Feb 182017
Gallup – the granddaddy of US polling says it all. 84% of Americans see Trump as Legitimate. This includes 76% of Clinton Voters.

So who is rioting? Why do they seem to migrate from protest to protest? It is a clear fringe of society, 24% of 48% of the electorate.

As I have written previously, the left knows that they have willing accomplices in the American Media (witness the 5 blogs about fake news in just the last week alone) and as such, they are staging events for the Camera Eye. The internet allows the right to quickly debunk outright lies being propagated by the left and the media – but in the case of the #muslimban which is not a muslim ban, the Media deception machine still works.

The left has overplayed their hand. They are unable to tell the truth about their opposition to Trump’s policies, so let me spell it out:

  1. Immigration. The left sees immigrants as welfare recipients and as a result democrat voters.
  2. Trade. The left wants lopsidedly anti-american trade deals in order to weaken America globally. America’s very existence is an anathema to global socialism.
  3. Tax Reform. The left wants regressive taxation to keep people poor and dependent on government. A more prosperous people get more conservative.
  4. Jobs. The left prefer insane regulation and outsourcing to economic prosperity. A more prosperous people get more conservative.
  5. Religious Freedom. The left hate Christian Values, because they are an anathema to the platform of the democrat party.
  6. Gun Rights. The left oppose them as guns = power to the people, not government.

The deceptions used in order to avoid telling the truth?:

  1. If you want any sort of control or immigration enforcement, you are a racist.
  2. If you think government regulation has gone too far, you hate the environment.
  3. If you are pro-life, you hate women
  4. If you want to reform welfare, you hate black people
  5. If you want tax reform, then you support tax cuts for the rich. (Marxist class warfare argument)
  6. If you support religious freedom, then you hate LGBTQ
  7. if you support Gun Rights, then you support more crime

Get it? De-humanize your opponents. Once you strip your opponents of their humanity, then you can justify anything. This would include riots, destroying property, threats (internet or otherwise), censorship (a la facebook, twitter, etc), lying in place of news stories, and in extreme cases imprisonment, torture and mass murder. (See Also Mao Tse Tung, Josef Stalin, etc.)

The American left know that a unified America is a Conservative America. The American left know that a Christian America would cause the influence of Judeo-Christian morality to increase at the expense of the welfare state.

Look at what the left is freaked out over:

A riot/march called the women’s march was hosted by a Muslim Woman with ties to Hamas. So, it is clear that the left has thrown in with Islam (radical and otherwise). It is also clear that Abortion is an issue that democrats will ironically fight to the death over as they have successfully pedaled a lie that Abortion is Women’s rights. Unfortunately for them – even biased polling shows they are finally losing the effectiveness of that lie. Marist was consistently favorable to Democrats in their 2016 polling. 54-57% of White Women voted for Trump, this fact apparently has terrified democrats to the point of the disgusting spectacle of Women marching in costumes dummied up to look like female genitalia. (That ironically is mutilated in 80% of the cases of Muslim women worldwide)

They have bet almost all of their political capitol on the #Muslimban lie. This shows that the race card and the demagoguery of splitting people along racial lines is a key cornerstone to their future relevance. They are losing that battle too, 66% of Americans agree with Banning Muslim Immigration and majorities across the board in polling data favor stricter enforcement of immigration laws. Exit polls show that across the board, Donald Trump did better than Mitt Romney with all demographic groups, this despite my firsthand knowledge of democrats telling Mexicans they will get deported if Trump wins. (Note that ICE is indeed doing raids, and are deporting convicted felons that Obama’s illegal executive order in 2013 allowed to stay – this is quite different than the lie that people with green cards and/or citizens would be deported)

The democrats have turned the confirmation of Trump’s Cabinet appointments in to a historically slow partisan dog and pony show. This is for two reasons: 1. They have a deep, inner need to “get trump” somewhere, just to stop something he is doing. The second reason dovetails with my above list.

They smeared Tom Price – ironically, one of the club because they want to keep Obama’s disastrous socialized medicine program in force. Rather than be honest, they smeared the Congressman with unrelated issues.

They smeared Betsy DeVos because she supports School Choice. She will help break the stranglehold Public Employee Unions have over brainwashing our children.

They smeared Senator Jeff Sessions with the race card, going all out to stop him, because they know that their advances of the 8 years under Obama were due to his refusal to enforce existing laws and the enforcement thereof will reverse it.

