Oct 042010

Reprinted from the Napa Sentinel – and not authorized by the John Dunbar Campaign and the Villagio. (read the commentary here)

In the race for Mayor of Yountville there are three candidates. One candidate jointed a group of people who virtually run the Town and spent $100,000 to get rid of his opponent. The second candidate, a woman, has filed a complaint to the Fair Political Practices Commission about the same candidate that was under attack from the other candidate. We researched all three backgrounds of the candidates. Our endorsement of Robert Stryk is unequivocal. Mr. Stryk has clean handswhile the other two candidates do not. Through a group tried to smear Mr. Stryk their research fail to provide or prove anything. Mr. Stryk has worked his way up to be the head of a national company and he has worked on Capital Hill with congressmen and some very prominent senators – two of which have run for President of the United States. Mr. Stryk will not accept a penny in salary of insurance coverage – he is dedicated to the Town of Yountville.

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  9 Responses to “Napa Sentinel Endorses Robert Stryk”

  1. Mr. Park, when you lie down with dogs you wake up with fleas….. how are your bites anyway? If you had half a brain and half of a moral fiber you’d see that you’re defending a sociopath who is on the verge of being run out of town by the “citizens” of Yountville. He recently got kicked out of Redd (a very fine dining establishment in Yountville) for “groping” a women. He’s been kicked out of half the establishements in Yountville, been accused of fraudulently using credit cards in Washington D.C., Arizona and Yountville. He threatens and harrasses everyone who crosses him and he scares the hell out of women. Do the right thing Mr. Right On and FOR ONCE practice responsible journalism and do your own research. Or are you capable? I doubt it. You and the laughing stock of Napa/Yountville, Mr. Martin, have been duped by one slick con-artist and it’s quite comical.

    Editor’s Note: Randall / Greg / Buttram / Idiot / Nimrod – or whatever name you want to use today — email me your proof of the above and I will post it. Come on, be a man… do it.

  2. Sir,

    thanks for again writing your posts, the comedy is great. Stryk is going to be run out of town by the locals? Are we not in America? The funny and crazy accusations you make sound like you are one of those “Birthers” who don’t believe the President of the United States was born here. The truth is that your crowd, is the one going to be run out of town. Obviously you have no idea where the votes are coming from. The only people that have been duped are the citizens of Yountville who have been ripped off by corrupt elected leaders, business owners and members of the Yountville Sheriff’s Department. As for Harry Martin, he spent 12 years on the Napa City Council, what have you done? Why are you so scared that you wont use your real name?

  3. Be a “real man” Mr. Name-caller and post this proof. Call Alfonso Tilman in Washington D.C. and ask about the lawsuit he filed against Mr. Stryk alledging he stole over $50,000 of his, plus harassed him with hundreds of phone calls– it’s all online.

    Editor’s Note: Tillman just got slammed with a $2Million Tax Lien and is likely headed to Federal Prison.

    Call John Greene- deputy treasurer of Maricopa County (who is no friend of Mr. Stryk’s) and ask him about the credit card fraud in Arizona–

    John Greene is the Insurance Commissioner of Arizona, and Mr. Greene is a friend of Stryk’s to this day oops.

    it’s also online. Call VUMI– Mr. Stryk’s lobby client and ask about the email that was sent to Mr. Stryk from the CFO regarding his fraudulent use of their credit card (you can read this email on the internet ). Ask Ric Hedlund, who,

    (EDITOR’S NOTE: Hedlund was paid by the villagio in an attempt to smear stryk)

    before he was flipped by Stryk, went on the record saying Stryk was a sociopath, that he owed everyone– inlcuding him, money, that he was a con-man and that he was known for buying prostitutes for his clients. The same Ric Hedlund who, after Stryk probably blackmailed, flew himself to Yountville to try and spy for Stryk but was kicked out of the hotel on his ear. (What does Stryk have on him?) As for you Mr. Townsend- AKA Robert Stryk, why not come clean and tell everyone who you are? There is no George Townsend in Yountville— but you did rent a house from his widow in Napa. Clever aren’t you? And how about this proof Mr. Name- Caller, ask anyone who attended last night’s forum. Mr. Stryk kicked a citizen of Yountville. That’s right, KICKED him and the sheriff was called. I hope the guy is in jail, where he belongs.
    You won’t post this because your’e being paid by Stryk. If you’re a real man, it’ll post.

