Apr 182018

Carl DeMaio, a former San Diego councilman who is one of the leading gas tax repeal activists, denounced Allen for the ad spending, calling him a “fraud” and a “snake oil salesman.”

“While we’re struggling to get our last signatures and could use that money, he takes $300,000 and blows it on his own self-promotion,” DeMaio said in an interview Monday. “I’ve got retired grandmothers who’ve done a hell of a lot more on this than Travis Allen.”

This is how an article that hit statewide media started. Travis Allen conned a major donor in to giving his committee $300K instead of to the main effort that is actually paying people to gather signatures.

This is an article on a news source that does not require a subscription.

“Not one penny of it went to collect signatures,” said Cox consultant Wayne Johnson. “The only beneficiary of the $300,000 ad spend is going to be his gubernatorial campaign.”

Good government advocates have argued for years that some ballot measure committees are used as slush funds for candidates to get around finance laws and boost their own campaigns. Kathay Feng, the executive director of California Common Cause, said Allen’s ad “appears to be an attempt to circumvent California’s campaign finance limits.”

“Usually candidates are much more subtle than this,” she added.

Carl DiMaio who is leading the actual effort that could qualify despite Travis Allen diverting $300K away from it finished off with this priceless quote:

But DeMaio — who has endorsed Cox for governor — said that wasn’t true and that Allen caused widespread confusion among voters with his repeal campaign. “What he has done on the gas tax is undermining our efforts,” he said. “This guy is just a piece of work.”

I never gave Travis Allen serious consideration because I have known him to be a fraud. This stunt with diverting a $300K donation to benefit himself is the latest in a long string of actions many of us on the political inside are familiar with.

Apr 122018
From the Desk of Congressman Doug LaMalfa
April 12, 2018

Dear Fellow Republican,

Imagine what we would think of someone who snuck out the back door of the Alamo and took the ammunition with him.

Well, meet Travis Allen.

The initiative campaign to Repeal the Gas Tax Increase is in its final 3 weeks of signature-gathering and supporters have all united their efforts to put every available dollar into signature-gathering so that this initiative is successful.

Everyone, of course, but Travis Allen.

For months, Travis Allen raised money into a campaign account ostensibly to collect signatures for his own failed gas tax initiative effort. He continued to fundraise right up until the deadline to submit signatures. But then he never filed a single signature, and he kept the $87,000 he had left over in his failed initiative account.

Since that failed initiative expired, he has raised another $300,000 into that very same old account. Those of us who are supporting the gas tax repeal initiative would hope that Mr. Allen would help us finish qualifying the real initiative that is sponsored by the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association and backed by Congressional Republicans.

That $300,000 would have easily qualified the current measure, but instead of passing it on to the real gas tax repeal committee, he is using those dollars to run hundreds of thousands of dollars of self-promoting radio ads that begin “This is candidate for Governor Travis Allen”.

Of course, the gas tax repeal campaign is not the Alamo. I am convinced we will qualify the gas tax repeal despite Travis Allen diverting $300,000 away from the effort that could’ve helped the signature drive.

It will qualify because so many others have been good partners. We put any self-interests aside and are working for the common good of taxpayers and California, which this honest initiative being successful will do.

We still need your help to close out strong and hope you will help get the gas tax repeal on the ballot.  To contribute or download a petition, go to the real website – GiveVotersAVoice.com – because the rest of us are working to actually repeal the gas tax.


Congressman Doug LaMalfa

Mar 212018

 The Humane Society – a group that openly is trying to end hunting in America and wants to ban gun ownership while they are at it.

I took a screenshot of the post in case Allen deletes it after we highlight it. Travis Allen is bragging about having the second highest possible score on the Humane Society Scorecard.

I’ve known for several years that Allen was not a reliable vote on the Gun Issue or on environmental / animal issues. Lobbyists that I have spoken with have told me that Travis was always difficult to work with, but particularly so on this set of issues as his instincts were all wrong. This is one of the parts of his “history” #touchytravis is trying to re-write.

Allen is highlighting an 89% record from the Humane Society in 2015 while his minions are criticizing John Cox for having no voting record (because he has never held office).

For a better picture of just what a threat the Humane Society of America is to hunters, take a look at this here.

P.S. note that the 2015 post is on the Travis Allen for Governor website – this is because Travis converted his Assembly website (and facebook page) to “for Governor” in 2017. I filed an FPPC complaint against Mr. Allen for doing so as his Assembly accounts may well have been aided with Taxpayer dollars.

Mar 152018

In the survey of 1,000 likely voters done by nationally recognized pollsterDavid Binder, Newsom corrals 26 percent of the vote; Cox, 16 percent; Democratic state Treasurer John Chiang, 13 percent; former Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, 12 percent, Assemblyman Travis Allen, R-Huntington Beach, 10 percent; Democratic former Superintendent of Public Instruction Delaine Eastin, 7 percent; and former Hillary Clinton adviser Amanda Renteria, 4 percent. The survey found 12 percent of respondents were undecided.

Now – the response of the Travis-Bots will be predictable, attack the pollster, cite that it is March, etc.

The problem is that the body of evidence is starting to mount up – John Cox is advertising, Travis Allen can’t. You can talk grassroots all you want, but when you can not organize an effort large enough to contact millions of voters, you can’t get anywhere.

The SF Chron article gets better:

A new poll has Republican businessman John Cox less than a single percentage point behind Democratic Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom in the race for governor, 45.1 percent to 44.6 percent.

Of course, the internal poll was paid for by Cox. And the numbers come after the 496 people in the online survey were asked about the importance of a series of issues or proposals and given undisclosed “positive arguments likely to be made” by Cox and Newsom.

But the most interesting part of the poll is that it simulates a head-to-head matchup in the November governor’s race, ignoring the still very-much-undecided June 5 primary.

No problem. The poll by Smith Johnson Research was designed to show whether Cox had a chance against Newsom in November, so mission accomplished.

“Results of the survey demonstrated the viability of a John Cox candidacy,” the poll’s directors said in a Sunday memorandum.

The brutal reality is setting in for Travis Allen, but rest assured, the kool-aid will continue flowing to the bitter end.

Mar 152018

We’ve said for a long time that Travis is soft on a lot of issues, immigration being one of them. He has bad votes and in other cases, non-votes that tell the story of his short tenure in the Assembly.

Here is one such vote. Travis Allen skipped voting on the illegal alien driver’s license. DOH. #EPICFAIL

Also, click the link to see what kind of public statements he made on the issue. (see also crickets)

Travis Allen has one of the highest absentee rates in the Assembly, but he did have enough time to be #touchy. #touchytravis