Oct 152010

Scott Yuill. The Boogie Man – arguably the most conservative member of the Rocklin City Council (by voting record)… gets used like a rag doll at the beginning of Placer Heard Hatchet Job #2.

First off – Mark Klang suggested that the $100 Scott Yuill took from a supervisor at A-P Recology looked like a bribe.

Dutifully, the Placer Herald cat pan liner that was on my driveway quoted that screed – but then the next paragraph wrote:

During an August public hearing, Yuill tabled the proposed garbage fee increase measure until after the election because he needed more information on how much other cities are charged for their garbage collection. City staff recommended the fee increase.

If I was the donor expecting a return on investment – I’d be angry.

Then the next part illustrates the absurdity of the second Placer Herald Cat Pan Liner Story in its’ entirety:

Yuill also accepted $100 from SureWest, a Rocklin cable subscriber, who was recently impacted by a cable franchise fee increase passed by the Rocklin City Council. Cable companies like Wave, have been publicly against the measure because it raises money for the city at the expense of their customers. Scott Yuill voted no.

Scott Yuill just got lit up for opposing a Cable tax and for delaying a vote on a fee increase for trash collection!? It sounds eerily like Roger Niello (who voted for the largest tax increase in state history) attacking Ted Gaines for being fiscally irresponsible!?

Like I have written several times – this election cycle has been bizarre.

The Placer Herald wasn’t done – it is as if Scott Yuill and Diana Ruslin have become John Doolittle. I have written about the obsession Gold County Media had with trying to destroy Doolittle many times.

Evidence – they nitpick the donations Ruslin took from Family outside of California. They started the article basically reciting Mark Klang’s litany against Scott Yuill, focusing on $200 out of nearly $15,000.

With respect to my dear friend Kathy Lund, I don’t care about Greg Janda’s business being in San Jose’ –

What I DO care about is Janda talking about relocating businesses to Rocklin. Then that DOES make Janda’s business location an issue.I don’t see it is an integrity issue – I see it as a Greg Janda didn’t think his platform through issue.

If I run for Rocklin City Council – I hope my business being in Roseville is not an issue… in fact, I’d probably say we need to attract more businesses to the area and hopefully Rocklin gets its’ fair share… (as I will still be in an office lease for 4 more years)

Two notes to Janda – do not label Ruslin establishment and re-phrase the attracting business to Rocklin sentence and you’ll be fine. Otherwise, you look desperate and like you’re playing fast and loose with the truth.

Quoting the Placer Herald:

Just because there is a lack of money, doesn’t mean there is a lack of support,” Klang said. “I have volunteers who can’t afford to donate money, but they want to walk precincts and make phone calls for me. If we win, we’ll prove to the city that you can run a grass-roots campaign and win without spending $10,000 to $15,000 like the other candidates.

To Mark Klang – you are Mark Klang, and only you can be Mark Klang. If your message gets traction – then you would become my political hero.

TO BE Continued

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