    (Editor’s Note: Mr. Stryk was assaulted by a liberal democrat who threatened to kill him last night and this commenter is the private investigator that Congressman Thompson and the Villagio Hired to smear Robert)

    As for me….. well Mr. Stryk’s head will be spinning to try and figure out which one of his enemies I am. He has a plethora to choose from.

  4. This comment was a duplicate.

  5. Nimrod Sam,

    great name. I am not Robert Stryk and obviously you were not their last night. The assault on Mr. Stryk was by the brother of Rose Solis. He is currently facing felony assault charges as well as State charges for making credible threats of violence to a candidate for public office…

    I was their and am on my way down now to the Sheriff’s department to place my affidavit.

    You could come down also and present me with your information you have on Stryk, I would love to see it

  6. Mr. Townsend, You can’t even spell “there” correctly– so you are Robert Stryk. I was “there” and the truth will soon be out “there” so you can’t hide anymore. For example, I’m Gay! I will be coming out on the steps of city hall today! Gee, you must be the MOST unlucky guy on the planet to have all this bad stuff follow you around. If you’re filling out an affidavit, it proves even more that you’re Robert. Mr. Stryk, give it up! Mr. Park, get the facts right. Ric Hedlund wasn’t paid a dime by a single soul in Yountville, he was paid by three people! If he was, be a real dyke like me and PROVE IT. According to the 3 sources that hired me (check them out for yourself Mr. Park) Hedless called and begged for the meeting. This, after he had already been giving dirt on Stryk to several people. (Talk to the guys at SPG, they’ll tell you). He was probably paid by Stryk to try and uncover a non-existent conspiracy. But guess what??? THERE WAS NO CONSPIRACY…… We all beg you Mr. Park: Do your homework and find out for yourself. The only real conspiracy going on is Mr. Stryk trying to see who he can slander, harass, defame and scare next. The gig is up Mr. Stryk!

    Editor’s Note: What courage by Nimrod Sam

  7. Nice self-serving Mr. Park. You and Stryk are two peas in a pod.
    Signing off …… and please know I won’t be looking at your self-serving posts again, I’ve had enough of straight people for a lifetime!

  8. Nimrod Sam,

    to bad..I hope you were no part of this to harm Mr. Stryk.

    (Mr. Park..can you please provide the IP address to the Napa County Sheriff’s Department)

    Seems Nimrod Sam might be involved

    Editor’s Note: Not sure if it is their…

  9. Mr. Park, there is a great article on Stryk which calls him a political maverick in the largest paper in napa. http://napavalleyregister.com/news/local/article_adc5e0e6-d8ec-11df-9992-001cc4c002e0.html

    Also, quite interesting, the Napa District Attorney Gary Luberstein who is a Democrat has endorsed John Dunbar and today Mr. Dunbar is going to be guest at the private fundraiser for Mike Thompson by President Clinton.

    This young man Stryk is the only one who is fighting the good fight. When are we going to see you on FOXNEWS talking about the egregious attempt to control a town in America. Stryk is being threatened outside of debates and nothing is happening.

    Yountville is one of the important “Secret” towns for the big government liberals, it is away from prying eyes and it is is where they crafted the Health Care Reform Bill. There is a group of us who read your blog and think it is time to take this story to the next level. This story is perfect for Hannity, O’Reilly or Beck.

    Stryk has nothing in his background that prevents him from being an effective leader. He has put himself out there while others hide behind the gross and insensitive words of “Gay and Dike” It is sad that these kind of people who are supposedly “Liberals” are spitting out this venom.

    And to answer the above commenter’s statement..Yes Stryk seems to have tons of enemies based 100% on him asking tough questions and fighting the establishment.

    Also, to all of your people who read your BLOG, for the last time, I have not hidden my identity once. I have not been widowed and have never ever owned a house in Yountville. I have lived in this beautiful part of the country for almost 35 years, my good friend Jack Lancaster from the Vets home turned me on to Stryk. Jack has written numerous op-ed’s supporting Stryk which have not been published.

    The truth is Stryk has an uphill battle with the way the town is controlled and the voters, but on election day we are confident there will be a “Strike for Stryk”

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