Mar 102010

The “Block” – a tactic where a candidate who knows they have no chance of winning tries to run a drill to rally enough support to deny the 2/3 necessary to their opponent.

It is simple to understand why Carly Fiorina failed to Block Chuck DeVore… Chuck DeVore was able to smear a Liberal label on Fiorina. The CRA does not know Carly, but the CRA basically made Chuck DeVore. At that, Chuck DeVore only prevailed by 3 votes.

But the story not being told is why did the CRA only endorse Chuck by three votes? Why was it so close that I was the villian according to the DeVore camp until the result was known? DeVore should have walked away with it by a mile.

I’d hazard a guess that DeVore’s winning personality had a lot to do with it – a lot of hard-core conservatives don’t like the guy… more on that later.

Arrognace? DeVore’s presense was limited over the weekend… perhaps, he had planned as if it was a done deal?

And then there was Carly – she took an Ice-Cold audience and delivered one of the best speeches at the CRA Convention… and she meant it. It was firey and completely devoid of the Huburis that is typical of a Chuck DeVore presentation.

However, with the Whitman V Poizner situation – it was not so clear.

Yes – Steve had indeed made friends with the CRA, attending 8 straight conventions… but Whitman’s millions started reminding people about Steve Poizner’s checks etc etc etc ad naseum.

However, Meg Whitman had no USP. A unique selling proposition – rather, she had a unique BUYING proposition… as in all the staff she brought with her. You don’t often see big money at a CRA convention.

When Mitt Romney engineered a CRA Endorsement, their campaign did so economically compared to Whitman’s. Grassroots clubs usually eschew Retail Politics – especially the CRA.

Second, Whitman spoke from a script. Steve Poizner spoke from the heart.

Whitman spent 50% of her speaking time attacking Poizner. Her staff came loaded for bear – the strategy was obvious to everyone… Damage Steve Poizner.

However, like Arnold before her – she has gotten away with platitudes and generalities and little specificity.

Steve Poizner, on the other hand, had details and specifics.

It didn’t stop there – Steve was available for some delegates to talk to in the hallways. Whitman apparently left after the Luncheon and then looped back to the hotel and took private meetings only until about 9pm.

Contrast, Contrast, Contrast.

… and we all woke up to a mess under our hotel room doors. The only piece that was any good was a flyer hitting Chuck DeVore for supporting the confirmation of Abel Maldonado.

Whitman’s? Some vague plan to do something and two more pages detailing what a dirtbag Steve Poizner is… please, spare us.

The Moral of the CRA Convention? Carly came out of nowhere and almost blocked a CRA endorsement of DeVore – she should have been torched.

Whitman failed to Block an endorsement of Poizner because…

Whitman, just tell us what you’re going to do and be specific, or the voters will tell you where to go.

Simple. Advantage Fiorina and Poizner.

AD05 Update – Andy Pugno Rounds Out Endorsement List – DeLuz Has Not Filed

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Mar 092010

Andy Pugno rolled out his endorsement by Roger Niello – last week while I was on the road to the State CRA Convention.

Andy Pugno’s most prominent Republican opponent, Craig DeLuz was at the CRA convention all weekend. I don’t know what was in Buena Park for an Assembly Campaign 400 miles away…

The Niello Endorsement basically closes all open territory in the Sacramento Area around Andy, in addition – While Senator Dave Cox is the Godfather, Roger Niello is the heir apparent to that title.

I’d expect that those two endorsements will open up money and even more endorsements for Pugno.

Pugno has about $280K in the Bank. DeLuz – has not filed his 12/31/2009 campaign finance report.

UPDATE – Spoke with Craig on the phone. He indicated that the failure to file was due to a mix-up with the transition between paid staff and doing the report himself. Craig indicated that it was his responsibility to do so and will be or did file the report today.

Why? Is Craig hiding a lack of money? I don’t get it – I figured that big money was going to flow Craig’s way sooner or later.

Is Craig not going to file his candidate papers? UPDATE – Craig says he is filing and will be on the ballot.

My concern for Craig is that he is going to get sanctioned (fined) by the Secretary of State – which would be embarrassing.

In other news – based on phone calls placed to associates of mine – there will be five customers in the Republican Primary.

Oh, and there appear to be four customers in the Democrat Primary.


Mar 092010

First off – Chuck DeVore won the CRA endorsement first Ballot by three votes 194-89. (Requires 2/3 so 191-92 would have failed) That was the one prediction I got wrong.

Runner got Endorsed on the Second Ballot and by now everyone that reads Republican Blogs knows that Steve Poizner prevailed 175-57 on the Second Vote.

The 2010 CRA Convention was exhausting – I was put in charge of the election committee as I had been in years past. I got a committee together – I tried to get a rep from each major campaign. I represented Poizner for obvious reasons, but of the four, DeVore missed the meeting because of a mis-communication.

