Apr 162018

Stan Sniff doesn’t care about the abuses of overtime. If he did, people like Aaron Kent and Christian Dekker would be fired. Lt. Rose (similar to Kent and Dekker) is alleged to have gotten a college degree on public time.

Could you imagine how much money we’d save if these three men were actually working? If they were actually working a “normal” amount of overtime? Broken Cop cars could be replaced, new recruits could be hired. These three men are not alone in their abuses of the system, we’ve been told that goldbricking, studying for exams, etc and milking overtime is a systemic problem.

No wonder why the KPMG audit has been fought tooth and nail?

Just one of the Cheating Scandals came out in to the open in the local media – the detective’s exam. And in that case, the Media did a poor job of covering it.

We’ve uncovered the Lt’s Exam cheating by the aforementioned Aaron Kent. We were told by several anonymous sources that there is rampant cheating on the Sgt’s and Lt’s exams.

Heck we even uncovered a county document indicating the Captain’s test in 2016 had been compromised. That document is re-linked here.

Under Stan Sniff, the culture has become one of Cheating. The supervision has become lax or incompetent allowing the unscrupulous to rip off the taxpayers. Under Sniff, the name of the game is cover everything negative up, which only makes the problem worse. This in my opinion is why Sniff is fighting the KPMG audit. They would find this abuse as easily as I did.

The second issue is the seeming favoritism shown towards the dishonest. There has become a clear pattern that most all of the senior management have serious personal flaws and spotty service histories. One example is undertaker Diyoyo whose retirement sparked celebrations department-wide and then Sniff brought him out of retirement almost as if he was giving the department the middle finger.

What I have learned through churning up the dirty laundry of the Riverside Sheriff’s Office are patterns. Sniff has to be in control of everything and as a result, it is impossible to promote good, independent, honest people. Now you get why the culture of cheating is endemic, now you get why there is little of no oversight of day to day operations enabling people to clock in and go home, study for college degrees or rack up massive overtime while doing next to nothing. Their superiors did the same, they cheated on their own time cards and advancement exams too.

I am afraid that the new Sheriff, weather it is Dave Brown or Chad Bianco are going to have their hands full trying to get a handle on the corruption that has overcome the department. The silver lining? It is my estimation that 80-90% of the employees are basically good people are will respond positively to new leadership.

The bottom line, Stan Sniff needs to go.

Apr 132018

Everyone knows the Riverside Press-Enterprise is in the bag for Stan Sniff. They transferred a reporter with tenure out to another county for a weak story about Lt. Chad Bianco being retaliated against by Sniff. So, when a recent story came out, I was not surprised to see them let Sniff avoid answering tough questions. Sniff is well-known for being unable to deviate from a script and for his fairly extreme attempts to control forums and circumstances.

We have taken the liberty to do the Riverside Press-Enterprise’s Job For them.

Will Riverside and San Bernardino counties join the federal lawsuit against the sanctuary state law?

There appears to be little to no sentiment among Riverside or San Bernardino County supervisors to follow Orange County’s lead in joining a federal lawsuit against California over state laws intended to shield undocumented immigrants from deportation.

Riverside County Supervisor Chuck Washington, who chairs his county’s Board of Supervisors, said Monday, April 2, that he’s not planning to put the matter on the board’s agenda “and none of my colleagues have asked me to do so.”

Washington, a Democrat, said that Riverside County Sheriff Stan Sniff, a Republican in name only, has told him he’s able to run his department without violating federal law, and “that is adequate, to my way of thinking.”

It appears that Stan Sniff’s Riverside Sheriff’s department has violated federal law several times, including refusing to honor detainer requests from ICE. This calls in to question Sniff’s claims about following federal law.

San Bernardino County supervisors did not respond to requests for comment.

San Bernardino County spokesman David Wert said that supervisors “(haven’t) taken any positions on this matter. It didn’t come up during (Tuesday)’s board meeting, and the board isn’t scheduled to get together again until April 17. There currently aren’t any plans to discuss it then, either.”

Signed into law by Gov. Jerry Brown last October, SB 54, also known as the California Values Act or the “sanctuary state” law, puts new limits on state and local law enforcement’s ability to help the federal government enforce immigration law. Specifically, the state law prohibits police in California from helping immigration officers detain immigrants accused of most non-violent crimes, though police remain cooperative with federal authorities when it comes to holding people accused of violent crimes, multiple drug and alcohol offenses and hundreds of other exceptions.

The law is part of a larger effort by California’s elected Democratic leadership to defy President Donald Trump’s policies, especially his crackdown on illegal immigration. U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions flew to Sacramento last month to announce federal litigation against SB 54 and two other laws on the grounds they violate the U.S. Constitution.

To the cheers of those opposed to illegal immigration, Orange County supervisors voted unanimously March 27 to join the federal lawsuit. The Los Alamitos City Council voted to exempt that city from SB 54, the city of Yorba Linda filed a friend-of-the-court brief on the lawsuit’s behalf and Huntington Beach plans to sue California over SB 54.

“Have their hands full”

The Inland Empire political landscape is more purple than red. While the region is home to some of California’s most conservative politicians, Riverside and San Bernardino counties have pluralities of Democratic voters and both counties went to Democrats Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton in the last two presidential elections.

