined a friendship in the several years hence. We had many disagreements about policy or endorsements – but never about the core issues of the Republican Party.

Kathy was widely respected, and I mean widely. Even Democrats like Wendy Lang or Gina Garbolino spoke out with glowing tributes to Kathy at the dinner. Like Kathy Lund, Gina Garbolino also went in to retirement this month from public office.

It’s really neat to see a Republican Woman leader like Kathy Lund get so much respect.

I have to mention specially – Jim Holmes and Robert Weygandt were hysterically funny when they presented.

Basically, a who’s who of Placer County local elected officials were there to speak – Auburn, Loomis, Rocklin (sans Brett Storey), Roseville were all Represented… and Ted Gaines, Doug LaMalfa and Tom McClintock’s Chief of Staff Rocky Deal were on hand.

The event lasted two hours – largely because there was such a long list of speakers who came to present resolutions from their councils, legislative offices and even a proclamation from Schwarzenegger.

Even though Rocklin has no term limits – I wonder how many Kathy Lund’s have been missed out on in other jurisdictions because of term limits?

Kathy Lund will be missed by Rocklin – but, Diana Ruslin is here now.

Dec 142010

Apparently, Ken Campbell has a following? At least, if I use Ken Campbell’s logic on Red County, I could easily blame him for the attached letter that came to our office today.

The letter was a photocopy – suggesting that more were sent out (most likely to the Central Committee Members)…

It starts out with “Ode to the Park Brothers…”

The most notable quote is:

“… You act like leaders, but you’re just two lonely pu–ies. ”

It ends with “We will prevail”

So, it leads me to one of three conclusions as to who the author is.

1. It is Ken Campbell. I’d have to use the same logic Ken used to blame me for some hijinks in the Prmairy in reverse. If you read the Red County Blog, Mr. Campbell resumed his Jihad and reverse road-to-damascus experience last week. The timing of this letter’s appearance makes you wonder.

2. It is a staff member of an elected that does not like me very much. (see also Doug LaMalfa) While I am aware of some post-primary retribution going on – it has all been really mild and anything on this level would be out of character for Senator LaMalfa. (Now, some of his staff? who knows…) It would seem to me that LaMalfa would want to let sleeping pitbulls lie.

3. It is is someone who is insane, a fringe element of the local Tea Party. There have been blogs and emails attempting to pit the Tea Party against the Placer CRA, but the rank and file Tea Party are aligned with the CRA.

If the goal of the author is to foster in-fighting on the Central Committee, it will backfire.

As to the letter itself, I am disappointed that it wasn’t written in Crayon or cut out of a magazine.

Eureka USD Update – Move to Put Bond or Parcel Tax on Ballot?

 Andy Sheehy, Eureka Union School District  Comments Off on Eureka USD Update – Move to Put Bond or Parcel Tax on Ballot?
Dec 122010

Declining Enrollment.

Excelsior Middle School has been fully or partially handed over to a charter school (depending on who you talk to)… new facilities built in the last 5-10 years are either unused or groosly underutilized…

… and there is a movement to post up a parcel tax or school bond.

I am sure the same people that walked precincts for and funded extreme left wing (now board member) Andy Sheehy will be out in force for this one…