They smeared Rex Tillerson because he is such a departure from John Kerry and Hillary Clinton that his success will make them look bad.

Donald Trump is literally attacking the foundation of liberalism:

  1. Creating Prosperity and Jobs – People get more conservative as they get further away from dependence on government
  2. Promoting liberty and freedom – this comes at the expense of government control
  3. Promoting religious freedom – People of Faith are by definition more conservative
  4. Promoting a national identity – returning to a unified melting pot versus a hyphenated separated society.
  5. Promoting competitive and dynamic education – instead of liberal one-size-fits-all outcome-based education
  6. America First – a strong America will cause other countries under brutal dictatorships to lose influence globally

The left is boxed in. They will be forced to protest and riot because their playbook has worn that thin. Their latest stunt of Blocking Education Secretary DeVos from a Washington D.C. School seems to have finally gotten the attention of some of the smart people within their ranks.

The left is boxed in. They will be forced to lie and smear their opponents because a divided America is their only hope for success. The Media will never discuss this, but as I was watching the tapes of the coverage on election night, at those moments it dawned on most of them what had happened. Their egos and personal biases took over quickly and they returned to their bubbles.

I will conclude by saying that I believe the leaders of the left understand everything I have written. I am just not sure if they can do anything about it other than what they have been doing that seems to no longer be working. It was my opinion that both Bushes hurt the GOP because of their failure to lead. Watching Donald Trump lead and watching carefully what he is doing shows me that a strong conservative leader transcends years of societal programming.

How sweet it is.

Feb 172017

The fake media classified them as an Evangelical Relief Organization, when they should properly be classified as a thinly-veiled political group.

I chose to use a Washington Post story because the Post hats Donald Trump and is a great source for this sort of story. They will breathlessly take the side of World Relief or (fill in the name of fraud here) to attack Donald Trump.

Recently, World Relief Sacramento hit my radar as they called for people to protest and confront Congressman Tom McClintock. Their call was replete with leftist buzz-words and the timing of their blast email was no accident as the left picked it up and sent it out far and wide.

This is all you need to know about World Relief:

In 2015, World Relief received about $42 million in government grants, which made up nearly three quarters of the ministry’s total revenue of $62 million, according to the ministry’s latest available Internal Revenue Service filings. It will shutter offices in Boise, Idaho; Columbus, Ohio; Miami; Nashville; and Glen Burnie, Md. and lay off about 20% of its 650 U.S.-based employees (it has 2,500 employees globally).

So – want to know why they showed their partisan colors? Like any business dependent on government, business was good under Obama.

And even though the Washington Post used this as a venue to attack Trump, the article kept letting out nuggets, like this one:

World Relief receives about 10 percent of the total cases, Soerens said, so the ministry anticipates it will receive somewhere around 1,600 refugees to arrive in the next 7½ months, distributed through its offices throughout the country. In the past six months, the agency resettled more than 6,000 refugees.

Get it? When Donald Trump put the brakes on “Refugee” resettlement, it is putting these “Charities” dependent upon government out of business. Here’s the thing folks, I would not normally care about “Refugees” except that the Obama Admin made sure that 99% of them (from Arab Countries) were Muslims and it is proven fact that Muslim “Refugees” are not a safe group. This is why Donald Trump’s agreement with Arab Nations to start creating “Safe Zones” is a huge deal. Keep people in their home countries surrounded by security so they can be shielded from the wars. Do not import the problems (rape, crime, disease) that come with impoverished, corrupt nations. It is the brutal reality.

Safe Zones, however, do not keep “Charities” like World Relief Sacramento in Business.

If you have any doubt about how this “Charity” is abusing their status to engage in political activity:

Last week, World Relief coordinated an effort by 100 evangelical pastors and leaders to buy an advertisement in The Washington Post that denounced Trump’s executive order. That ad included several evangelicals who don’t usually get involved in politics, including New York City pastor Tim Keller and his wife, Kathy Keller, and popular author Ann Voskamp.

Now you get why the Washington Post was willing to give positive coverage to Christians for once. They were doing their bidding (aka, Attacking Donald Trump).

I wrote two posts about the reality of Islam and the American Left:

The Destruction of the Race Card in the Name of Islam.

Ignoring, Hiding and Lying About Islamic Violence.

Feb 162017

Unless you have been living under a rock, you’ve seen the media celebrating taking General Michael Flynn out. It is likely and will be confirmed pending an investigation that Obama holdovers in the intelligence services leaked PARTS, not the whole tape of Mr. Flynn talking to Russian officials long before Trump was inaugurated.