In February, Riverside County supervisors voted 5-0 for a resolution supporting bipartisan legislation to continue protections for so-called “Dreamers” – undocumented immigrants brought to the U.S. as children.  The resolution also called for border security enhancements, improved employment screenings and deportations of non-citizen felons as part of any bill to let Dreamers stay.

In 2013, the board unanimously approved a resolution endorsing a path to citizenship for those in the country illegally.

Supervisor Marion Ashley co-sponsored the 2013 resolution and the one that passed in February. A Republican, he was a Trump delegate at the 2016 Republican National Convention.

“The federal government is responsible for enforcing immigration laws, not local law enforcement,” Ashley said. “Local officers have their hands full enforcing state and local laws and keeping our families safe.  They don’t have the resources to take on federal responsibilities, and doing so would compromise their ability to effectively discharge their existing responsibilities.”

Ashley added that the sheriff “should give timely notice to federal law enforcement before releasing dangerous felons into the community.”

However, we’ve found that the Riverside Sheriff’s Office does not cooperate with ICE even in cases of major felonies.

Supervisor Kevin Jeffries, a Republican and former state assemblyman, said Sniff, the sheriff, has not complained about SB 54.

“If the sheriff believes the state sanctuary law is harming his ability to protect our communities because it adversely impacts his ability manage the jail population and to cooperate with (federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement) regarding undocumented felons, and he would like the board’s assistance in fighting the law, we would certainly consider joining the lawsuit,” Jeffries said.

“But given the divided results of our last immigration discussion on the board, I’m not confident that we would find agreement to sue the state.”

Sniff declined to comment, saying the decision to join the lawsuit is up to the board with the advice of county counsel. At a sheriff’s candidate forum in late March, Sniff, who is running for re-election this June, said his department follows state law and cooperates with federal immigration enforcement officers pursuant to SB 54.

We did not contact any of the other candidates for Sheriff for comment on this issue as we are in the bag for Sheriff Sniff or are afraid of getting re-assigned to another county if we tell the truth. This reporter enjoys working in Riverside County, as such, there was no follow up as to why Sheriff Sniff ducked a seemingly easy question.

Lt. Sarkis Ohannessian, a San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department spokesman, said the department “will follow the law until such time it is no longer in effect, repealed or halted by the courts.”

Staff Writer Joe Nelson contributed to this report.

This article has been modified from its original version to clarify the facts about our bias and Stan Sniff’s real record on illegal immigration. 

Your Intrepid Blogger will continue monitoring the local media.

Apr 122018

It is common knowledge that the Press-Enterprise is either in the bag for Sniff or they are afraid of him. In most of their articles, they relegate Chad Bianco to nothing more than a footprint and when they write about Hemet Dave Brown, they remind people of Dave Brown’s primary weakness (Chief of police in a warzone).

I had an archived article sent to me that is an extremely sad and frustrating time capsule.

Let’s take some excerpts so you can get a flavor of what has happened in the last 10 years.

He has been too busy visiting community groups and trying to rebuild a department, he says. In some eyes, the department was in tatters and weighed down by backroom politics when his predecessor, Bob Doyle, abruptly resigned to take a position on the state Parole Board. Supporters credit Sniff for boosting morale, making smart promotions, pushing jail expansion and improving recruitment and training.

Boosting Morale? Making Smart Promotions? Jail Expansion? Improving Recruitment and Training? Morale is in the tank, I’ve written about that repeatedly. I written ad nauseum about friend-of-stan-promotions, incompetent leadership and cheating on advancement exams. Jail expansion? That is laughable since sniff has spent the last several years threatening to leave the new jail empty. Recruitment and Training? You’ve read story after story about what happens in the training command, and Sgt. Bob Epps – he of the multiple alleged felonies is one of the leaders of the police academy!

Sniff said a priority has been to remove the “taint of politics” within the upper echelons of the department. In the previous administration, many executive staff members were involved in the sheriff’s campaigns and fundraising. That, Sniff said, can lead to questions of favoritism and the perception that promotions are based on whether you participate in that political network. No one in his administration is involved in campaigning and all promotions – he has overseen more than 200 – are merit-based, he said

Right now, according to multiple sources:  Jessica Gore, Eggplant (I don’t even know her damn name) and Sgt. Josh Adams (on a special assignment where he had to sign an NDA) are all campaigning on the clock. We’ve detailed Lyndon Raymond “The Executioner” Wood, Kevin Vest, Lenny Purvis and others either going to Chad Bianco events or chaperoning the Sheriff to public events. His administration has become hyper political and tyrannical as we’ve documented in spades.

Under Sniff, 25 percent fewer grievances have been filed, and the number that go to litigation has dropped 40 percent, said James Cunningham, executive director of the Riverside Sheriffs’ Association.

That’s because county admin and PSB retaliate against people that file. The settlements have indeed been larger as a result.

When he became sheriff, Sniff set out to recruit 1,500 deputies within three years. As of last week, the department had hired 490 deputies. About one-third will work in corrections

AS of today, 500+ deputies have quit, lateraled, retired and the like in just the last two years.

Sniff said he grappled over whether to reverse the department’s policy to withhold the identity of officers involved in shootings. The union doesn’t think the names of officers should be released

And of course, Sniff’s leftist tendencies were on display even in 2008. This led to several other anti-cop decisions by the sheriff that I can only describe as retaliatory.