CA-SEN Update: Vice President Smartass’ Rescue Mission “Operation Zepplin”

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Jul 092010

Hearing Barbara Boxer discuss the plight of small businesses is absurd.

Having VP Joe Biden here in California p… er stumping for Barbara Boxer is indicative that they know The Graf Boxer is on the tracks.

But – it is the typical crap you hear from politicians trying to get re-elected. In her 28 years…

28 years ago, I was in Elementary School – today I am a Middle-Aged man… that’s how long Boxer has infested office.

… Boxer and Biden have been a sworn enemy of business.

Boxer has voted against every tax cut ever proposed. She voted against Reagan’s budgets all the way on through. If you read the banner on the Graf Zepplin – it would try to tell you otherwise.

She dutifully voted for the then largest tax increase in U.S. history in 1993 – as did then Senator Joe Biden.


Everyone knows that she voted for the Health Care reform bill – the bill that gives the President a 6,000 person “Army”, and the ability to take National Guard Troops away from Governors against their will in peacetime.

What does that have to do with Small Business or Healthcare?

Oh, wait – there is the “White Person Tax”, you know, the 10% excise tax on tanning beds? Who uses tanning beds – at least 90% of the customers are white.

What does that have to do with small business? – screwing tanning salons and health clubs.

Insurance mandates – deterring employers from hiring people because another cost was just added.

Tax increases – and lots of them were heaped on Business owners.

Joe Biden? 25% job approval rating – but since when does the current administration listen to anyone?

The Graf Boxer and VP Foot-Eater Biden continue to tout the economic “stimulus”:

Take a look at this snippet:

Economist: “The Private Sector Is Completely Flat.” “Though [California] added 28,300 jobs to payrolls in May, economists say the types of jobs added indicate that the state’s economy still faces big problems ahead. The state experienced losses in construction, trade and the traditionally strong education and health services sector. Those losses were offset by 30,000 federal government positions that were mostly census jobs. ‘It’s all census, even more so than last month,’ said Jeff Michael, director of the Business Forecasting Center at the University of the Pacific in Stockton. ‘The private sector is completely flat.’” (Alana Semuels, “California unemployment report fosters doubts on recovery,” Los Angeles Times, 6/18/10)

Boxer’s approval rating in California is in the low 40’s.

She’s on the tracks and the Carly train is coming.

P.S. Don’t Call Barbara Boxer Ma’am.

Jul 082010

Tell me something.

Boxer left 20% of her own party behind in the Primary vs two opponents that had zero money.

First off – quoting a previous post about Barbara Boxer’s Primary Numbers:

   Election Day Support Unemployment Rate   
   Kern 66.7% 16.5%   
   Tulare 65.8% 16.9%   
   Kings 63.4% 16.8%   
   Fresno 73.0% 16.9%   
   Madera 65.1% 16.3%   
   Mariposa 74.0% 12.2%   
   Merced 67.5% 19.9%   
  Stanislaus 67.3% 18.3%   

Something about a slimy sardine in the Delta taking precedence over jobs?

even back in 1997, the Media kenw who Boxer was (while endorsing her of course):

San Francisco Chronicle: “Partisan, liberal, and with a reputation for grandstanding, Boxer has long been regarded as the most vulnerable of incumbents.” (Marc Sandalow, “Boxer Now Seen As A Heavyweight,” San Francisco Chronicle, 3/2/97)

And Boxer made some campaign stops recently – so let’s OD on some more stats:

21.7% Underemployment rate in California.

Some 71,600 People Are Unemployed In The Fresno Area. (“Fresno County Profile,” Employment Development Department, Accessed 7/6/10)

Unemployment In The Stockton Area Has Increased To 16.2 Percent, From 15.3 Percent In February 2009. (“Historical Data for Unemployment Rate and Labor Force (Not Seasonally Adjusted) in San Joaquin County,” Employment Development Department, Accessed 7/6/10)

11,300 More People In The Sacramento Area Are Unemployed Today Than When The Stimulus Passed. (“Historical Data for Unemployment Rate and Labor Force (Not Seasonally Adjusted) in Sacramento County,” Employment Development Department, Accessed 7/6/10)

Barbara Boxer said the Stimulus would deliver 400,000 new jobs. Whoops.

P.S. What was that General thinking when he called her Ma’am, anyway?

CA-SEN Update – ooooh those Independent Voters…

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Jul 072010

And this from the LA Times of all places

Remember – Barbara Boxer left 20% of the Democrat Vote on the Table in the Primary against two unfunded opponents (one of whom is nuts).

Boxer knows it, too… remember her nearly desperate pleas to her base to be as motivated as the Tea Party?

Worse – Barbara Boxer is actually in California… (First time in years she’s come here for anything other than a fundraiser) Now the LA Times acts like a pall-bearer to the invetable…

Of those Independent Voters – the times wrote: Only 38% now support him (Obama), an 18-point drop from 52 weeks ago, when polls first began showing the nation’s rapidly-growing population of independent voters peeling off…

Now for the good news:

support for the Democrat has fallen 9 points among Democrats (from 90% to 81%) and 8 points among Republicans (from 20% to 12%)

Now that 20% number is showing up nationally? Barbara Boxer is a 100% partisan liberal like Obama. Once her behavior is manifest in the voter’s minds (see also psychotic rampage to get Cap and Trade passed)… those rascally independent voters are going to light her on fire.