One after the other, the media breathlessly reported that this is a scandal. Well, it is petering out. The clear nexus is that the media and the democrats are going to play the “Russia did it” card in order to de-legitimize Donald Trump’s election. The democrats are still thunderstruck over their loss. They need someone to blame – their willing lackeys in the media are doing their bidding and have completely abandoned any pretense of Journalism.

Trump, for his part started lighting up to media from the opening bell, including forcefully ripping in to them repeatedly.

Trump referenced how his calls with Mexico and Australia were basically leaked in real time. Within hours of each call the media were breathlessly reporting the misleading excerpts of it. Both times, the lie about Trump threatening them both was quickly debunked.

The ending of this Michael Flynn saga ultimately will lead to the exposure of all the Obama holdovers that have been leaking the phone transcripts to their willing lackeys in the media.

Click here to watch the entire press conference. Trump made it clear that the Justice Department will be investigating the leaks and hunting them down. He also unloaded on a few specific outlets by name.

Note that some media outlets are reporting that Obama himself may be coordinating the leaks and the Organizing for Action Riots that are occurring. There is indeed a connection. The NY Post blasted Obama as well.

In Spite of unprecedented Democrat Obstruction of his cabinet, Donald Trump is plowing forward with his agenda.

Just today – budget Hawk Mick Mulvaney was confirmed. This despite a dedicated and determined drill by Senate Democrats against him. This is the office of management and budget post.

Trump announced Alex Acosta as the new Pick for Secretary of Labor. This immediately sent the democrats in to a tailspin again as he has been confirmed by the Senate three times in the past, once for a Cabinet position. Acosta is a Conservative former law clerk for Samuel Alito and the a US Attorney from South Florida. They hardly had time to celebrate “Getting” Andrew Pudzer.

Trump EPA Nominee Scott Pruitt advanced to a final vote on a 54-46 procedural vote with Two Democrat Senators breaking ranks, Joe Manchin (D -WV t+42% in 2016) and Heidi Heitkamp (D-ND T+40% in 2016). Charles Schumer has exerted almost stalinistic control of his caucus in a nearly psychotic rampage 100% about trying to throttle Trump’s agenda.

Mr. Trump also announced that one of the main financiers of the #NEVERTRUMP movement was at the White House for a meeting and is now part of the team. (Billionaire Paul Singer)

He referenced several plants being retained by American companies versus going overseas. In addition, he highlighted several specific examples of companies that have decided to re-invest in America. Ford, Fiat, GM, Intel and Wal-Mart led the list of specific mentions…

He spoke directly about a re-do of the so-called Travel Ban executive order. This was a contest to a lot of fake news that he was going to drop the case that is headed to the Supreme Court. He indicated that he was going to re-write the order(s) as well as continuing the court case. This flies in the face of the obama organized protests / riots going on in various places in America.

He lit up Obama repeatedly on foreign policy indicating that he inherited a Mess from Obama.

He specifically said he was going to rebuild the military.

In addition, he specifically stated that his replacement to Obamacare would be coming out in Early March. This as former Obamacare sellouts (aka the Aetna CEO) are now calling its’ collapse eminent.

Hi indicated that his Tax Reform Plan is also coming out in March and is being negotiated.

He highlighted withdrawing from the Trans Pacific Partnership, he highlighted streamlining permitting processes (a sacred cow of the left bureaucracy is massive red tape), a moratorium on new regulations (along with a massive effort to can all of Obama’s lasts minute narcissistic rage regulations), a hiring freeze for the government, the new rule about how you must withdraw 2 regulations for every new one issued, a violent crime task force, a drug interdiction task force, significant border security measures (aka the wall and ending catch and release), deporting criminal aliens, hammering sanctuary cities, a new department in the department of homeland security for victims of crimes by illegal aliens, “extreme vetting” of immigrants / refugees, constructing the Keystone Pipeline and Dakota Access Pipelines, tasking his approved cabinet members with negotiating new trade deals for America, and he referenced Neil Gorsuch as a promise kept to America.

He indicated “Some Very Big Things are Coming Next Week”… can’t wait to see them.

The key takeaway from today’s press conference, he served notice on the media that he is 100% aware of their efforts and the efforts of others to sabotage his presidency. He put them all on notice – if you track the riots/demonstrations, they all have a central nexus, protect Obama’s legacy of failure. (Obamacare, forced muslim immigration and regulatory assassination of our economy) – you’d have to be a delusional idiot to miss the deeper meaning of Trump’s words. I am pretty sure that the Media will.