That cost me in my attempt to get elected a CRA VP – because a rumor ensued that I was trying to mess over Chuck DeVore. Chuck will do that himself – he does not need my assistance. CRA hardliners who remember when a secret ballot was used by the liberals to take over CRA accused me of destroying the CRA. I ended up finishing 6th – missing a VP slot by three votes.

I had no chance to campaign or defend myself because of the jammed agenda – I was pinned down.

The prevailing wisdom was that  a Secret Ballot was a coup for Whitman and Fiorina. I didn’t see it from that perspective – I was concerned for the elderly delegates in our organization.

To that end – I skipped the Black Tie 75th Anniversary Gala Dinner and went to Kinko’s in Fullerton to Make Ballots.

There was a crush of campaign staff that descended on the convention – and I was concerned about intimidation.

The Secret Ballot was a disaster.

It took until 2:30pm on Sunday to get the first round out of the way.

The Governor race was a mess – Larry Narratelli got 34 votes on the first ballot. The existing CRA rules (which I did not modify – only that part about a secret ballot was modified) provided that the collapsing ballot collapsed the lowest vote getter in a three-way race. Poizner got 166 / Whitman 66

The Whitman people went ballistic when I made a motion to change from a Secret ballot back to the traditional standing vote – at 2:30PM.

Inexplicably, one CRA officer spoke out against returning to a standing vote – basically pointing at me telling me that I made my bed and should live in it. Apparently 158-83 decided that they wanted to get the votes done and go home. It was a simple majority vote as I was part of the prevailing side on the original amendment that I had gotten passed.

There was an angry floor fight with Tim Whittaker literally getting in Tom Hudson and Ken Mettler’s face. I’ve never met Whittaker – I’d assume he works for Whitman.

There I stood – the fall guy, twice.

Steve Poizner got endorsed 175-57.

I got home at midnight, and was in a meeting by 8:30am working my day job.

You’ll never see this Sgt suggest a Secret Ballot again – campaigns are just going to have to deal with a standing vote. In fact, I am submitting a by-law amendment to the CRA prohibiting a Secret Ballot for endorsing.

Mar 032010

This weekend the CRA will be celebrating its 75th Anniversary. As a 10-year CRA member, your 4-Term Sgt, local Central Committee Member and infamous blogger – I take great pride in knowing that Ronald Reagan once enthusiastically, and rightly, proclaimed that the CRA is the “conscience of the Republican party”. The CRA represents the last pure, credible filter for all of the shenanigans that occur in party politics. In short – We value Conservative Integrity.

In 2002, the CRA endorsed Bill Simon over Richard Riordan for Governor, in 2003 the CRA endorsed Tom McClintock over Arnold, and during Schwarzenfailures administration, the CRA has been the only Republican group in California to oppose every single one of his bond measures, his budgets, his environmental extremism, and his Sacramento cronyism approach to governance.

Arnold, Epic Fail – and the CRA did not cower to his vindictive reprisals. We stood as the lone voice of sanity until the advent of the Tea Parties.

Conservative Grassroots know the CRA endorsement is given for good reason to the candidate that understands Conservative Principles, believes in them, and has built TRUST with the CRA membership.

The CRA endorsement process is in full swing. I know this not only because I am the Sgt of Arms for the CRA, but because I’ve been shelled with campaign emails, phone calls, and even old fashioned snail mail. Two CRA Leaders – Dick Mountjoy and Mike Spence wrote letters of support for Steve Poizner.

Already, I see candidates covering up their flaws with negative ads.

Meg Whitman – despite “the pundits” crowning her, has unloaded slime, you have to ask why? Steve Poizner, taking a page from Bill Simon has gone positive on his own accomplishments and plan.

See clearly what Meg Whitman and her team of Schwarzenegger consultants are doing. They don’t seem to care for your opinion, your beliefs, your values or the CRA endorsement. Like Schwarzenfailure – they are showing Conservatives the back of their hand while hypocritically assassinating the character of Steve Poizner.

As I have seen up front and personally, if you can not be purchased – Team Whitman will marginalize or destroy your credibility. It’s the old “we didn’t want them anyway” with a dose of “the wingers were always the problem”.

This applies to the California Republican Assembly, the California Republican Party, the Tea Party patriots, and everybody else who is tired of politics as usual and Sacramento corruption. Team Whitmannegger needs status quo to reign supreme. The gravy train is heading down the tracks, and only one person can stop it.

Steve Poizner.

Meg Whitman’s massive assault on the integrity and character of Steve Poizner going into this weekend’s CRA convention is not only shamefully and overtly false, but it emphasizes what Dan Walters of the Sacramento Bee called arrogant cowardice.

But the joke is on them. For those of us who know Steve Poizner, attacking his integrity is like shooting a BB gun at the Hoover damn. From Team Schwarzenfailure / Team Whitmannegger – (now they’ll probably discuss banning BB guns as a terrorist implement at the suggestion of shooting a dam) we’re fed expensive over-produced media attempting to use Hollywood to suffice for substance.

