Aug 162011

You can’t predict tomorrow – especially if the Unions and their whores in the media come out fangs bared to stop a referendum.

Here are the final Districts in Placer:

SD04 – LaMalfa has Roseville and Western Placer.

SD01 – Ted Gaines is moving and has the rest of Placer all the way up to Siskiyou, Modoc, Shasta. Ted Gaines wins, get over it – even if the unions, RINO’s et. al. come after Gaines.

AD06 – Beth Gaines has Roseville, Granite Bay, Lincoln, Rocklin, Penryn, Loomis, Orangevale, Fair Oaks, Folsom, El Dorado Hills and Cameron Park.

Beth Gaines is in serious debt from her recent race – there is some question with the new districts if the “third house” is going to give much to Republicans since it seems that soon they will be completely irrelevant in state government. Will Beth draw a Republican Opponent in this +20 district?

AD05 – this is the State-Level District that will breed the fireworks in Placer. First off – this district has Newcastle and Auburn in it from Placer. It has ElDorado minus Cameron Park and El Dorado Hills + all of Amador, Calaveras, Alpine, Mono, Toulumne, Mariposa and Madera Counties in it.

The rumored candidates as I understand them are El Dorado County Supervisor Ray Nutting, Auburn City Councilmeber Kevin Hanley and Madera County Supervisor Frank Bigelow.

I know Nutting and Hanley well – I do not know Bigelow at all.

AD-01 – Dan Logue has moved in to Nevada County. This is his race to lose. The RINO’s and the Labor Unions are rumored to be looking over some Shasta County liberals like Stan Statham (who is now a DTS) to run against Logue.

CD-04 – with a recent Bee article, this district that takes in 90% of Placer and stretches down the foothills to rural Fresno County is McClintock Country – but the Bee stated emphatically that Dan Lungren could move in to the district and take on McClintock.

If that happens – it will be Ose V. McClintock on steroids. I predict that should Lungren run against McClintock, it will be national news all the way to the wire.

CD-01 – Herger. This takes in roughly 10% of Placer and goes all the way to Siskiyou. Herger wins.

Situation Normal.

Placer County Elections Update: Certified.

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Nov 182010

Susan Rohan won Big – she almost doubled second-place finisher Tim Herman. David Larson is the big loser as he was telling local Media he was going to overtake Sam Cannon for third place. Didn’t happen.

There was one huge upsetting of election night results. Vic Markey was beating Miguel Ucovich by 27 votes, after certification, Ucovich won by 3 votes.

Eric Teed-Bose thrashed left-wing moonbat Andy Sheehy by 950+ votes in the final talley. Sheehy spent $8500 vs. Teed-Bose. Considering that Teed-Bose won with 5790 Votes, 900 votes is a whuppin. (I guess Andy’s people should have destroyed more signs)

The Reverend Karen England got 1302 votes for Lt Governor vs the 4K plus she got for Central Committee – an Assembly Campaign is born.

The rest of the upsets held – Suzanne Jones won by nearly 900 votes, the two tea party candidates in Lincoln increased their margins and George Romonsky prevailed by nearly 900 votes over his opponent.

Click here to see the carnage.

Nov 152010

Today is the day that McCauley and his crew are supposed to run the outstanding ballots – this according to several sources.

I don’t think any of the results will change – but Ben Mavy ended up beating Otis Wollan on the final count. (Wollan led on election night and when the final talley was made – Mavy won by 55 votes)

Stay Tuned.

The elections office indicated that the counting is done, but will not be certified until later this week. The numbers will be posted then.

Nov 022010

Eric Teed-Bose finished First by a healthy margin in the Eureka USD. Despite the Labor Unions getting Sheehy elected. Jerri Davis – who the Placer Dems threw under the bus is going to be inclined to work with the 3 Republicans on the board now.

Kelli Gnile beat Howard Rudd in Placer County – her election night margin is 761 votes or 3%. Howard Rudd is winning over the entire district.
Cari Dawson Bartley won going away.

Sierra College now has a 5-2 rock-solid Conservative Majority.

Placer County Board of Education – Suzanne Jones knocked off Anti Charter-School Incumbent Trevor Sanders. Her election night margin is 711 votes or about 6%.

This one is especially sweet since Lorene Eurele jumped in to the race and was likely the one destroying Suzanne Jones’ signs.

Suzanne gives the Charter School Movement 4 solid votes on the Placer County Board of Education.

Linda M Park and Scott Huber won convincingly on the Roseville Joint Union High School District race.

How sweet it is! Congrats Mom!!!

Posted: Remainder of Placer CRA Local Election Endorsements

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Aug 282010

The Placer CRA website will be updated soon to reflect these endorsements.

Suffice to say – these local boards control millions of dollars and having good people on those boards is critical. (SD=School District)

Placer BD of ED – D1: Mark Wilder
Placer BD of ED – D2: Suzanne Jones
Placer BD of ED – D4: E. Ken Tokutomi

Sierra College D5 – Cari Dawson Bartley

Rocklin Unified SD – Glenn Moeller
Rocklin Unified SD – Amanda Tingler

Roseville JUHSD – Linda M Park
Roseville JUHSD – Scott E. Huber

Eureka Union SD – Eric Teed-Bose

Western Placer USD – Damian Armitage

Auburn CC – Kevin Hanley
Auburn CC – Bridget Powers
Auburn CC – Dan Sokol
Lincoln CC – Richard L Pearl
Loomis CC – Miguel Ucovich

Rocklin CC – Diana Ruslin
Rocklin CC – Scott Yuill

Roseville CC – Susan Rohan
Roseville CC – Sam Cannon

PCWA D1 – Ken Phillips (Placer County Water Agency)
PCWA D2 – Claire Magid