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I have spoken with Tim Herman at length and will be posting on his views on a variety of issues. I have been sharply critical of his leanings that I believe to be those of a mainstream Liberal.

I have known Tim for 13 years through the Roseville Chamber of Commerce – the bulk of Tim’s Supporters are related to the Chamber in one way or another.

I think, however that it would be fair to repeat Tim’s words and let the readers decide. I will also offer my opinions – as in here with the Ballot Statement: (my issues with it follow the statement)

Tim Herman Age 49

Occupation: Roseville Dentist / Local Business Owner

Education and Qualifications: Graduate of UCSF School of Dentistry

I will bring a new perspective to the council while I continue to work for a community that is safe and secure. I will take a balanced approach to local planning issues, proactively protecting our environment and promoting our outstanding parks and recreation programs. I will work to keep the costs of local government down while growing our local economy.

I have served as a member of the Parks and Recreation Commission, served as a Roseville Chamber President, a member of the Youth Sports Coalition, as well as serving on the City’s Sustainability Action Plan Committee.

As a resident of Roseville for more than 18 years, I have been privileged to be involved in a wide range of community activities. I have raised a family, built my business and been a leader in many community organizations.

I am proud to have the support of Sheriff Ed Bonner, Mayor Gina Garbolino and Councilmember Carol Garcia.

Please call me with your questions or concerns at 217-2458, or email me at [email protected] I would appreciate your vote on November 2nd.

1. Sustainability Action Plan Committee – translation Green. How Green? Wind Turbines? Mandated Recycling? Banning certain common items from the city? That is not going to resonate well with the right-leaning voters in the city.

2. “Everyone loves Ed Bonner” – I keep getting told, but he’s a Democrat. I love Gina Garbolino – She’s a Democrat as well. (She endorsed my Mother for School Board) Carol Garcia Re-Registered from Dem to Republican prior to running for office. Again – Mr. Herman’s ballot statement leans left with his selection of endorsements that he featured.

3. My biggest issue – Like Mr. Larson, Mr. Herman appears to be taking a “Green” tilt in his campaign –

I will take a balanced approach to local planning issues, proactively protecting our environment and promoting our outstanding parks and recreation programs.

Mr Herman is the only candidate to mention protecting the Environment in his campaign statement. This is another play to the left and could doom his campaign’s attempt to expand to the right.

Typically, protecting the environment is a hallmark of the campaigns of Liberal Democrats.

The rest of his ballot statement is a solid resume of community service and time in business.

  2 Responses to “Roseville City Council Race Update: Tim Herman’s Ballot Statement DTS or DEM? You Decide”

  1. … and now the Lee Reed agenda is out in the open.

    Only took 12 comments.

  2. Tim,
    Good meeting you and your dog out front of your house the other evening. Good luck on the campaign. We will tell all the neighbors.
    Doug and Anne

    Editor’s Note: I am sure Tim has a really nice dog. His mailer did not tell us anything though…

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