Apr 272010

UPDATE: Click here to see official info on how everyone voted.

Abel Maldonado was confirmed today.

The Republican Leadership threw Sam Aanestad under the bus and confirmed Abel Maldonado for Lt. Governor.

The Republican Father of Harvey Milk Day and taxing Blueberries is now Lt. Governor.

Maybe this is why: Republican leaders have polling showing Sam Blakeslee in a big lead over John Laird to retain the Senate seat Abel used to occupy.

Polling. So what about doubling the car tax, jacking up state income taxes and hiking the sales tax?

Perhaps this is why: The Citizens Compensation Commission was reported to be voting on a proposal to cut 10% off legislators pay when they met next month. Speaker Perez  wanted to stop that from happening and made a deal with the governor.

Dems wanted to keep their pay, Reps wanted to keep hope alive in 15th Senate District… taxpayers of California? You lose again.

You have the makings of a backroom deal and Sam Aanestad goes over the side.

Tobacco Taxes, Socialized Medicine, Early Release of Prisoners, Open Borders – confirmed for Lt. Governor by the Republican Leadership.

Why is it that Chuck DeVore was the only Assemblymember to speak out against this vote, while the other 28 drank their Kool-Aid and voted YES?

Here is what Senator Sam Aanestad had to say.

Senator Sam Aanestad’s statement on the vote today confirming tax-raising Senator Abel Maldonado  as Lt. Gov

From Senator Aanestad: Today, the Governor and his politicians chose their Lt. Governor.  This June, however, Republican voters will have their say.

Voters can either choose Abel Maldonado, who broke his promise to the voters by making a deal in exchange for his vote for the largest tax hike in California history; or they can choose Sam Aanestad, who is endorsed by the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association and Congressman Tom McClintock because he has kept his promise to not raise taxes.

The choice is up to the people, not the politicians.

Sam Aanestad needs your help today. Contribute to his campaign, join him on facebook, and spread the word.  Sam Aanestad is the conservative choice in the race for Lt. Governor.


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