Since we are OD’ing on polling data – here’s some more for you:

Only 26% have a favorable view of Vice President Joe Biden’s job performance, while nearly half (45%) have a negative view of his job.

Only one-in-five approve of the job done by California’s own Speaker Nancy Pelosi, while nearly half (49%) give her negative reviews.

Boxer = Pelosi.

The public is happy with neither political party in Congress, with 54% disapproving of the majority Democrats’ job performance and 52% dissatisfied with the minority Republicans’ work.

Note to Kevin McCarthy and John Boehner – grow a spine and start supporting Republicans for Congress. Grow a spine and start lighting the Democrats up instead of acting like you need approval to have an opinion!

You’ll never guess which female secretary of State gets the best reviews in the Obama Cabinet. Hillary Clinton’s job performance draws positive ratings from 45% of those surveyed, while 35% give her a negative job evaluation.

If Hillary Clintion thinks a sub-50 approval rating is a mandate to run for President in 2012, she needs to be locked in the same rehab center that Boxer needs to go to.

Meanwhile – if you call Barbara Boxer Ma’am, the consequences will be severe.

Jul 072010

It’s all over her.

She can’t break free – thousands of Gallons of stimulus ooze daily. Boxer claimed it would create 400,000 jobs in California – reality? Less than half that.

The road projects? They have simply kept some construction firms employed.

What does America think? Only 25% according to Rasmussen think the Stimulus helped. A whopping 43% think it made the problem worse.

Keep spinning Senator – it is making it worse for you…

Rasmussen Reports Survey Shows Plurality Of Americans Believe Stimulus Hurt The Economy. “Just 25% of voters nationwide believe the economic stimulus package created jobs and voters are counting on decisions made by business owners more than government officials to create the jobs needed by the nation…The new survey found that just 29% believe last year’s economic stimulus plan has helped the economy while 43% believe it hurt. Not surprisingly, there is little appetite for another round. By a 69% to 15% margin, voters believe tax cuts is a better way to create jobs rather than more government spending.” (“29% Say Stimulus Plan Helped the Economy, 43% Say It Hurt <> ,” Rasmussen Reports, 7/2/10)

Boxer has a problem – actually two problems — 2.2 Million Californians out of work and a 21.7% underemployment rate. Ouch.

P.S. – you know… (Don’t call Barbara Boxer Ma’am)

CA-SEN Update: The 12.7% Problem for Barbara Boxer

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Jul 072010

That’s 12.7% unemployment – which we all know is low, since the official Obama/Boxer number conveniently omits those who have given up their job search and those who are underemployed.

Even using their own artificially low numbers – since the passage of the “Stimulus”, unemployment has gone from 10.2% to 12.4%.

We spent ourselves in to oblivion – 3 trillion dollars worth and counting – to get worse.

And like a cult member, Barbara Boxer clings to her Golbal Warming and Economic Stimulus.

2.27 Million Californians unemployed – that are actually looking for work

21.7% Underemployment Rate

11 of the 13 worst Metro Areas for unemployment in the Country.

All this and Boxer’s remarkable leadership sees California get 79 cents on the federal tax dollar back.

Construction Projects Like The Presidio Parkway Provide The Backdrops For Political Press Conferences But Haven’t Necessarily Helped The Unemployment Picture. “Highway projects have been the public face of the president’s recovery efforts, providing the backdrop for news conferences with workers who owe their paychecks to the stimulus. But those anecdotes have not added up to a national trend and have not markedly improved the country’s broad employment picture.” (Matt Apuzzo and Brett J. Blackledge, “AP: Road Projects Don’t Help Unemployment,” The Associated Press via The Daily Breeze, 1/11/10)

AP Analysis: “A Surge In Spending On Roads And Bridges Has Had No Effect On Local Unemployment…” “Ten months into President Barack Obama’s first economic stimulus plan, a surge in spending on roads and bridges has had no effect on local unemployment and only barely helped the beleaguered construction industry, an Associated Press analysis has found.” (Matt Apuzzo and Brett J. Blackledge, “AP: Road Projects Don’t Help Unemployment,” The Associated Press via The Daily Breeze, 1/11/10)

Maybe Barbara Boxer will visit El Centro (if she can find it on a map – she is so rarely out of the areas where her donors are) and offer some stimulus-aided comfort to a city with a staggering 27.3% unemployment rate.

Or will she visit the southern Central Valley with areas even worse off than El Centro?

Or – perhaps she is afraid people in the Southern Central Valley will throw rubber worms at her in protest?

If Boxer decides to hold court in Sacramento – she will be within sight of Yuba City – home of the 3rd largest rate of increase in unemployment in the nation… a city that now sits at 19.3%. (having been through there recently, all kinds of businesses are closed)

And, Boxer said we’d got 400,000 jobs out of this? (That was even after her buddies in the eco-movement sued to shut the water off to the Southern Central Valley)

P.S. Don’t call Barbara Boxer Ma’am, either.