Is it Henry Gomez, Meg Whitman’s personal and most senior confidant? He’s Meg Whitman’s Susan Kennedy. A registered democrat and former staffer for the Democratic National Committee, Henry Gomez maxed out to Barrack Hussien Obama in the 2008 cycle. Similarly, Whitman poured $300,000 into the Environmental Defense fund – where your heart is so shall your money be also…

Before Whitman bothered to register to vote – Steve Poizner served President George W Bush as a Whitehouse fellow dealing with Counter-Terrorism.

Whitman was a CEO of a multi-billion dollar company – Poizner created one.

There is a stark difference – one that the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association chose to bow down to… Money versus Poizner’s Substance.

It is time to reject Whitman, the establishment that spawned her, her negative attacks, and endorse the person who best embodies the ideals and values that we all share.

I trust Steve Poizner, and that is the simple reason why he has my passionate and long time support.

Your Sgt.

PS…don’t forget about Meg’s love for the communist Van Jones

AD-05 Update: Andy Pugno picks up Senator Dave Cox/Craig DeLuz gives Pugno his Establishment Mastercard

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Mar 032010

Dan Logue and Ted Gaines from the North State have already endorsed… and now the Endorsements from Inside the district are starting to fall.

Senator Dave Cox is regarded as a godfather in the Sacramento County Republican Party – I would have to assume that other major Sacramento County Endorsements are going to follow this:

Senator Dave Cox Endorses Andy Pugno for Assembly

Mar 3, 2010

Folsom – The Andy Pugno for Assembly campaign has announced the endorsement of Sacramento area icon State Senator Dave Cox.

“Andy is the best choice for us to elect to the Assembly. He will fight against tax increases, reduce regulation on businesses, and serve the people of our community,” said Cox. “I will be working to make sure he gets elected in November and then working with him next year to represent our area.”

Senator Cox has served the people of the Sacramento area for more than two decades. After a successful career in the private sector Cox was elected to the Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) Board of Directors, and then on the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors. He served six years in the State Assembly, and is in the middle of his second term in the State Senate.

“Senator Cox is a true leader in this region. He represents the best combination of business experience, conservative values, and fiscal discipline,” said Pugno. “I am honored to have his support and look forward to working with him to serve the people of Sacramento and Placer Counties.

Pugno is an honors graduate of UC Davis and McGeorge School of Law. He lives in Folsom with his wife Colleen and their three children. He is active at St. Mel’s Catholic Church in Fair Oaks.

This is huge, folks – with 4 other candidates that we know of filing in the Republican primary in AD05… the Dave Cox endorsement will lead to other endorsements and even more money.

That is substantial – as Pugno is expected to face off against a very wealthy and very liberal opponent in the fall.

Craig DeLuz – who I endorsed last year fired a pre-emptive shot this morning:

Republican Establishment supports AD 5 Newcomer While Conservative grassroots support Craig DeLuz

SACRAMENTO – Assembly Republican Leader Martin Garrick, Sen. Dave Cox and Assemblyman Roger Niello all signed on to endorse their candidate, one of the Fifth Assembly District’s newest residents, Andy Pugno.

It came as no surprise to the DeLuz Campaign however, “To some, the amount of money a candidate has raised is the only factor they use in determining their quality as a candidate.” Pointed out DeLuz Campaign spokesman, Scott Raab, “They ignore the fact that every grass roots GOP group that has endorsed in this race, has endorsed one candidate. There is only one candidate who has lived and worked in the community for over 15 years as a grassroots activist, public school teacher and elected school board member; and there is only one candidate that can claim the support of Republicans and Democrats throughout the district. That one candidate is Craig DeLuz.”

But being an underdog is nothing new for Craig, whose record demonstrates he is not afraid to challenge the status quo. “I’ve fought the Democratic establishment as well as the Republicans when I felt they were wrong.” Stated DeLuz, who believes that is why he has been successful in getting elected to school board in one of AD 5’s most Democratic Areas. “Voters want a leader who isn’t afraid to stand and work alongside them on the issues that impact our community. That is exactly what I have done over the last 15 years.”

Craig’s record as a grassroots activist is well established. California Tea Party Leader, Mark Meckler shared that Craig “…was one of the few who came out and was willing to stand with us when nobody else was. That’s the kind of leadership we need in this state.” And Lew Uhler, President of the National Tax Limitation Committee said, “Craig DeLuz is an outspoken friend for the taxpayer and possesses the ability to communicate our conservative principles with uncommon power and clarity.”

Craig DeLuz currently serves as a member of the Robla School Board of Trustees; one of Sacramento’s highest performing school districts. He has worked to advance Republican values as Chairman of the California Black Republican Council and Chairman of the Sacramento Republican Assembly. Craig is a widely recognized voice for conservative values and has appeared as a public speaker, radio talk show personality and frequent guest of political and community television shows.

Throughout his 15 years of service as a conservative community leader, Craig has fought against wasteful spending, bigger government and higher taxes.  If you would like to learn more about Craig or get involved in the campaign, please contact Scott Raab at 916-468-0594 or visit our website at

Welcome to the Establishment – Andrew P. Pugno, General Counsel for Prop 8?