P.S. This week Trump started signing legislation – two first two bills of a package of repeals of insane Obama-Era Regulations. One torching a job killing alleged transparency bill designed to hamstring energy companies and another regulation that was decimating the coal industry.

Feb 152017

Muslims don’t play well with others. History proves it. The incidence of support for violence ranges from 8-40% of the population depending on where you are. By Contrast, less than .1% of Christians in any similar survey hold a similar view. This means then, that Muslims on average (using 10% support for violence) are 1,000 times more likely than a Christian to want to murder non believers. Now, why do we want to let them immigrate en masse?

The left has made their Islamic Bed and is betting their political future on trying to stop Donald Trump’s immigration reforms. The reasons are two-fold, 1. Islam is compatible with Totalitarian Socialism and 2. Mass Migration is the #1 recruiting tool to create new Democrats. It is what it is. How de-humanizing, as these immigrants are people – but are used as tools.

When I see the American left doing things that don’t make logical sense on the surface – I start looking deeper. The problem for the American Left is that Radical Islam (see the 10-40% number) will kill them too and they will not be controlled by any infidel.

Witness the co-founder of Black Lives Matter in Ontario: She also faced controversy in the news for a tweet posted a year ago stating: “Plz Allah give me strength to not cuss/kill these men and white folks out here today.”

A co-founder of Black Lives Matter Toronto argued that white people are “recessive genetic defects” and purportedly mused about how the race could be “wiped out” according to a post on what appears to be her Facebook page.

Lovely, Huh. Read here for more.

In Canada, they are allowing mass Muslim Migration now and the rapes and murders are happening in almost the same alarming numbers as they are occurring all over Europe, in addition, like in Europe the government and media are attempting to suppress information.

Witness the “refugee” that sexually assaulted 6 women. The media took three days to tell the truth that the perpetrator was a “Syrian Refugee”. A similar event occurred in another Canadian City. The response of the leftist government in control of Canada? An Anti-Islamophobia law designed to crush dissent. Canada is the same country whose supreme court ruled that Christian Pastors can not teach the gospel about Homosexuality because it is hate speech.

Enter Muslim Immigrants / Refugees – Xavier Becerra, an extreme left-wing ideologue made an extremely deceptive claim: Not one Refugee Settled Since 9/11 has been arrested on domestic terrorism charges. Quoting the Washington Post – yes the Trump-Hating, often proven liars in the Washington Post:

The FBI describes “domestic terrorism” in the post-9/11 era as “Americans attacking Americans based on U.S.-based extremist ideologies.” The FBI’s examples of domestic terrorism include eco-terrorists and animal rights extremists, the Oklahoma City bombing, the Unabomber and the sovereign citizens movement.

Xavier Becerra lied. He got two Pinocchios from the Washington Post’s Fact-Checkers for this claim. It is not possible for a non citizen to be arrested on Domestic Terrorism Charges. Becerra is now the California Attorney General, he knows the truth. He will fit in well with the brood of vipers in Sacramento.

How many of you remember Chattanooga? San Bernardino? The Pulse Nightclub in Orlando? Mass Murders, all by Muslims and in all cases Obama was remiss to call them acts of Terrorism and in all cases the national media took 24-36 hours before telling the truth that the perpetrator was a Muslim. Click here to see a complete list of verified Islamic Terrorist Attacks in America during the Obama Administration.

Here are a couple of bonus terrorist stories in just the last few days in America: Muslim Pleads Guilty of Aiding Isis and trying to kill an FBI Agent. A Muslim National Guard Member gets 11 years in Prison for plotting a terrorist attack.   Apparently, neither of these count in Xavier Becerra’s (or the left’s) eyes.

Let’s say that there was not a hair splitting legal nuance in Becerra’s statement and he really meant to say there was no terrorism in America during Obama’s tenure? Ummm, 72 convicted terrorists have come from the 7 countries identified in Donald Trump’s travel ban that the left is fighting to overturn. People do really strange things when they are trying to win a fight.

When the Washington Post runs a story about 4 ISIS Terrorists that were embedded in a batch of “refugees” that hit Germany,  (Two of them were involved in the Brussels Massacre) it makes a clear case for why the Trump administration is justified in attempting to stem the tide of Muslim Refugees pending being able to better identify these people.

The left has taken the racist if you disagree with us argument to a new level with their latest on tilt political effort to “Get Trump”. They have outed themselves as denizens of Islam and have made a clear choice to Americans that they are the party of Islam.

This is insane from a polling perspective as Americans have a pretty unfavorable view of Islam. It reeks more of them brown-nosing a constituency as Muslims only voted 77-11 for Clinton according to exit polls.

When you combine the left’s assault on Christianity and their dogged defense of Islam despite the mounting evidence of violence that has come with it, it is clear that they have mortgaged the race card in order to try to divide America once again. I have written a consistent theme of the tactics of the American left having to dine on division in order to have social justice to campaign on.

This time, however the left has picked something clearly wrong to try to demagogue for votes. They are calling people afraid of getting killed by radical Islamic terrorists racists and worse are lying and obfuscating to cover up for it. This is a long-term loser.

Feb 142017

Jewish leaders I know for years have told me there has been an unholy alliance between the American Left and Islam. The American Left is now invoking the “Your a Racist” canard in defense of Islamic “Refugees” against all those with concern about it.

While Christians are targeted repeatedly by the left and in particular homosexual activists, the left is silent about the first amendment rights of Christians. Yet – the left are rioting over a temporary travel ban from 7 specific nations with an extreme risk of terrorist activity. The ACLU raised $24 million to attack Donald Trump’s initiatives to stem the tide of Radical Islamic Terror coming in to America at the behest of their fellow Muslim Barack Obama.

The New Mexico Supreme Court ruled on August 22, 2013 against Jonathan and Elaine. One of the justices said that the Huguenins are “now are compelled by law to compromise the very religious beliefs that inspire their lives,” and he declared that this compulsion “is the price of citizenship.”

This is the case of the New Mexico Photographers.

Remember the bakers in Oregon? The state of ORegon bankrupted them, because once again the Supreme Court refused to hear an appeal. The New Mexico Photographers seem to have not gotten fined. The Bakers in Oregon ended up getting $145,000 stolen from them and the militant activist liberal lost his bid to become Secretary of State in Oregon. Apparently, even Oregon could not stomach his brand of liberalism. Heck, the Portland Police are now arresting left-wing protestors! (and, for good measure just picked up two looters that were rioting after the election)

As labor commissioner, Avakian was best known for taking on Sweet Cakes by Melissa, a Gresham bakery that refused to bake a cake for a same-sex couple. Avakian hit the company with a $135,000 penalty.

In Colorado, enter another “Human Rights Commission”. This time, what they did to a baker was right out of Josef Stalin or Mao Tse Tung’s Playbook:

Even after explaining to the commission that it wasn’t the people Jack objected to, it was the message the cake would send about marriage, an administrative law judge ruled against Jack in December 2013, saying that designing and creating cakes for same-sex wedding ceremonies are not speech protected by the First Amendment. The commission also ordered Jack and his staff to create cakes for same-sex wedding celebrations, go through a “re-education” program, implement new policies to comply with the commission’s order, and file quarterly “compliance” reports for two years to show that Jack has completely eliminated his religious beliefs form his business.

Click here to read about the florist in Washington that got fined. How about 6 months in Jail and a $2500 fine for each day you refuse to do a Gay Wedding? This is in Phoenix, Az. How about ordering a Christian Shirt Maker to do shirts for a Gay-Lesbian Rally? Yes, this time in Lexington Kentucky.

This is why the media and the left are freaked out about Donald Trump’s initiatives on religious freedom. They will decimate their agenda of forcing normalization of homosexuality and making homosexuals superior to Christians. Divide and Conquer, the left’s #1 tactic for relevance. But – the left isn’t even consistent.

Imagine if a Court or a Human Rights Commission did this to a Muslim? Hint, they didn’t.

When some right-leaning journalists went undercover in the heavily Muslim areas of Michigan and found several Muslim-Owned Bakeries and Florists who refused to serve a Gay Wedding, did the ACLU Sue? Did the Left Protest? nope.

The Left has thrown in with Islam. This is an insanely stupid decision politically, but should put in raised relief what their priorities for society are.

In the second installment of this post, I am going to talk about the brutal reality of Muslim Immigration and what it means. Suffice to say, as per usual, the democrats are calling anyone that does not want to be put at risk by unvetted mass muslim migration a racist. I suppose this same brilliant logic is what they use to justify ordering Christians to violate their faith behind unaccountable cowards in robes known as judges. (or “Human Rights” commissions)

To Be Continued